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Mr. Mongo
Naked on Stage Challenge
Tue Mar 20, 2012 16:36

Naked on Stage Challenge

I would like to see how other authors handle characters being naked on stage. May it be Community Theater, a dance recital, chorus, charity event, or someone giving a speech on stage in front of a live audience or on live TV.

There could be one victim being humiliated or many but people will be getting naked against their will. The naked people must be completely humiliated at first then get into it actually enjoying their nudity.

Conditions for the story

1) One or more people accidentally or forcibly nude in front of a live audience against their will at first then enjoying it once they are doing it.

2) The show must go on they must remain on stage no matter what. They could be forced back on stage or blackmailed to keep going.

3) The age limit is no one under the age of 15. Young people could be in the audience but not naked.

4) Any sexual depictions cannot be too graphic think what you would see on Cinemax at night.

5) Any and all villains in the story get what is coming to them.

If you want to do a Ms Olivia’s Ballet School story the years system for the young adults is First Year students are 15-16, Second Year 16-17, Third Year 17-18, Fourth Year students 18-19. Ms. Olivia does not allow students to wear underwear while in their costumes. She is a strict taskmaster who delivers painful or humiliating punishments for her students who do not take their rehearsals seriously. She gets her students into the top ballet groups and schools around the world so her students swallow their pride and take the punishment no matter how humiliating.

Their ballet recitals are preformed on stage in front of an orchestra who do not get along with the dancers. Both groups pull pranks on each other all the time that end up with someone getting humiliated

  • Part ThreeMr. Mongo, Tue Mar 20 16:33
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    • Life imitates artLittle Joe, Mon Apr 2 02:33
      A great fun story as always. I wasn't quite sure which scenes of Swan Lake they were doing. The first scene has the Prince leaping about in joy because he's been given what looks like a coathanger as ... more
    • Naked on Stage Challenge — Mr. Mongo, Tue Mar 20 16:36
      • First nude ballet 1971icebear, Thu May 10 08:20
        The first nude ballet was The Triumph of Death ( Dødens triumf ) in 1971 Mad by DR ( Denmarks Television ) and the Royal ballet . A television ballet in which the whole cast danced naked to a 1971... more
        • SEE the balleticebare, Thu May 10 08:34
          Do not know if it works out side Denmark.... more
        • Re: First nude ballet 1971Mr. Mongo, Thu May 10 08:26
          too bad you can't find it anywhere on video. that is a ballet I would watch.
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