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Tue Dec 2, 2008 18:08

Knowing of my fondness of Richard Hertz stories you won't be surprised if I confess that I liked your story. The setting brought back memories of one of Richard's first stories called "Dress Code", in which a math professor also institutes a new Dress Code.

The new rules of your professor seemed more straightforward though - but then we don't know all the rules, yet (e.g. how the voting works exactly).

At the beginning of chapter 2 I had the suspicion that Janie would be the first victim of Professor Schmidt despite being such a ambitious student. Then, as later on one of the four unlucky student was male I got curious, if you would retain the tradition of Richard's codes of unequal punishments for girls and boys - and you didn't disappoint me ;-).

I also enjoyed the familiar logic during Trina's inspection that provocative attire distracts more than being nude. After I realized that Janie wouldn't get punished you surprised me here again. Janie turned out to be a squealer! I suspect she will regret this sooner or later (wasn't there something like a voting rule?).

I already look forward to read more of your stories. I found out on your site that female teachers are not immune against inspections, too ;-).

  • Part 4: Dealing With TardinessDragavan, Sun Nov 30 22:39
    Mr. Schmidt rounded on the four still standing in the front row and called them up onto the podium with him, telling them to line up facing the class. Wendy knew she was in for it as she followed her ... more
    • really good :)feline, Sun Dec 7 14:44
      I really enjoyed this story, so may fun and wicked ideas and possibilities at work here! Plus the whole situation of students who are not interested and frustrated teachers makes a lot of sense, and... more
      • Re: really good :)Dragavan, Sun Dec 7 18:40
        Thanks for your comments. Always appreciated, good and bad. As for the unevenness of certain things with the story, that is the effect of how I write these things. Although I probably shouldn't look... more
    • Love the storyConfused Mom, Fri Dec 5 08:40
      I have to tell you I love the story and hope that you write more of it soon.
    • good!cb, Wed Dec 3 03:38
      I like the style and pacing. Definitely better than the recent stuff to come out of College Code of Conduct--it's a lot more like the older ones before it got all caught up in the rules too much. Def ... more
      • Re: good!Dragavan, Wed Dec 3 15:38
        Thank you. I do write in a lot of different genres and themes, but I noticed that several of my adult stories always seemed to focus around college and after reading CCC I liked several of the ideas... more
    • Thanks. — iionly, Tue Dec 2 18:08
      • Re: Thanks.Dragavan, Tue Dec 2 19:54
        Thanks. I am glad you approve. And yes, there are many more rules that "we" don't know yet. I made sure not to list or mention the actual rules in the story, so I can keep adding them as I go along... more
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