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Forced Nudity - Hotel 3
Sat Mar 21, 2009 08:25

I went into one of the major department stores, walked around for a while, then found this amazing pair of stilleto type black heels. They were very delicate, bare toes, straps across my toes and up at my ankle. Mine.

I then came across the lingerie section, as I always do. My mind was racing, should I spice it up tonight, or do I do it fully nude. I always feel like I'll be more embarrassed if I'm caught running down the road in thigh high stockings than if I'm fully nude. I haven't tried a nude-pantyhose streak yet either, however, I've been to the movies in just a pull-over dress and nude pantyhose and wondered what it would be like to have
someone leave with my dress, stranding me naked in pantyhose in the movie theater........but I digress, back to the store.

I decided it was getting late and I had the heels. These would make the streak more difficult as they will slow me down and increase the noise as I click down main street later fully nude. Given it was rather warm out, at least I can say my dress was ripped off as I got out of a cab or something, gotta have an excuse if I get caught, and tonite will be very risky.

So as I left the mall entrance, I glanced to my left to see the planter box, you could see where I disturbed the mulch to insert my hotel key. Hopefully I did that. Did someone see me and go back to see what I put in the planter, should I check, I should check, then I'll be stranded naked in a strange town 15 miles from my nearest clothing that I can't et to anyway. I could not possibly go to the hotel naked with no key, maybe I'd have to make the 6 hour drive home totally naked, get clothes, then come back. But I kept on walking. My heart rate was going real fast as I got to my car. I drove back to the hotel and halfway there realized I was doing 72 ina 55....I slowed down, I just couldn't help it. Better not do that later tonight!!!

I walked back into my room around 10:00 pm.

  • Forced Nudity - Hotel 2jaynee, Sat Mar 21 08:13
    I basically drove back to the hotel. Everywhere I could think to hide the key I could get to. Across the highway in that residential area, well, I'd have to just wait for traffic to stop, and in this ... more
    • Forced Nudity - Hotel 3 — jaynee, Sat Mar 21 08:25
      • Forced Nudity - Hotel 4jaynee, Sun Mar 22 12:03
        I stripped off my clothing in my room and went to sleep. I was excited, but exhausted from the drive I made to get to the hotel this afternoon/evening. I set my alarm for 2:30 so I'd have time for a... more
        • Forced Nudity - Hotel 5jaynee, Sun Mar 22 12:41
          As I got back to my room, I started to have second thoughts. What am I crazy, I'm about to run naked into a town, passed peoples houses and into a mall, again. But there is this sinister sexual urge... more
          • Forced Nudity - Hotel 6jaynee, Sun Mar 22 13:24
            As I crouched behind a car, i figured I was about 1/2way to the town. I sat back on to the grass, it was a little wet a cold on my bottom. I checked my foot and it was ok. Then I heard a car coming... more
            • Forced Nudity - Hotel 7jaynee, Sun Mar 22 20:37
              After a few minutes of making out, just to teh right of the dumpster, just above my keys, causing me a heart attack, they left. I heard a car start and they drove off, I assumed. I should explain the ... more
              • Please don't stop now. (nm)iionly, Thu Apr 9 16:25
              • Your adventures are so hot!iionly, Sat Mar 28 16:24
                It was very entertaining to read about your park and mall streaks. You latest story is the hottest so far. I enjoy it how you describe about your efforts to present yourself suitable for your streaks ... more
              • Please keep goingdamon, Thu Mar 26 15:44
                So far, so good... Have you & the hubby tried one with handcuffs behind your back yet? Imagine that - naked with NO WAY to cover yourself at all.
              • Re: Forced Nudity - Hotel 7feline, Wed Mar 25 22:14
                This is a really wonderful story, so sexy, so un-nerving as well! It is packed full of feelings, it really grabs me and makes me sit up and pay attention *smiles* Firstly congratulations on getting... more
              • My kind of storyMW, Wed Mar 25 22:01
                Very well written. I loved it.
              • great storyalex, Tue Mar 24 03:14
                Pls, continue, Im looking forward to!
            • You've done it again!Hooked6, Sun Mar 22 19:25
              Once again another great story. I hope you will post more soon. I love the realism you've created in your stories and from the looks of the comments made so far many others do as well. Keep up the... more
              • thanksjaynee, Sun Mar 22 20:11
                thank you for the compliments. It means a lot coming from a storied veteran!!!
      • Need MoreJenn, Sat Mar 21 22:36
        Great stuff you've written. I can't wait for more
      • Hotter Stillabbycakes, Sat Mar 21 14:14
        Keep it going. For what it's worth, I vote you go fully nude (and barefoot), or at least lose whatever clothing you decide to wear so you end up fully nude.
        • Inspiring!qtinuum, Sat Mar 21 16:49
          Your stories are getting me all worked up to do some naked dares in the city myself! Keep it up!
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