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The Babysitter – Part 2
Thu Aug 14, 2008 21:24

The Babysitter – Part 2
by Mindy Sparks

With Justin completely naked and totally vulnerable in the bathtub, Lydia went to answer the door. As Justin waited in the bathtub, Lydia returned with a sweet little thirteen-year-old girl that lived a few doors down from her.

Lydia said, “Justin, this is Mary. She’s here to help you with your homework.”

Mary smiled and said, “Hi Justin.”

Justin squealed, “Mary! She’s in my class and I’m naked. Get her out! Get her out of here!”

Lydia kneeled down beside the tub and said, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You should be comfortable with your body.”

“I’m plenty comfortable with my body, but I don’t want Mary to get comfortable with it! Now get out and take her with you,” Justin demanded as he began splashing water on Lydia, who was still kneeling beside the tub.

Lydia screamed, “Stop it Justin. You’re getting my shirt all wet.”

After one last big splash, Justin stopped and Lydia said, “Now look what you’ve done,” as she pointed to her shirt.

The thin cotton shirt was soaked and sticking to Lydia's body like a second skin. Lydia looked as if she was bare breasted with her nipples showing right through the now transparent material of her shirt. The beautiful sight that the wet shirt provided actually quieted Justin for a moment as he studied the nearly naked melons that were on display right in front of him.

Lydia said, “Now I’ll have to wash this shirt along with your clothes,” as she slowly began unfastening the remaining buttons on her shirt right in front of Justin.

Justin was wide-eyed as Lydia slid the wet shirt off her shoulders revealing her perfect titties to the young, naked boy. Then she dropped her shirt on top of Justin’s clothes. As she bent over to pick up the pile of clothes, Lydia allowed her bare boobies to wobble right in front of the boy. Lydia moved very slowly, giving Justin a nice long look at the first set of tits he’d ever seen, and then she heard Mary giggle.

Lydia scooped up the dirty clothes from the floor and asked, “What’s wrong, Mary?”

Mary said, “Look,” and pointed at Justin.

Amid his preoccupation with Lydia’s bare breasts, Justin didn’t realize that he’d left his privates exposed. Also, the view of Lydia’s nice firm titties had a big effect on Justin as his penis grew to a six inch erection that was completely uncovered for Mary to witness.

Lydia glanced down, giggled and said, “It looks like Justin has a stiffy!”

Lydia noticed that Mary was blushing, so Lydia said, “Its okay Mary. You can look at it.”

Justin tried to hide his erection as he yelled, “No she can’t! Get out, both of you!”

Lydia walked out with the pile of dirty clothes, but Mary stayed in the bathroom with Justin. Then Justin heard snap, snap-snap, and he was shocked to discover that Mary was firing off pictures with her cell phone camera. Justin tried to stand up to take the camera phone away from Mary, but that was a mistake. Standing up allowed Mary to get some great pictures of Justin with his bulging boner pointed right at the camera.

Mary laughed and said, “The girls at school are gonna love seeing these!”

Realizing that standing up was a mistake, Justin quickly retreated back to the tub and attempted to hide his privates from Mary's camera. Justin was so embarrassed that he wished the drain would open up and swallow him. Then Lydia returned and she was wearing a thin yellow tank top with large armholes. Her breasts were easy to see from the sides, thus making it impossible for Justin’s erection to shrink.

Lydia leaned against the bathroom sink and said to Mary, “You’ll have to excuse my appearance. I never wear a bra around the house.”

Mary giggled and said, “I never wear a bra...ever, but my mom thinks I need one. What do you think?”

Lydia said, “I don’t know. Let me see.”

Mary asked, “What about Justin?”

Lydia replied, “Just turn your back to him before you drop your top.”

Mary let out a mischievous giggle and said, “Alright.”

Then Mary stood with her back to Justin and untied the straps around her neck that held up her dangerously short halter dress. Assuming that Justin could only see her from behind, Mary lowered the dress and showed her young bare breasts to Lydia. However, the thirteen-year-old girl lowered her orange backless dress so far that she unknowingly exposed her white cotton panties to Justin. Now Justin’s erection was throbbing as he took a nice long look at his classmate’s tiny underpants.

Lydia was surprised at how much of a tease Mary was considering her age, but Mary thought her breasts were hidden from Justin's view. However, as she flaunted her perky breasts in front of Lydia, she was also displaying her little titties in the bathroom mirror, which gave Justin a clear view of her puffy pink nipples. Although she didn't know it, Mary gave Justin enough time to memorize her bare boobies before finally pulling her halter dress up and re-tying the straps.

Mary asked, “What do you think?”

Lydia responded, “You’ve got a nice set of boobies. A bra for you is long overdue,” which made Mary smile.

Lydia started becoming impatient with Justin, who refused to remove his hands from his privates so that he could bathe himself.

Lydia said, “Come on, Justin. Hurry up and finish your bath.”

Justin replied, “If you’re in such a hurry for me to finish, why don’t you bathe me yourself!”

Lydia said, “If you’re going to act like a baby, then I’ll treat you like one. However, you’re too young for me to touch you so I’ll have to ask Mary to do it.”

Justin screamed, “Mary? Bathe me? No way!”

Mary ignored Justin's screams and immediately squatted down beside the tub to begin shampooing his hair. Justin couldn’t push Mary away without exposing his privates to the young schoolgirl, so he just sat there and fumed over the humiliating set of circumstances. However, Mary’s squatted position allowed Justin to peek under her short dress, giving him another chance to see her little white panties.

Mary also washed Justin’s face before pouring a cup of water over him to rinse his head. Then Mary looked over at Lydia for instructions of what to do next.

Lydia said, “Justin, you’ll have to stand up so Mary can wash your back.”

Justin said, “Stand up? No way, bitch! Not in front of Mary.”

That enraged Lydia, so she said, “I’ve heard that word for the last time. If you won’t get up by yourself then I’ll stand you up,” as she grabbed Justin by the arm and pulled him up.

Justin was actually taller than Lydia so Lydia was amazed that she could manhandle the boy so easily. The totally nude boy was mortified as he turned his back to Mary. Not only was he forced to stand naked in front of his classmate, he also heard the snap-snap of Mary’s camera-phone again and he knew that she was taking pictures of his bare ass.

Lydia said, "Isn't that cute Justin? Mary wants to take your picture."

Justin yelled, "No it's not cute. I'm naked! Please make her stop."

Lydia smiled at Mary, and then she turned to Justin and said, "Oh come on, Justin. What harm can a few pictures do?"

Justin tried to put his hands over his bare ass. Unfortunately, Lydia now knew that she could dominate the poor boy, so she just grabbed his hands and held them away from his body.

Lydia said, "There with your hands down, Mary can get much better pictures, don't you agree Mary?"

Mary let out a childish giggle and said, "Uh huh!"

Lydia had a smile of satisfaction on her face as she sensed that Justin was finally enduring the humiliation that she felt he deserved. Then Lydia stepped back to observe as Mary lathered up her hands and began soaping up Justin’s back. She rubbed her hands all over his upper body, and then her hands slowly began to descend further and further down Justin’s back until they reached his butt.

Justin squealed, “Don’t touch me there,” but Mary didn’t listen and happily ran her hands all over his bare butt cheeks.

Mary giggled as Lydia instructed Mary to slide her finger up and down Justin’s fully exposed butt crack. Mary was really having fun toying with the young boy’s butt, especially since her gentle touch made Justin squirm around because it tickled him. After spending a long time on the boy’s bare ass, she moved her hands down and washed the back of his legs.

She got all the way down to his ankles before returning upward with her hands on the insides of his legs. Justin was getting very nervous as the little girl’s hands ascended higher and higher up the boy’s inner thighs. Then Justin yelped as Mary’s soft hands grazed his nut sack from behind, which made Mary laugh out loud.

Lydia stepped in and rinsed the boy’s back, allowing Mary to take more pictures of Justin’s bare ass before turning the boy around to face the thirteen-year-old girl. Lydia once again had to manhandle the boy in order to keep Justin from using his hands to shield his privates from Mary. This totally embarrassed Justin because his toy soldier was standing at attention and it was pointed right out at his junior high school classmate.

Lydia giggled and said, "Oh look Mary...Justin appears to be excited to see you. He wants to show you his boner!"

Justin yelped, "No I don't! Leave me alone," but Mary seized the opportunity and quickly snapped more pictures.

Mary was instructed to wash the front of Justin’s upper body, which Mary thoroughly enjoyed because he was so muscular for a boy his age. Then Mary moved down in front of Justin, but bypassed his private area because he was guarding it so closely with his hands. However, as Mary squatted down in front of Justin to wash his legs, Lydia told Justin to remove his hands from his privates and place them behind his head.

An argument ensued, but eventually Lydia won and Justin’s hands were placed behind his head. Mary was still in her squatted position, so as she washed Justin’s legs, his rigid penis was only inches from her face. She had a look of wonder on her face as she closely inspected Justin's erection because it was her first encounter with the male anatomy.

Then Mary looked over at Lydia, as if she wanted to know what to do next, so Lydia squatted down beside Mary, pointed between Justin’s legs and said, “You need to thoroughly wash his manhood.”

Mary hesitated so Lydia said, “First you need to get a really good lather on your hand. Next, you need to grip it. Go ahead, grip it! That’s it. Now move your hand up and down, up and down. Just keep doing that until his penis is nice and clean.”

Mary asked, “How will I know when it’s clean?”

Lydia chuckled and said, “Oh, you’ll know.”

Justin wanted to complain, but with the two girls squatted down in front of him, he was too preoccupied with the view. He could see down Lydia’s tank top, which gave him a clear view of her bare titties, plus the girls were squatting down in front of him. Their awkward position forced the girls to spread their knees apart allowing Justin to see both of the girls’ white panties peeking out from under their short skirts. Looking at the girls made his penis as hard as a rock, but the stimulation Mary provided with her hand action was like nothing Justin had ever experienced before. His body was tensing up with a strange feeling...a very good feeling!

Lydia whispered, “Relax, Justin. You’re supposed to feel this way. Just let it happen...let it happen,” and it did!

Mary watched in amazement as Justin began firing his cannon in Lydia's direction. He spurted fluid all over Lydia’s shirt as Mary continued stroking the boy. She didn’t stop until Justin was drained dry. Mary washed her hands in the bathwater, and then she poured cups of water down the front of Justin to rinse him off as Lydia got up and left the bathroom to change her shirt again.

It was suddenly silent and awkward as the poor boy stood there, completely naked, while a young schoolgirl from his class watched his erection slowly deflate. Then Lydia returned with a towel and a small T-shirt. She told Justin to dry off and put the shirt on.

Lydia changed into a bare midriff T-shirt, which allowed the curves of her braless boobies to hang out from underneath. Her partially exposed breasts did not go unnoticed by the teens. Finally, Justin put on the shirt Lydia gave him to wear and everyone adjourned to the living room.

Lydia said, “Now get busy with your homework.”

Justin complained, “How can I do my homework in this little shirt?”

Mary giggled because the short T-shirt only reached as low as Justin's bellybutton. Without pants or underwear, Justin had to pull down on the shirt to hide his privates from the thirteen-year-old girl's view. He was also embarrassed because the little shirt exposed his bare butt to Mary. She could see everything of his, but he couldn't see anything of her's and he felt that the situation was quite unfair. However, Lydia was unmoved by his plight and continued to make Justin endure the humiliating punishment.

In an authoritative tone, Lydia said, “Quit worrying about your shirt and get your homework done!”

Justin laid down on the floor face down as Mary sat on the floor next to him and gawked at his bare butt. Lydia knew that Justin purposely positioned himself on the floor to hide his privates from the schoolgirl, so she decided to something about it.

Lydia said, "Justin, why don't you do your homework on the coffee table so Mary can help you?"

Justin replied, "I'm fine where I'm at."

Not willing to take no for an answer, Lydia walked over and forced Justin up on his knees. Then she put his books on the coffee table and asked Mary to kneel down beside him. In his kneeling position, Justin's bare butt and exposed member were put on view for Mary to see and she was not shy about staring at Justin's most private areas, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

Lydia was standing behind a loveseat that was positioned to the side of the teens. Watching the excitement on Mary's face combined with the anguish on Justin's face began to affect Lydia in a way that she hadn't expected. The juices began to flow between her legs and Lydia couldn't help reaching up under her short white mini-skirt and rubbing her little clitty over her panties.

Justin was so embarrassed about showing his privates to the girl that he pulled the short T-shirt down in front of him to block her view. Mary looked over at Lydia as if she wanted Lydia to do something about it, so Lydia instructed Justin to release his hold on the T-shirt.

Lydia said, "That's my T-shirt Justin and you're stretching it out. If you don't let go of it, I'll take it away from you and then you'll have nothing to wear!"

Mary was all smiles as Justin released his shirt. His face was bright red because he couldn't hide his privates from the girl and do his homework at the same time. Mary glanced down at his young penis every chance she got. This was the first boy she’d ever seen without pants on and she was thrilled that Lydia was forcing him to remain nude from the waist down right in front of her!

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            Your sick, and besides someone (probably the fire marshal) would have called the cops. Its just not that beliveable
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          • Re: The Babysitter – Part 4Les J, Fri Aug 15 01:31
            I am really surprised IO has not deleted this story for two reasons. first it is about 13 year old kids and second it is about a young boy. I dont think we need this type of stories. Les
            • I liked itnot me, Fri Aug 15 15:43
              good work
              • AgreedDD, Sat Aug 16 07:20
                like it too Mindy, good job.
            • Reluctant agreementGreen, Fri Aug 15 13:11
              I stopped reading during the conversation with the mom and the babysitter. The trouble was that I was finding the setup believable. I'm a parent myself, you see. Instead of slipping into a nice... more
              • Age Limit Absurdthewwrll, Sun Aug 17 04:09
                I totally disagree have not read the story yet but I feel that the age limit is always absurd.
                • so sex stories with 13 year olds in are ok then?mysterious the 1st, Sun Aug 17 09:44
                  I can't believe your even beginning to say this is acceptable.
                  • The only thing acceptable or unacceptable about a story is whether it's well written and whether it's appropriate for where it was posted. The writing is no worse tham most of the stuff here, and... more
                  • oddGreatness, Sun Aug 17 09:59
                    A very well written story. But I see some here think they if a women is forcably tripped that's just fine. So post away. Remember it's not real life. If you are going to blast one you must blast... more
            • Too young ?Ricardo, Fri Aug 15 09:13
              A thirteen year old is too young to be a subject for this site. I agree with Les.
              • agreedmysterious the 1st, Fri Aug 15 09:24
                13 is far to young and i'm surprised it's still up on here.
                • I agree but....Johnny Dangerous, Fri Aug 15 10:53
                  I agree that 13 is too young however I think the story is well written. I would urge Mindy to Re-write perhaps stating that he is older (legal age) and perhaps that he has had sheltered upbringing... more
                  • Imagine if the roles were reversed?mike, Sun Aug 17 08:13
                    A 13 year old girl exposed, humiliated and photographed by 2 of her males schoolmates and this was orchestrated by a 25 year old male. I am not even mentioning the sexual contact.
                    • exactlymysterious the 1st, Sun Aug 17 09:46
                      I am shocked that some people here seem to think this is ok when it blatently isn't.
                    • Re: Imagine if the roles were reversed?georgejetson1954, Sun Aug 17 08:29
                      I see no difference what so ever. That is the great thing about fiction. No one was hurt, no animals was used in testing.
                  • older is too old for babysitternot me, Fri Aug 15 15:45
                    older would be too old.... good story
                    • Good storykbear, Sat Aug 16 11:38
                      If He didn't get a handjob ( from a classmate), the story would be more acceptable. Else a good story.
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              • My commentsCheryl, Mon Aug 18 10:38
                Everyone seems to be weighing in on this debate, so I figured I would join in! I’m not really bothered by anything in the first four parts. When things turn sexual, I suppose that could be wrong. I’m ... more
              • Controversial - How about a re-write?johnny_dangerous, Mon Aug 18 08:31
                Sparkzone/Mindy You have stirred up a bit of controversy here which is a shame because the story is excellent and well written. For my own part I am re-writing parts of it to remove the age issue. If ... more
                • suggestion?anon, Fri Aug 22 08:29
                  The boy being powerless seems essential to the story. Maybe if he were older but handicapped or recovering from an accident?
                  • Re: suggestion?georgejetson1954, Fri Aug 22 10:14
                    I am confused, young is bad. But abusing a handicapped person isn't?
                    • Wow..........., Wed Apr 29 17:03
                      I can't believe anyone thinks that story is right. Fiction or no. That is a story about sexual/ and child ABUSE. No matter how it ends this would scar anyone. I personally would do terrible things to ... more
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