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The Alasti Building: Marty's Tale
Thu Jan 8, 2009 20:16

I walked into Rachel's office feeling discouraged before I even sat down with her. My apartment search was going badly. I looked and looked but either what she had to show me seemed like a tenement landlords broom closet or was above an all night bowling alley. I walked up to the reception desk thinking that maybe I came to the wrong agency.
"Hi," I said to Kitty the cute young receptionist, "Could you tell Rachel I'm here."
"Hey Marty," she said smiling back and reaching for the phone.
She dialed Rachel's extension and after a few seconds said, "Mr. Fischer is here to see you. Yeah, ok I'll send him right back."
She hung up the phone and then said, "Go on back, she's waiting for you Marty."
"Thanks Kitty," I said as I walked passed her to go to Rachel's office.
"Oh and Marty," Kitty said, "I'm waiting too."
I looked over my shoulder to catch her starring at my butt and said, "If you're a good girl we can go out and celebrate after Rachel finds me an apartment."
"Ohhh I'm gonna hold you to that," She said with a wicked smile.
I laughed and said, "You can hold me to whatever you like."
"You might regret saying that someday." She said with a little laugh.
I shook my head at her smiling and walked back to Rachel's office. Kitty's desk was in front of a wall with a door way on either side. No doors, just a doorway. I walked through the doorway and then around another wall to get to the main office while thinking about Kitty. She was adorable and I would ask her out except for a few things. One, she looked like she was barely nineteen. I'm hardly an old man at twenty eight but I like to keep the girls I date to a five year range of me. Second, what if things went bad? I don't want to have to keep coming to an office where the receptionist hates me. Lastly I'm not sure I could keep up with her. It was all probably besides the point anyway. If Rachel didn't have anything for me today I'm gonna have to go looking elsewhere.
I walked up to Rachel's desk and said, "How's it going?"
"Good, and not so good Marty, have a seat." She said pointing to the chair in front of her desk.
Rachel was about thirty five years old and obviously took good care of herself. She had that New York sophistication about her that made her nice to look at. Not to mention an amazing pair of legs that just wouldn't quit.
"That doesn't sound very reassuring," I said as I sat down.
"I don't have much left that I can show you."
"Nothing? You don't have anything decent? I'm getting kind of desperate here." I said wondering how much longer my friend would loan me her couch.
"Well, I do have one more place. It's a very unusual situation and the apartment is very small."
"How unusual? How small?"
"The apartment itself consists of a roomy bedroom with a full bath, and the bathroom is the most lavish I've ever seen in Manhattan, there's an amazing kitchen with brand new appliances, chef grade actually, and a small sitting room with a large window."
"That doesn't sound so bad. What's the unusual part?"
"I can't actually tell you until you sign a nondisclosure agreement."
I looked at her for a second then asked, "You're serious?"
"Yes, these people have a special arrangement with their tenants and they don't want anyone to know about it unless they live there or deal with them professionally. I've signed this agreement and I assure you it's serious business. It's worth it if you can keep your mouth shut though."
"Let me see the agreement."
Rachel opened her bottom desk drawer and went through some files. Finally she pulls out a form and hands it to me. Unlike most legal documents I've seen this one is fairly easy to understand. It states in no uncertain terms that all matters concerning the building and it's conditions are not to be talked about. Any breach of this agreement is punishable by the full extent of the law.
"Is this document even legal? Punishable by the full extent of the law? They're going to send me to jail for talking about this building?"
"These people are very rich and very powerful Marty. They've spent a considerable amount of money to get what they want. I wouldn't sign that agreement if you have any doubt that you can keep you mouth closed."
I thought about it for a minute and then decided to sign. What did I have to loose? Rachel looked it over and then filed it away.
"Ok now I can speak more plainly. The window doesn't actually face out of the building."
"It faces inward?" I asked.
"Yes, and it's more of a wall then a window."
"Excuse me?"
"The wall that's the entrance to your apartment," Rachel said,"is made of glass. It would allow anyone walking past to see into your sitting room, kitchen and, shower."
"The shower? Anyone walking by would be able to watch me take a shower?"
"Yes but that's not that big a deal because men aren't actually allowed to wear clothes anywhere in the building."
"This is some kind of joke right?"
"I know it sounds like a joke but honestly it's not."
I looked at her waiting for the other shoe to drop but she doesn't even crack a smile.
"So would you be interested. The rent for this particular apartment would be very inexpensive and the building itself is near Union Square Park and a few blocks from Washington Square Park."
"Wow, I'd kill to live in that area."
"Yes but would you give up your clothes to live in that area?"
"I... Is this is for real?"
"I assure you it is."
I looked off in the distance for a second and then back at Rachel and asked, "How, much is the rent?"
"$350 a month."
"Now I know you're joking, $350? There's no way any place in Manhattan is renting for that. Especially a luxury apartment."
"I do have a video I can show you. Sort of a brochure for the place. However you'll have to remove your clothes before I can allow you to view it."
"Right here?" I said looking around the open office.
"No no, in the conference room where the HD player is."
"But I would have to get naked before you could let me see it?" I asked not sure what to believe anymore.
"Basically my clients want to make sure you're serious before you learn anymore about them. They also want you to understand what you're getting into."
"I see," I said thinking, "ok, I'll do it."
"Wonderful," she says smiling, "I'll show you to the conference room."
She leads me down a hallway and into the conference room. There's a medium sized round table and at the back of the room is a large HD TV with a few chairs placed in front of it.
"Wow, that's quite a set up." I said when we got to the TV.
Rachel chuckles quickly and then says, "State of the art, large screen plasma HD TV. It was provided for us by the owners of the building in oder to show the presentation in it's best light."
"Wow, I guess they do have some money to throw around."
"Wait until you see the building. Opulent is the only word I can think of that even comes close to describing it."
"I really have to be naked before I can see this video?" I asked feeling a little uneasy now that it came down to it.
"Yep, completely or I can't even show you the DVD."
"OK," I said as I started to undress.
I'm suddenly conscious that Rachel is watching my every move as I take off my clothes. I also can't help but notice how hard her nipples are. Eventually I'm down to just my pants and underwear. I hesitant to take them off as I've gotten really hard undressing in front of her for some reason. When she sees me hesitating she says, "It's usually best to just do it Marty. Putting it off only makes it more difficult."
I smiled at her awkwardly and then opened my pants and take them off. Then I pulled off my underwear letting my hard cock pop into view. I started to apologize for it but Rachel says, "Don't worry Marty that's a perfectly natural reaction and one that you'll find the women of this building enjoy seeing."
"Oh, ok," I said wondering what I was getting myself into.
"And you shave," Rachel said smiling at me, "I love a nice clean shaven cock. Now why don't you have a seat and I'll be right back with the DVD."
"Ok thanks," I said in kind of a daze.
As she walked towards the door Rachel asks, "Would you like something to drink? Soda or water?"
"Water please," I said as a reflex.
"I'll have Kitty bring it in while I get the DVD."
After the door closes behind her I realized what she just said and panicked. I was thinking about putting on my clothes and making a run for it when the door opens and Kitty walks in. I wanted to move. To cover myself or get my clothes, which were right next to me, but I couldn't get my muscles to cooperate as I watched her walk towards me.
"Here's your water Marty." She said standing in front of me holding out a bottle of water smiling.
Her eyes went up and down my naked body, stopping for a second on my hard cock before going back up to my face. I reached out to take the bottle of water from her. When my hand touched her's I somehow felt more naked then I've ever felt in my entire life.
"You're gonna love this building Marty," she said with an adorable smile.
"I, um..."
Then the door opened again and the real-estate agent and another woman came in. For some reason I felt like I was caught doing something I shouldn't have been doing. I jumped up out of the chair and took a few steps away from Kitty.
"Marty," Rachel said, "This is my boss Ms. Burk."
Ms. Burk looked to be in her late thirties, maybe early forties. While no Goddess of perfection she was attractive and well dressed. I couldn't seem to help notice that she has an incredible pair of long shapely legs. Which are nicely displayed in a business skirt that seems a little shorter then usual.
"Hello Marty, when I heard that you were interested in moving into the Alasti building I wanted to greet you personally." She said steeling a quick glance at his hard cock.
"Ms. Burk is one of the board members and helped bring the building's, concept, to life." Rachel said almost proudly.
"Oh, I see," I replied awkwardly.
"Yes, and it turned out to be much harder then I thought," she said her eyes darting down to look at at my hard cock. Then smiling she looked back into my eyes, took a step closer, brushed her fingers up the underside of my balls and up the length of my hard cock and said, "but like anything you want you just have to go after it until you get it."
When I let out a shuddering breath at the touch of Ms. Burk's fingers Kitty giggled and I heard her say quietly to Rachel, "She's my hero."
Rachel chuckles quietly and Ms. Burk looks at the two of them and smiles. Then she looks back at me and says, "Perhaps we should get on with the video. Kitty I'm going to need you back at reception."
"Yes Ma'am," Kitty says a little disappointed. Then she turns to me and says with a smile as she gently strokes my cock, "Don't forget your promise Marty."
"Oh," I said with another shudder, "your hands are so soft."
"I'm glad you like it," she says with another stroke, "I use this amazing lotion."
"You'll have to tell me about it later," Ms. Burk says to Kitty.
"Yes Ma'am," Kitty says taking the hint.
She gives me a quick kiss on the cheek, scoops up my clothes and rushes out the door.

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      And if he wants to post his OWN stories on his OWN site, what's the problem?
      • Thank you :-)Ainttellin, Mon Jan 12 15:19
        My site is free and there will always be new free stories to read. I will post stories/chapter at least once a month. I would do it more often but I'm not that fast a writer. There's more to Marty's... more
        • WeblinkBareLin, Mon Jan 12 19:25
          Could you post a good weblink to your site. Thanks
          • Ardorotica.comAinttellin, Mon Jan 12 20:47
            I'll post some more of Marty's Tale to the board in a little while...
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                Are you sure you're using the correct address? At one point I actually posted the address incorrectly. The correct one is: If you don't mind me asking what operating system ... more
                • It works nowSusanna, Wed Jan 14 11:33
                  I have a mac with Tiger and use Safari, but I think it was the mispelling of the URL. I tried it with the link you just sent and it works! It's great! I love the rest of the story!! Please do... more
        • Please post it here, too!Susanna, Mon Jan 12 17:50
          Please!!! I can't get on your other site, seems to be blocked where I work. Sue
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      I like where this is going! There aren't enough stories on this Board where the men are naked and the women are dressed. Please continue! And soon! Sue
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      i love it cant wait to hear more.
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