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Dress Code stories
Sun Jul 19, 2009 15:22

A splinter site grew from a simple Dress Code story. Richard Hertz made a universe of a college with a Code of Conduct that included a Dress Code. In order to keep the girls from wearing shorter and shorter skirts and flashing their pretty panties - quite a distraction - the Dean made a policy that girls were forbidden to wear panties. The rationale being shorter skirts would be impossible to wear without panties.

The twist: In order to know that a girl was not wearing panties, the college needed inspectors. So a girl was forced to remove her skirt or dress to verify she was not wearing panties. The inspectors found girls wearing longer skirts would tend to be the one also wearing panties. Thus, to avoid being stripped, girls have to wear very short skirts so the inspectors, at a glance, would know they are not in violation of the Dress Code.

Richard Hertz's Code of Conduct and the Campus Dress Code is
Some of the stories include work place... as some professors get caught in the inspector's net as well, but also students take on after-school jobs.

This is the type of story I love - The Law of Unintended Consequences. An authority figure makes a rule hoping for one outcome, but another outcome, often the complete opposite happens.

  • Like a magnet :-)iionly, Sat Jul 18 15:42
    I like stories with a workplace storyline. Especially, I like stories that include the Dress Code theme in the plot. Of course, Dress Code stories often take place in an office environment, so it was ... more
    • Dress Code stories — base, Sun Jul 19 15:22
      • Great storydholm26287, Wed Jul 22 08:41
        Thanks for posting
      • I know his universe. Thanks anyway.iionly, Sun Jul 19 17:46
        I came across his stories on his ASSTR site first. Then I followed him to his first blog and again to the College Code of Conduct site. I really like some aspects of his story universe, but the more... more
        • Re: I know his universe. Thanks anyway.not a politician, Sat Jul 25 21:07
          Oh, the number of trope names I could throw around now (Go see to see what I mean by this, but be warned, it's addictive). The whole story basically only worked initially because... more
          • Dress Codesbase, Sun Jul 26 10:33
            Why wouldn't the instigator of a dress code amend it to close the "loop holes"? Anyone setting out to write such a code is arrogant from the start. Some people believe their words never need editing. ... more
            • Re: Dress Codesnot a politician, Sun Jul 26 19:01
              Nice try, but in most stories, including, iirc, those by Richard Hertz, we are told with the authority of the omnisicient narrator that the instigator is not, in fact, aiming for the loop holes. As... more
              • Re: Dress Codesbase, Sun Jul 26 19:55
                Take a look at who all are writing the stories, then tell me what the characters are really thinking. Many different writers, each with their own little twists.
                • Re: Dress Codesnot a politician, Sun Jul 26 20:02
                  To me, that falls under character derailment and retconning, I was talking about the Dean as originally established by the original author.
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