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Sabrina The Substitute Teacher
Tue Jan 29, 2013 04:26

I wrote this after watching too many exercise infomercials on TV. I'm hoping this will be the beginning of some sort of series or saga spanning at least another part or two. Tell me what you think!

Sabrina the Substitute Teacher
By Ewong

The life of a substitute teacher is one of anonymity, loneliness and the tiniest amount of responsibility. It is a profession not many seek, but can be satisfying in the sense that it can be even more difficult than being a regular teacher. Substitutes are rarely used, and when they are, students typically forget them as soon as they leave the classroom. The advantage in this is that a substitute may only be needed for a day, so he or she can have the students do something productive or something entertaining. With just a day to work with, a substitute doesn’t need a lesson plan or adhere to a curriculum. A substitute can do pretty much anything with no consequences. Of course, the downside is not being able to connect to any of the students, or even knowing what subject you’ll be required to “teach” each morning. And there’s the off chance that a substitute will be needed for more than a day. Such is the fate of Sabrina Kelley.

Sabrina recently acquired her substitute teaching credential from the state university, and she was ecstatic that the principal at Thomas Nicholas Anderson (often referred to as TNA) High School would accept her as a substitute teacher so suddenly. She was only 24 years old, but could pass for younger if she chose to forego makeup. She didn’t think of herself as “beautiful” or “attractive”, but was in fact quite pretty. Her angelic, innocent looking face had gained her many friends, and her body was curvaceous enough to draw attention, but not so much as to take attention away from her friends. It for this reason that being a substitute teacher was something she would be comfortable with. She was used to being somewhat invisible, and she figured that if she could be paid to be invisible, there was no harm in it.

Her first few assignments were the normal fare for a substitute teacher. She’d stood in for a day as an English teacher and made the students read their assigned book for the entire day. On another day, she’d substituted for a math teacher and had the students get ahead in their homework. The third time would be this morning, where she was woken up by a frantic call from the principal.

“Hello?” Sabrina groggily answered.

“Sabrina, it’s Rick Head. I need you to fill in for Coach Robinson today.”

“I can’t coach a football team, sir.”

“He coaches volleyball, but that’s not the point. I need you to fill in for his Physical Education class. He only teaches one PE class, so you’ll just be here for an hour and you can leave. How’s that sound?”

“Alright, Rick. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Make sure you wear something loose since you’ll be exercising along with the students. Nothing too loose though, as some of the boys may try something.”

“Ok, sir. Thanks.”

Sabrina hung up and looked at her clock. She had over an hour to get ready, so she to her time brushing her teeth and washing up. After her shower, she would don her robe and have some breakfast. However, she found that being a substitute teacher had a way of not agreeing with breakfast, as she would have to excuse herself to the restroom before class was over. She just opted for a glass of water before getting dressed. She knew she had some exercise clothes, but, truth be told, she hadn’t worn them in a long while. Ever since leaving high school, her time had been spent getting her degree and teaching credential. So, she had no need to exercise. She found her old sports bra, and was glad it still fit. She wanted to wear the matching spandex shorts, but the principal had said wear something loose. She put on a pair of cotton panties and dug out a pair of basketball shorts. She giggled at how comical they looked on her as they fell below her knees and made her look quite boyish.

She looked at herself in the mirror and realized that the principal warned her that boys could wreak havoc on her outfit, and only wearing a sports bra on top would be inviting their worst. She chose to wear a long cotton t-shirt that came down past her bottom. After appraising herself in the mirror once again, she saw that the basketball shorts were hilariously long and didn’t flatter her curves at all. She then figured that if she wore the loose shirt, she could wear her spandex shorts. When she began to tug them on, she remembered that she had to wear a thong with the shorts, as anything else would become wedged in her backside anyways. She fished out a white thong and began to tug her shorts on.

She was dumbfounded as the shorts were a bit too snug on her backside, but she could’ve sworn she hadn’t put on any weight. She glanced at her clock and saw she’d wasted too much time and had to leave soon. Steeling herself, she yanked the shorts up, hearing a small “rip” sound as the waistband made it over her round bottom. She assessed the damage, but couldn’t find any evidence of a rip, nor did she feel a draft. She shrugged, got her things and left.

She arrived at the school a half hour before class to greet the principal and get the class roster and other materials she would need.

“Good Morning, Sabrina. Thanks for coming down so quickly.” said Mr. Head

“No problem. What happened to the coach anyway?”

“Oh, some small accident at home. He should be fine.”

“Okay, so what’s my day looking like?”

“Well, you only have the one class. It’s a mixture of boys and girls, so be careful. A few boys can be a bit...rambunctious. Your outfit seems like it should work for today. I assume you know where the GYM is.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Then I hope you won’t keep them waiting for too long.”

Sabrina nodded and left. The GYM was just at the end of the hall, so she made her way, passing the girls’ locker room along the way. Normally, there would be no reason to glance in the locker room’s direction as the doors were always closed. This time, Sabrina heard screams, and not of the jovial variety. She ran inside to find two girls pushing each other against the lockers, yelling obscenities. Sabrina broke it up and got the girls to calm down. When the girls saw her, Sabrina had to explain that she was to be their substitute for the day. One girl, named Jessica, suddenly got a glint in her eye.

“That’s an interesting outfit for PE, Teach.” Jessica teased.

“I had to make sure I was comfortable as well as secure in knowing that the boys won’t try to pull down my shorts or something.” Sabrina explained.

“Oh, well we won’t want THAT to happen, would we, Teach?” Jessica continued.

“No, and please call me Ms. Kelley.”

“Is that your first or last name? I don’t want to sound like I’m your maid.”

“It’s my last name, and there’s nothing wrong with being a maid.”

The other girl seemed to have disappeared, as did all the girls in the locker room. It wasn’t until the bell sounded that Sabrina figured out she was now late.

“Crud, now I’m late.”

“Who the hell says ‘crud’ anymore? You must be older than you look.”

“I am perfectly young for being a substitute teacher. And for saying that, I should have your name, miss…?”

“Jessica. Jessica Head. Yes, I’m the principal’s daughter.”

Sabrina huffed and ran into the GYM to find her class. The boys and girls were seated in alphabetical order in the bleachers, so it made roll call go much quicker. Jessica joined the class just as Sabrina called her name.

“Perhaps you should be on time next time, Jessica.”

“Maybe you should try being an actual teacher next time, Teach.”

Sabrina eyed the girl as she sat down before introducing herself. The kids didn’t seem to care, so she jumped right in.

“Okay everyone, let’s start with some stretching exercises. Let’s start with the arms and work our way down, ok?”

Sabrina had them moving their arms every which way before rotating her torso to loosen it up. As she rotated as far as she could, she suddenly heard another faint rip sound from her shorts. She didn’t have time to assess what happened, nor did she want to pull her shirt up and potentially flash her students.

“Ahem, well I think that’s enough of that. Let’s start on our legs.”

Sabrina switched her stance so her right side was facing the class. She placed her left foot two feet in front of her right foot and leaned forward. This stretched out her right thigh, but also made her shorts rip further. Switching to her other leg made it even worse. Sabrina was sweating, and not just because of the exertion. She was getting nervous that her shorts wouldn’t make it through the class. With her right leg shielding her left hand, she casually felt her shorts to see what the damage was.

A rip had formed in the gusset of her shorts. It was directly under her most private place, and the rip was already two inches long. So far, it couldn’t be seen, but now she knew that any stretches that need her legs to be spread would be the worst. Even walking or running would be difficult. Her worst fears were answered when Jessica’s voiced piped up.

“Hey, Teach! Coach normally has us sit down with our legs out straight and spread as wide as we could get them before leaning to each ankle. Will you do that?”

Some students hated this particular stretch, but Jessica knew what was going on. Sabrina’s demeanor had clued her in to the possibilities. Jessica knew it wasn’t a wedgie or something uncomfortable. She knew it had to be a rip. She just couldn’t figure out which article of clothing was failing. Jessica knew Sabrina was wearing a sports bra, and figured that would cause some embarrassment if it failed. If Sabrina’s panties were to fail, it could be interesting, but not as embarrassing as her shorts splitting. Jessica hoped for either the sports bra or shorts to be the reason why Sabrina was suddenly nervous.

“What’s wrong, Teach? Afraid the boys will be looking between your legs instead of their own? Let me help you.”

“N-No, I’m fine, Jessica. There’s no need for that.” Sabrina tried to compose herself.

“Oh I insist, Teach. Being the cheerleading captain, I know what it’s like to have boys looking at you for the wrong reasons. Let me help you.”

Sabrina sighed and nodded. Jessica practically ran to her side.

“It’s alright, Teach. Just turn to the side like you did before. Now, sit!”

Sabrina’s eyes grew large as her student raised her voice. Jessica pointed to ground to emphasize her point, like she would to a dog. Sabrina caught on and sat down, rolling her eyes in defeat.

“Okay. Stick those legs out!” Jessica ordered.

Sabrina complied and yelped when Jessica forcibly held each of her ankles and began to spread them apart. She trembled as she felt the rip come into view and closed her eyes for the inevitable announcement from Jessica. However, the girl continued to spread her legs. While Sabrina had her eyes shut, Jessica stole a glance and smiled inward at her good fortune, but she turned her head to address the class before Sabrina’s eyes opened, her teacher none the wiser.

“See how far I’m stretching her legs? This is how far most of you can go, but I think Teach can spread’em further.” Jessica announced.

Sabrina tried to shake her head in defiance, but Jessica didn’t seem to care. The girl spread her teacher’s legs further and further until Sabrina was bale to hear the rip getting bigger. Jessica almost had her legs doing a split before she stopped and looked at her “progress”. Jessica could see Sabrina was wearing a white thong, and wondered what she could do with this piece of information.

“Okay everyone, now it’s time to reach for your left ankle, stretching as far as you can.” Jessica instructed.

Sabrina took a deep breath as she knew that Jessica could clearly see the rip, but no one else could. As Jessica instructed, Sabrina had to stretch and try to touch her left ankle. As she strained, she felt her shorts ripping even more, but when it was time to switch to her right ankle, Sabrina was at first thankful that the ripping stopped, but then blushed as she realized that it meant that her shorts had ripped so much that no other movements could rip it any more.

“Teach, you look a bit overheated. Let’s give your legs a rest.” Jessica instructed.

“That’s a good idea. I need a rest.”

“We’re not done yet, silly! We usually close with some sit-ups and push-ups. What do you say? Let’s do the sit-ups first!”

She normally wouldn’t let a student take charge of her like this, but since Jessica was the principal’s daughter, she felt obligated to follow her demands. Sabrina laid on her back in defeat, and Jessica took it to mean she accepted. Sabrina was glad her ankles were being brought closer together, but wished her knees weren’t being bent outward, obscenely.

“For sit-ups, we have to pair up so while one does the sit-ups, their partner makes sure their feet don’t leave the ground and that their arms aren’t doing the lifting. So, kneel on your partner’s toes and hold their wrists.”

Jessica demonstrated on Sabrina, which made her blush as the position made Jessica’s face come within ten inches of her ripped open shorts and white thong.

“Um, perhaps this isn’t the most dignified position?” Sabrina asked Jessica.

“I think you’re right. It would be better if the one doing the sit-ups crossed their arms in front of their chest and touched their hands to the opposite shoulder.” Jessica instructed.

Sabrina complied and felt only slightly more comfortable, since she knew Jessica could see her predicament. Jessica gave Sabrina a wink before telling everyone to begin their sit-ups. Sabrina was determined not to rip her shorts any further and only sat up half-way. Jessica knew what she was doing and announced to the class.

“I see some people may have trouble sitting up all the way. If they do, please assist them in achieving the best sit-up they can by grabbing their shoulders and pulling them up.”

Jessica demonstrated this to a surprised Sabrina, who lost focus for a moment and didn’t feel Jessica pulling her up until she heard another rip from her shorts.

“My, that’s a pretty large hole in your shorts, Teach. It’s a good thing your shirt’s so long that no one can see what’s going on, but I do. Since no one can see, I hope you don’t mind if I have some fun? Just act normal and don’t put up a fight, unless you want me to show the class and tell my daddy you flashed your only class today.”

Sabrina hesitantly nodded and continued her sit-ups. She wasn’t sure what the girl was up to until she felt a hand on her inner thigh. She gulped as she felt it get closer to her vulva, but Jessica shushed her. Sabrina tried to focus on something else as Jessica pulled at the rip, making it bigger. The rip was now showing everything from above her crotch to below her bottom. Her white thong was plainly in view, and Jessica felt Sabrina’s pulsating sex underneath the thin material.

“I think you’re liking my touching, Teach. Or is it that you secretly want me to strip you?”

Sabrina blushed, but couldn’t speak. She only shook her head and continued to do another sit-up. Jessica tugged at the white material, playing with its elasticity. She kept tugging at it as Sabrina fought the urge to close her legs and stop the nonsense. She weighed her options, and figured getting reprimanded for showing her underwear to her students wouldn’t be a big deal if Jessica actually made her do it. So, she resolved to stop Jessica’s toying. However, before she could act, Jessica yanked hard on her thong, and to Sabrina’s amazement, it ripped from her body completely!

“Isn’t that better, Teach? You looked so overheated and flushed. I had to do something. Now your cute little pussy can cool off in the nice, air conditioned gym.”

Sabrina was taken aback at the girl’s boldness and realized she couldn’t fight back now or Jessica would make her flash her students her most private place. The woman huffed and continued her sit-ups. To Sabrina’s horror, Jessica began to massage her exposed slit.

“Jessica, please don’t…”

“Aww, come on, Teach. You look pretty st

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          please continue
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            I actually wrote a continuation. You can find it here:;article=45938;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board;pagemark=125 And you can find the rest,... more
        • thanks, everyone!Ewong, Tue Feb 5 04:05
          I'm seriously glad you all liked it. I've wanted to write a story about a hapless teacher for a while now and make it into a series of sorts. I just couldn't think of a way to write it so that it... more
          • Again...NO!...Thank you :-)Deine Freundin, Sat Feb 9 18:07
            I have been really busy of late and wanted to take a minute to Thank you Ewong. As you know....I am a big fan of NiS they students, teachers or administrators. I think you have a great... more
        • I liked it. Nothing's beats a battle of wits...except maybe a battle of where women lose their clothes. Definitely your best story so far.
          • Thanks, Double XEwong, Tue Feb 5 04:21
            I'm happy I won you over with this story. I figured you would at least be in favor of this moreso than my most recent efforts. I seem to like writing my younger women as naive and innocent, with very ... more
        • Good workDolphinmaster, Wed Jan 30 07:55
          that was fantastic hope to see more
        • Re: Sabrina The Substitute Teacher Part 3Glenn , Wed Jan 30 01:08
          Ewong, This is very good and love that Sabrina is turned on at the same time she ENF. I can't wait for Art Class. Glenn
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            how bout fifed trip to marti gras in NewOrlines??
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              Oh, I think a field trip is in order for her at some point. Many places offer interesting possibilities. A glue factory for a sticky situation, a night at the opera showcasing her more private... more
        • Very GoodDW, Tue Jan 29 20:38
          I love this story. I hope these 2 continue they're little fued and may there be many many more ripped clothing.
        • nice one (nm)Neykid, Tue Jan 29 10:00
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