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millard filmore
Sat May 18, 2013 12:13

Thanks for some story names to put in the search box.

  • short answer is "no"donnylaja, Sat May 18 08:52
    Of course writing is a hard task and no one is getting paid for it. So writers should always be encouraged, unless they have a foul attitude. But in recent years the stories have devolved into "bets" ... more
    • Re: short answer is "no"Little Joe, Mon May 20 02:43
      Sorry - I have a short attention span and can't write long stories! I can't say I've noticed a plethora of bets or dare stories and none of my recent stories have involved bets or dares. There tends... more
    • short answer is "time"base, Sun May 19 08:09
      Writing an epic piece takes time. Lots of time. After writing one, you learn to not publish until you finish. A plot twist needs to be consistent, and that leads to rewriting previous sections. A... more
      • Re: short answer is "time"Greatness, Sun May 19 10:36
        Writing isn't hard but simple. The idea makes the story epic not the length. If the idea is boring then a 500 page story will be boring. Stories are best when you are done and think to yourself, "I... more
    • So let me get this straight...steves4442, Sat May 18 12:40
      You don't like that this place is turning into cheap stories about dares and bets. So your solution is to turn this place into a non-story discussion board? Post a story or GTFO.
    • stories — millard filmore, Sat May 18 12:13
    • Re: short answer is "no"mc_hollis, Sat May 18 12:05
      Well, Your story- your most famous one, started with a dare. a sabotaged dare, yes- but still a dare.
      • good pointdonnylaja, Sat May 18 14:32
        I never thought of that!
    • Re: short answer is "no"faithofheart, Sat May 18 10:11
      I think the biggest obstacle is time. We all have our own lives, jobs, family, etc to deal with. Not much time on a given day to devote to a complicated narrative, even less for what is essentially... more
    • heres' a thoughtHooked6, Sat May 18 10:07
      Not trying to be sarcastic here but you're a writer having written the type of stories you mentioned - why not try your hand at another one? After all variety is the spice of life and if the current... more
    • Re: short answer is "no"not a politician, Sat May 18 09:26
      Well, I'm working on chapter 20 of Kimmy now, and so far have avoided any bets and dares ;) I'll see what I can do about plots and characterization.
      • The good, the bad and the uglyRocket Robin, Sun May 19 02:30
        I visit this place just about daily looking for intersting stories. Maybe like a lot of people I've been writing the epic story in my head for some time now but I know that getting it down on paper,... more
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