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Reginald Hartgraves
Katie Smith archive
Thu Apr 10, 2008 22:06

Yeah, they were all posted to the old yahoo stripsearch group. The latest incarnation is

Here is a link to an archive

  • Tracey's Big Case Part 01Reginald Hartgraves, Thu Apr 10 16:40
    I'm a long time fan of Katie Smith & her character Tracey. Here is my version of a Tracey story. Tracey's Big Case Part 01 By Reginald Hartgraves Too much depends on this case the Associate Lawyer... more
    • re: Good Stuff!Reginald Hartgraves, Thu Apr 10 22:22
      Thanks for the compliment by the way. How do you think it flowed? Anticlimactic after the early spanking scene?
    • Katie Smith archive — Reginald Hartgraves, Thu Apr 10 22:06
    • Tracey's Big Case 02Reginald Hartgraves, Thu Apr 10 16:41
      Tracey's Big Case 02 Mr. Michaels set a quick pace through halls of offices. Tracey was shocked by the liberty he was taking with her body, pushing her along by her rump, too shocked to complain... more
      • Tracey's Big Case 03Reginald Hartgraves, Thu Apr 10 16:43
        Tracey's Big Case 03 She was led out to the manufacturing floor by the hand fondling her ass. The room was huge. It must have been the size of a football field. There were machinists & assemblers,... more
        • Tracey's Big Case 04Reginald Hartgraves, Thu Apr 10 16:44
          Tracey's Big Case 04 Through the entrance & across the busy warehouse to a corner she was led. "Here we are dear. John, I have your new boss here." John turned from his work sorting files to greet... more
          • Tracey's Big Case 05Reginald Hartgraves, Thu Apr 10 16:44
            Tracey's Big Case 05 "What the hell's going on here!" Mr. Michaels boomed, taking in the scene. Quite a lovely scene it was too. They lay on the cement floor. John barely conscious & Tracey in a... more
            • 5 out of 5 StarsBig bad StJohns, Wed May 28 14:39
              Where can I find more of your stories??? Fantastic story!! Really great, hope to read more! Thanks very much....
            • Thanks.iionly, Sat May 3 15:23
              Tracey seems to have an interesting job ;-). And thanks for the link to the archive. Your story gave me the taste for more.
            • Thanks much! (nm)Reginald Hartgraves, Mon Apr 14 04:39
            • re: hope to read more!Reginald Hartgraves, Mon Apr 14 04:37
              That's the end. Tracey stories end with her going off to further humiliations. Get more from the creator Katie Smith. Archive
            • excellent workar, Sat Apr 12 14:11
              very good story, would love to read more installments of tracey and her adventures...
              • Thanks Mucho! (nm)Reginald Hartgraves, Mon Apr 14 04:41
              • More TraceyReginald Hartgraves, Mon Apr 14 04:38
                Get more from the creator Katie Smith. Archive
                • Re: More Traceykatie_Smith, Tue Apr 15 18:48
                  Hum, don't know why my reply went to top of the thread and didn't show my name but nice to know i can still muck things up lol
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