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Mr. Mongo
(Catfight) Showdown at the Playground Part 2
Tue Mar 26, 2013 17:03

(Catfight) Showdown at the Play Ground Part 2
Written By: Mr. Mongo
“Help! Help, those crazy bitches are trying to tear my clothes off! Someone call nine-one-one,” screamed Kendra. Despite being turned on at the thought of being forced naked in front of strangers, Kendra was not about to just give them a free shot at her. She was going to make them work for it and make them just as naked in public.
Kendra was shocked that no one called the police. They all just started to walk over to see what the screaming was about. Some had their cellphones out, but they were more interested in capturing video of a possible catfight than calling for police.
“Seriously,” screamed Kendra at the crowd that started to gather around her.
Everyone in the playground just stood there slacked jawed while the four women closed in on Kendra. When they saw no one came to Kendra’s aid it only embolden the women to take their attack to the extreme. A slow approach soon turned into a charge at Kendra.
Little Agnes was the first woman to attack Kendra. The little blonde saw a mud puddle and decided to tackle Kendra into it. When she charged Kendra the athletic woman simply stepped aside and let the cute little blonde belly flop into the mud puddle. Kendra laughed when splatter from the puddle flew all over the gathered crowd. Despite being covered in mud the crowd let out a cheer for the agile dodge and for the Agnes’s muddy tsunami like splash. The wave of mud was taller than Agnes by at least a full foot. The petite blonde screamed and flailed in the mud while the crowd pointed at her and laughed.
Kendra was stopped mid chuckle by a fierce tackle from behind by Christine. The attack was so sudden and hard in knocked Kendra into the cold mud with Christine still holding on to her. The mud covered Agnes had to roll out of the way of Kendra and Christine’s descent into the mud to keep from being squished.
The crowd let out a roar. No one could believe this was happening at the playground. The women mostly gathered into little circles of women who gossiped about the women in the other circles. Dozens of husbands thanked god they listened to their nagging wives who made them take their kids to the playground today. This was better than football anytime.
Rene and Tammy stood there with the crowd cheering on Agnes and Christine while they struggled against Kendra to get her clothes ripped off of her. Rene’s henchwomen found out the hard way Kendra was more formable than they had planned.
Instead of just crawling around in the mud waiting to fend off Agnes and Christine’s assaults against her dignity, Kendra decided to fight back and take the fight to her attackers. With a sudden lunge Kendra pushed Agnes onto her back in the cold mud. Rene saw her chance and ordered Tammy to take it. With the grace of a drunken ballerina Tammy charged from the sidelines into Kendra only to end up tripping over Agnes.
After several failed attempts to get on her feet left Agnes on her hands and knees fully vulnerable to further attacks from Kendra. Without hesitation Kendra grabbed the hood of Agnes’s mud covered red hoodie yanking it right off of her torso in a sudden motion stripping the cute little blonde. Agnes let loose a surprised screech when her bare upper body was fully exposed to the cheering crowd. With her bare tits exposed to the crowd Agnes used her muddy hands to cover her bare bright pink nipples. Still hunched over Agnes fell face first into the mud more interested in covering her exposed breasts rather than stabilize her stance in the mud. Agnes cursed Kendra after she spit the mud out of her mouth.
Kendra tried to kick Agnes in the ass while her face was still in the mud and her ass still sticking up, but mid kick Tammy snuck up behind Kendra and yanked down Kendra’s sweatpants down to her ankles. With her sweats around her ankles caused Kendra to fall back into the mud when she reached down pull her sweats back up they were nowhere to be found. Kendra’s ass covered with baby blue panties was sticking in the air just like Agnes’s. Kendra looked over her shoulder to see a smiling Tammy throwing her mud covered sweats into the excited crowd who tore them to pieces. Kendra gasped in shock and then kicked Tammy in the belly. The kick knocked the wind out of Tammy and made her fall backwards into the rowdy crowd. Soon as Tammy was pushed into the crowd, the crowd pushed the still winded Tammy face first into the mud pit to join her friends. For a second or two Tammy disappeared deep into the mud puddle.
When Kendra watched the crowd tear apart her sweatpants she was shocked that the crowd would do something like that. Right when Kendra turned her head back to her still stumbling opponents in the mud puddle, she did not see Rene force Christine back into the fray. Christine grappled Kendra around the waist and bulldogged her back into the puddle face first.
“Umph,” gasped Kendra!
“Stay down you freak’n pervert,” screamed Christine.
“Rip her top off, Agnes,” ordered Rene!
Agnes saw her chance to get back at Kendra for stripping her top, so Agnes made her move. Christine held her arms tightly around Kendra’s waist when the little blonde tore off Kendra’s muddy shirt and threw it to the crowd. In response Kendra lifted up both her feet and placed them against Agnes’s back when she turned to the crowd to throw the shirt. With all her might Kendra sent the muddy little Agnes into the waiting crowd. Agnes tried to turn around to get back into the action, but the crowd held her back. Some of the crowd groped her breasts while the others worked on pulling her Capri pants down despite Agnes’s protests.
“No, no! Let me go,” begged Agnes. Men and women in the crowd just laughed at the little blonde while she struggled to free herself. Agnes’s gasped when she felt her pants pulled off. Luckily for her Agnes was slippery from the mud and managed to escape and rejoin the mud puddle melee that was still going on before they got a chance to tear off her panties.
Kendra just managed to get her hands on Tammy’s top when Agnes dove into the back of her legs. When Kendra fell backwards she managed to pull Tammy’s top off when she fell exposing Tammy’s lacy white push up bra when she hit the mud. Tammy made an attempt to reclaim her top only to see Kendra toss it to the laughing crowd. While Tammy watched her top fly though the air and land into the waiting hands of the spectators watching the mud pit battleramma. Distracted, Tammy did not see Kendra snatch her yoga pants and pull them down to her ankles. Kendra drove her shoulder into Tammy’s belly sending her backwards into the mud. When her back hit the mud her legs just sort of popped up. With her legs in the air Kendra was able to remove her yoga pants and then throw them into the eager crowd who tore the pants into tiny strips of stretchy fabric.
When Kendra made an attempt to go for Tammy’s panties, Christine threw herself onto Kendra ripping the t-shirt right off her body. The attack left Kendra stunned and exposed in just her panties and sports bra. Almost naked in front of strangers had a weird effect on Kendra. She felt humiliation and sexual excitement at the same time. The more the crowd cheered, the more turned on Kendra became. She felt a tremble in her belly and thighs.
“Screw it,” thought Kendra! She knew if she grabbed the panties she would lose her bra, but did not care. Kendra reached down and yanked Tammy’s panties right off of the prone scrapper exposing her sandy brown bush to the crowd.
“No not my panties! You freaking pervert,” yelled Tammy. Tammy reached down with both hands to cover her bare pussy. Her sandy brown pubic hair was quickly matted down with mud thrown around from all the activity going on around them in the mud puddle.
Kendra tossed the panties to the screaming crowd. When she threw the panties it gave Christine the opportunity to rip off Kendra’s sports bra. The crowd held their hands out in anticipation for Kendra’s bra, which Christine was more than happy to throw to them. When she saw the cellphones and I-Pads used to record her public exposure, Kendra gave them a dirty little smirk. The horny housewife pulled Tammy’s hands from Tammy’s exposed pussy to give everyone a better at Tammy’s mud cover bush. Kendra loved how everyone was excited to see her breasts and Tammy’s pussy.
“What are you doing, you crazy bitch? Let gooo ooof meeeee! Don’t let them see my puuuuussssy,” screamed Tammy. Tammy squirmed around like a frisky pig in the mud.
Kendra’s nice firm C-Cup breasts were fully exposed to the cheering crowd. Her red nipples stood fierce and fully erect for all to see. Kendra’s breath had a strange flutter to it when she grew even more excited from the sudden public exposure. Kendra let go of Tammy’s hands and pivoted at her waist towards Christine and grabbed Christine by her top yanking it off the surprised Christine. Her only action reaction was to cover her breasts. Christine’s choice of modesty gave Kendra enough time to escape.
With an awkward lunge Agnes made her way out of the mud pit. The half naked little blonde had enough. She wanted out before she has her pussy exposed like her friend Tammy. Agnes’s only mistake was to run past Rene.
Rene reached out and grabbed the scared Agnes and said, “What are your doing? You’re already muddy, you might as well get back in there and finish this!” Rene spun the muddy little woman around and pushed her right into the back of Kendra.
When Agnes ran into Kendra’s back she slid down her body and while she slid down Agnes managed to hook onto Kendra’s panties pulling them down to her ankles.
Kendra let out a wavering moan when she felt her panties finally pulled down to expose her already wet pulsating pussy to the cheering crowd. Kendra made no attempt to cover her vagina. Her shaggy landing strip was there for everyone to see and lust after and she loved every second of it.
Rene could not believe how excited she was at how humiliating Kendra made her. In her excitement Rene got to close the crowd and did not notice hands reaching out for her.
“Push that horny slut into the crowd to see what they do to her! Look at her! She doesn’t even try to cover herself up! Heyyyy, let me gooooo,” screamed Rene when the crowd pulled her deep into heaving mass of excited men and women. Someone let the pins holding Rene’s down allowing her brown hair to fall down to her shoulders. Strange hands began undoing the buttons of her blouse. Someone let the zipper of her dress down. Left clad in only in her black bra, panties, stockings, and garter the almost naked business woman tried to make a break for it, but was lifted off the ground and was lifted up like a crowd surfer. The men groped her breasts and pussy while the carried her to the mud puddle. The crowd chanted “One! Two! Three!” before they tossed her into the mud pit.

Part 3 coming soon

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          The Batley Townswomens' Guild Presents the Battle of Pearl Harbor? Great fun.
        • What an ending !Mark, Sun Mar 31 18:09
          The detail of Tammy D-Cups and Kendra welcoming her public bare bottom spanking took this from very good to GREAT. Can't wait for your next story !
      • down and dirtyashcan91, Wed Mar 27 15:19
        Playground politics can be dirty As young mums tend to get shirty. They are into mud slinging And torn-off clothes slinging And with the crowd they are flirty.
      • Another great one !Mike, Wed Mar 27 11:32
        I wonder if the next thing that happened was the 4 women worked together, cleaned Kenda off and gave her a spankng (which she found exciting) ?
    • good startarchitya2000, Mon Mar 25 06:49
      The starting elements look very good. I'm eager to see when is the "cat fight" going to start. Is this is going to backfire. (anyhow, whatch out to exclude the kids nearby) keep going
    • Great StartMike, Sun Mar 24 23:42
      Terrific creativity ! A very public stripping with some detail about the crowd watching would be a nice part 2 Mr Mongo..aways good stuff.
    • down or up?ashcan91, Sun Mar 24 12:19
      Showdown at the Playground Where Kendra will be found To show more for all to see Than a taste for pornography. Perhaps her bare pussy mound!
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