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See Jane. See Jane Strip.
Mon Oct 6, 2008 07:56

Thanks for the re-posting job. I'll have to copy this and post it somewhere else where it MAY not get lost. Sorry about the chapter lengths. It wasn't written for this site originally.

The title of the whole story is "See Jane. See Jane Strip." However, the prologue title kind of applies to the whole story, too.

I know it's a very long read to the main stripping event but there are lots of little strippings along the way. Also, there is a lot of plot development and character study. I hope some of the new readers give it a chance.

Zapped! Forever,
Thom Rafferty

  • Damn! Preview showed it completely!iionly, Sun Oct 5 14:22
    Okay, the chapters are longer than 16 kByte... I have to split them...
    • See Jane. See Jane Strip. — Zappedfan, Mon Oct 6 07:56
      • Great storygoreek, Mon Nov 17 09:09
        I've read it with so much pleasure. The action, scenario, jokes and charactes are fantastic. Characters mostly - they like alive. This very interesting even without erotic aspect. I guess this story... more
        • Zapped!Zappedfan, Sat Dec 13 14:52
          Thanks, Goreek. I'm sorry that I haven't responded sooner, but I'm serving in Iraq right now. The story is based on Characters in "Zapped!" You can learn all about it here:... more
          • Zapped! movie has moved to a new service, Multiply... and I can't find "My Peyton" story there. Maybe it was lost. I was very amazed by remembering that I'd saw this movie in my childhood :-) I just... more
            • Give It TimeZappedfan, Wed Dec 17 11:12
              There was a lot more content at the MSN site than is posted yet at multiply. The manager must be posting it all in installments. I left a message for him to post "My Peyton" here if it doesn't work... more
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