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My First ENF
Sun Apr 7, 2013 21:13

No matter what else you thought of her, no one could deny that 18-year old Puja was absolutely beautiful. Her long black hair complemented her fair tan skin in such a way that even her worst enemies couldn't help but notice. But she did, unfortunately, have a lot of enemies. Puja was a ruthless preprofessional girl, who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. She used her sex appeal to get ahead of her fellow classmates, and she loved to gossip. For this reason, Puja, despite her astounding charm, was not very well liked. Which is why it is my duty, as an author, to invoke karmic punishment upon this sensual beauty.

It was just another spring day as she walked into the class for the seventh time that day. And for the seventh time that day, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared. For a few moments, the furious tapping and light murmur that are usually present at a school library gave way to complete and total silence. "Dear God..." one boy whispered. He was being a bit dramatic, sure--but for good reason.

Today, Puja looked absolutely beautiful. Her medium-sized perky breasts were accentuated by a flowing white top that only reached her midriff. Her incredible toned belly, sculpted by years of dance, peeked out from underneath. She wore tight jeans that clearly showed off her incredibly firm and athletic ass--again, the product of years of lower body exercise. Her defined thighs and long legs showed off underneath the jeans.

As she sauntered towards a nearby desk, something incredible happened. Since this is a fictional story, I can strip her any way I want. Which is why today, an expertly aimed ray of light happened to reflect through a sleeping teenager's glasses and focused on her right thigh. Which then burst into flames.

"AAAH!!!" Puja screamed, looking frantically around for something to put the fire out with. Conveniently, not a single water bottle could be found in the entire library. Alerted by the noise, the young new male librarian Mr. Crane came over.

"Take the pants off Puja! It's the only way!"

Unable to think straight due to the fire on her jeans, Puja had no choice but to comply. Frantically, she took off her shoes, unzipped her jeans and wiggled her way out of them. The gathering audience of students (and a few teachers) around her received quite the show as her ass jiggled and her panties slid down slightly, exposing her crack. Puja threw the pants and shoes on the ground, where Mr. Crane stamped on them furiously until the fire was out. The girl was saved--but her pants were not.

Suddenly, it dawned on Puja that she was standing in her underwear in front of all her classmates. The teachers were looking directly at her butt! Even worse, all the boys were staring! She yelped as she threw her hands over her crotch. "Stop looking! Oooh stop looking at me!" Today, she wore extremely cute pink panties. Which, of course, everyone was staring at.

Mr. Crane looked at her calmly. "Look, Puja. We'll get you a change of clothes. It's my duty as teacher to make sure you stay here safe where I can watch you until it arrives. Try to relax and act like nothing is wrong."

"But they can see everything!"

"Shush, it's okay. Just stay tight for five minutes."

Puja, still frantically trying to cover up, sat down in front of one of the computers. She tried to focus on work, with one hand over her crotch trying to hide her exposed underwear. She had a very important assignment due later that day and she needed to get to work.

Five minutes later, she hit the print button and waited for her paper to finish printing. The printer, unfortunately, was on the other side of the library. She got up and started walking over to it, trying in vain to cover up. Her crack peeked over the top of the panties, and her ass jiggled lightly with every step. She scooped her paper out of the printer tray and reached for the stapler, when all of a sudden one kid--the hero of our story, I think, though he remains unnamed--decided to take a gamble and pull down her panties.

"AAH!" She screamed her papers flew everywhere. Her tight ass was on display to an entire library of students! "Look away! STOP!!" Panicked, she bent over to pick up her panties, exposing for a minute the hint of her precious pussy.

She tried to run out of the library, but was stopped by Mr. Crane.

"You can't quite leave yet, Puja. I'm sorry."

"BUT they're trying to strip me!"

"Hey, calm down. We'll make sure that doesn't happen again."

But, miraculously, it did happen again. This time, a student who was running with scissors (for shame!) tripped and, against all concepts of reality or logic, cut through the side of her cute pink panties.

"AAH!" She cried again, as she covered up her pussy from the view of Mr. Crane. Once more, she was completely bottomless in front of all her classmates. A hundred pairs of male eyes watched as her firm ass was totally exposed and on display for a second time.

"STOP LOOKING! STOP LOOKING! AAAAH!" Frantically covering her pussy with both hands, she ran frantically towards the printer, in search of some papers to use as cover. In her panic, she ran into a fan, and her hair caught, making it impossible to move. She desperately tried to untangle her hair from the fan, and in doing so exposed her bare pussy to all her classmates.

"Noooo! THEY CAN SEE EVERYTHING!" She screamed as her beautiful black bush was on display to everyone. Now naked from the waist down, everything from her toned stomach to her totally exposed pussy was ogled at by all her classmates. She gave up on trying to untangle her hair and placed her hands over her crotch once more.

Just then, the principal walked in with a towel. Shocked at the sight before him, he stared for a while at Puja's crotch, covered by her hands. Puja screamed. "HELP ME, YOU IDIOT!" He complied, and knelt down behind her. After getting an eyeful of her perfect ass, he wrapped the towel around her bottom half. He walked over, and helped her untangle her hair, apologizing profusely to a haughty and indignant Puja.

" fact, I'm going to leave this school right now! I'm off to see my lawyer!" She finished her rant loudly.

And as she walked towards the doors, the unnamed hero of our tale had the brilliant idea of reaching over and yanking away her towel.

Puja threw up her hands in terror, as her beautiful bush and butt were once more exposed to the entire library. Screaming, and too shocked to cover anymore, she ran out, her ass jiggling all the way.

    • GlassesDormouse, Tue Apr 9 06:30
      Of course, it is nigh on impossible to start a fire with a pair of glasses. Most school kids who wear glasses would be short-sighted, which require diverging lenses, which don't focus the light to a... more
      • Re: GlassesEwong, Wed Apr 10 01:17
        Lenses of either diverging or converging have the ability to start fires. After all, they work like doors for light. Diverging one way is converging the other way. Just depends on which side of the... more
        • Re: GlassesDormouse, Wed Apr 10 05:12
          Er, no. I not only have a degree in physics, but as a kid I used to go around starting fires with a magnifying glass, so I think I know something about this. "Doors for light" is not a description of ... more
          • Great first storyAnonegg, Wed Apr 10 16:17
            Great first story, dude. It will be interesting to watch your future contributions :)
    • Pretty goodSeuern, Mon Apr 8 00:30
      My only suggestion would be to avoid mentioning yourself, the author who is not a character, within the story. For a first go though, it's rather remarkable. I can't wait to see your revined style... more
      • Re: Pretty goodLittle Joe, Thu Apr 18 01:06
        Not mention yourself as the author! That's Shakespeare doomed for a start! That was a brilliant story and if you are the author you can make sure glasses do anything you like!
      • I disagree but still think its goodJohnny Dangerous, Wed Apr 17 03:56
        Hi. I'd say there is no harm in mentioning yourself, the author. In this story it works as it comes across as if you are actually reciting the 'story', and it is exactly that - a fictional story. You ... more
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