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cfnm stories
Sun Aug 7, 2011 08:11

The Ted, Ned and James stories are what got me here and I hope there will be more of the James stories - that style of CFNM is great. The Tjornwood sories have been interesting and I am enjoying that CF&MNF saga. I am unclined to post some of my CFNM stories.

Your readers seem to be a bit less fussy than some sites and I like your control over the site - no spam stupid ads or security issues that I've run into.

Thank you for hosting and maintaining this site.


  • Message to AllIndianOutlaw, Fri Aug 5 19:56
    Every year or so it I like to ask "What brings you here?" So I am asking today. Please reply with your thoughts, ideas, opinions, whatever. This "Sound Off" tread will allow us to adjust and above... more
    • What they saidsmuuthie, Thu Oct 20 15:14
      Like what so many others have voiced, I like the "softcore" vein of the stories, the authors do a fine job with their prose. I checked out the Literotica site, and was appaulled at how many of the... more
    • Not sure this is the right place for me . . .mcmann.molly, Mon Aug 29 13:52
      I've started posting my old "What a girl will do for love" series (which some of you had already read on another board), but now that I've had a chance to read more of what was already posted I'm... more
      • I just ran across this post among the chapters I am reading. Based on this, our interests are more alike than I had been thinking (maybe the spanking was throwing me off a bit). But based on this our ... more
      • Molly: After our exchange the past couple of days, I went looking for your What a Girl Will Do for Love story on ASN and found this post from four years or so ago. Reading your likes and dislikes in... more
      • Hi mcmann.molly, love yur stories a lot, ''what a girl will do for love was very good , but one thing i didnt like was after a while Betsy got so comfortable ,that even though she was nervous, she... more
      • All are welcomeIndianOutlaw, Wed Aug 31 13:50
        Stories of all types are welcome here. Go into a book store, there is not just one section, but hundreds. As long as the story is on the stripping/naked topic and does not include graphic violence or ... more
      • not to worrycariny, Tue Aug 30 17:00
        Hi Molly, you and your stories are definitely welcome here! Embarrassment is by no means a requirement. Nor does voluntary nudity have to mean a lack of tension in the story. A girl goes around naked ... more
      • Dear Molly, You could not be more wrong about this story board being a bad fit for your excellent writing. I hate Kate about like I did J.R. of TV fame years ago and I want to slap some sense into... more
        • Dear MollyKatzkin, Thu Dec 4 18:48
          Had to pipe up as well. The bit I've seen is very nice to read Molly. Please keep posting here. There are stories I don't like and others I do but all in all I'm glad to have a choice!!! About the... more
      • Re: Not sure this is the right place for me . . .Little Joe, Tue Aug 30 02:33
        Hi Molly, I think your story fits in very well here. ENF stories are popular, but I don't think this is a board only for ENF stories. There are plenty of stories about exhibitionists and confident... more
      • Re: Not sure this is the right place for me . . .Midnightdream, Mon Aug 29 21:14
        It is true that personal, self-fulfilling fantasies lack conflict. They're not stories, really. But we have had plenty of fictional stories about women getting naked for one reason or another,... more
    • Why I come here?Jessie, Wed Aug 17 11:18
      I love all the stories. My fav's are the one's where someone may get caught but doesn't. Or at least get partially seen. I feel that if people are seen or get comfy in being nude then the excitement... more
    • Reading, Writing, fantasisingJohnny Dangerous, Wed Aug 17 08:25
      The stories are rarely hard core, no graphic sex acts; this is more erotic than laying it all out on a plate. I like the way everyone seems to enjoy the same level of fantasy that plagues my own... more
    • wish i could bejdcageheat, Tue Aug 16 21:16
      I come here because i wish i could write like alot of you. I come here because i wish i could be in the stories either getting stripped or stripping someone. I come here to take my mind off my day.... more
    • I enjoy writing storiesLittle Joe, Sat Aug 13 02:23
      And of course I enjoy reading them as well. We are always finding great new authors to add variety, but I love the classic reposts as well. I originally came to this site because I had amused myself... more
    • Embarrassing momentsLaura, Wed Aug 10 12:00
      I have similar experiences to many of these stories that are posted here. It gives me good ideas, but better yet it gives my husband's colleagues great ideas on what to do to embarrass me.
      • wonderingspiderman, Fri Aug 12 08:23
        Laura, are you the same person who wrote a story years ago about your girlfriends stripping you at a party and then spanking you and putting ice up your bum? just curious and Ios site is great for... more
        • Definitely it has happened to melaura, Fri Aug 26 13:30
          Over the years I've gotten quite a set of friends and colleagues that regularly try to embarrass me and have fun with me because they know I enjoyed it.
    • Re: Message to Allbeard man, Tue Aug 9 19:48
      ENF stories. Stripping stories are okay, but I like ENF more. With good writers. My favorite right now is Little Joe.
    • Re: Message to AllRSC, Mon Aug 8 19:16
      Those amazing little moments when a story has an idea that had never occurred to me before. Sometimes one line can explode into hundreds of hours of distraction once it makes contact with my brain.
    • Amazing AuthorsEwong, Mon Aug 8 18:36
      I come here for the titillation of ENF stories. I enjoy hapless females who get themselves in over their head with a situation or series of circumstances that leads them to be seen naked by someone... more
    • Re: Message to AllMidnightdream, Mon Aug 8 09:42
      I found this site by searching for more stories from authors who posted on Leviticus back in the days when it got a dozen stories every update. What I love about this board is that it allow me to... more
    • The stories, of courseThe Artful Brooklyn Dodger, Mon Aug 8 06:43
      This was the first website where I could find ENF/CMNF stories that didn't have the hardcore stuff found on other sites. IO has created the perfect environment, IMO, too. Thanks for being around all... more
    • Why?KrylB, Mon Aug 8 03:55
      Like everyone here I of course come for the stories. It is the only story site I found where almost all stories have at least a small interest for me. And it is the only site on which I felt... more
    • cfnm stories — mamanflo, Sun Aug 7 08:11
      • Ned storiesgocarty, Mon Dec 4 20:23
        I love the Ted and James stories, but have not heard of the Ned stories. Which stories are those? Who is the author? Where can one find them? Would love to hear from you.
      • Re: cfnm storiesAnonymous, Sat Feb 27 08:12
        anyone have the link for orinal Maestro Ted's stories? I havent been able to find them. Thanks!!!!
      • correction for Thornwood spelling.mamanflo, Sun Aug 7 08:12
        Oops - sorry I meant the Thornwood stories
    • Re: Message to Allmamachucha, Sun Aug 7 04:40
      I saw this site pop up way back, and ever since I've been checking in periodically for stories that I can get off on. This has become one of the URLs I have memorized because once in a while for many ... more
    • It's a great place to read and post storiesTriple V, Sun Aug 7 00:25
      When I first discovered this website I was so excited. There were so many good stories (and some not so good) and there are still good stories being posted daily. After reading several stories I... more
    • Erotic storiesgocarty, Sat Aug 6 19:27
      I'm happy that the site includes naked male as well as naked female stories. (Although not nearly as many.) But I keep coming back for the wonderfully inventive forms of eroticism the authors here... more
    • Love the storiesKathy, Sat Aug 6 14:58
      I have always loved reading the stories. There are such great authors here and sometimes they hit on my strongest fantasies. This year, I have loved the Summer at Gramma series.
    • Re. Message to AllVic M, Sat Aug 6 14:49
      I like to visit other story sites and read submissions in other genres, but the reason I feel encouraged to return to this one more regularly than any other is the simplicity of the layout, which... more
    • Get ideasVanessa Evans, Sat Aug 6 14:02
      Both my boyfriend and I love to put me in situations where I can be exposed to other adults. We visit this site to get ideas that we might be able to copy.
      • message receivedanita, Sun Aug 21 08:17
        I don't know if yesterday was your idea, like something you saw on this site but, while it had its exciting and scary moments, on the whole it was incredible fun. I will take your advice and see... more
      • Re: Get ideasnervousrheck, Sat Aug 6 17:23
        I mentioned this on the discussion board, but I didn't see this post first. Try going to You get exposed to a lot of other adults really fast. :) Might make for some fun... more
      • yeah, but.....anita, Sat Aug 6 14:27
        Sometimes ideas put into practice can backfire... but I do like thinking about even the extreme ideas and playing with the less extreme...
        • and I'm truly sorryVanessa Evans, Sat Aug 6 14:39
          I am truly very, very sorry when extreme ideas go wrong. I guess that we should only try ideas that can take place in a protected environment, or when there is someone around to look after us. V
          • it was MY ideaanita, Sat Aug 6 14:46
            You have no reason to feel sorry.. my idea gone off... but all's well.. it's getting better any way... but you advice, as always is good. :)
    • love the storiesneykid, Sat Aug 6 12:30
      This is the place where I felt I could have a go at writing.There are lots of great authors here in my favourite genre.
    • we are not aloneanita, Sat Aug 6 11:13
      I come here and other NIP sites because I feel at home. It's a sort of community whether the stories are fantasies, dreams, tales true or wanna-be's or exagerations of what the author did or heard... more
    • Why do I come here?nudeone, Sat Aug 6 09:52
      The stories of course! I feel a kindred spirit among the regulars. I have been hooked on exposure and pure naked stories since I discovered them--exhibitionist voyeur I guess I am oh well! My first... more
    • all's well!aqg, Sat Aug 6 09:46
      IO It is always starnge when You thanks others because it is me who want to thank You for story and discussion boards. And maybe I am echoing myself or others but there is not much I need to be... more
    • StoriesNickzilla22, Sat Aug 6 05:16
      ENF of course... a rare genre thats hard to come by. They are few and far between, but the writers that take the plung into the ENF genre seem to always knock it out of the park. I've never come... more
    • Re: Message to AllTson, Sat Aug 6 04:44
      I'm here for the stories. Especially I hope to see more chapters of my favourites, e.g. Reluctant Exhibitionist, Those Pictures, etc, and now lately, Thornwood School Pride.
    • What brings me here?Reverend Bob, Sat Aug 6 00:50
      Why... I came here for the cookies of course!
    • StoriesTrackJim, Fri Aug 5 23:59
      I visit and read regularly. Are all the stories good? No, but I (and many others, I am sure) appreciate the effort people make. Many of the stories ARE quite good. As a long time visitor, I may get... more
    • the storiesdonnylaja, Fri Aug 5 23:39
      Your sand-box-conservative politics repel me sometimes, but I keep coming back for the stories, well-written.
    • The storiescarbilz, Fri Aug 5 22:25
      the stories here are not ... they make you think and even the fiction "could" be real.
      • the missing part of my messagecarbilz, Fri Aug 5 22:28
        I was trying to say the stories are not all sex sex sex but used symbols and the letter F at the begining. These are well written nice stories, this is my favorite site.
    • I come for the storiesHooked6, Fri Aug 5 20:46
      This is a nice place for both novice authors as well as those who are accomplished in their craft to ply their trade. Generally speaking the environment is supportive. The reason I find this place so ... more
      • I came for hooked6 (tee hee)nervousrheck, Sat Aug 6 17:28
        Hooked6's stories are what initially drew me to the website. It's surprising to see so many other quality authors and stories that are written in a similar vein. I've never been a fan of... more
        • hook6 storiesanita, Mon Aug 8 08:58
          there are more hooked6 stories besides Road Trip? where? link(s) please
          • Re: hook6 storiesnervousrheck, Mon Aug 8 16:29
            I originally found a lot here. There's also this classic;article=37315;search_term=all+hallows+eve as... more
            • More Hooked6 Stories hereHooked6, Mon Aug 8 22:16
              There are many more classic (read older)Hooked6 stories that can be found at this link. Just scan the author postings for Hooked6 or use the search feature. At this site when my stories have many... more
        • the stories the authors and great ideasLikely Unlucky, Sun Aug 7 10:18
          I came here ages ago looking for enf, I visit a few other sites still but this is where I always check first now, I'm not really into sex (real life excepted) so alot of places just don't do it for... more
      • Thank you to all the authors for your hard work!
        • Sorry I couldn't get on sooner.....I just got back in town. I really enjoy almost all of the stories that are posted here. Plus all the hard work that so many talented authors have put into keeping... more
        • hear, hearanita, Sat Aug 6 12:09
          I'll second that and add kudos to the exhibitionists and those who dare them to strip .. they inspire the writers and give a thrill to everyone: themselves, readers of NIP stories as well as the... more
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