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Mon Jul 1, 2013 20:16

That is good to hear. :)

I am working on a short story that is stand-alone and tangentially related to the main story. Then I wanna finally get back on track with the main characters. Lots of personal stuff happened that ate up my writing time. Good stuff though so I can't complain! :)

So yeah hopefully I will have the side-story posted on DA within the week. There! I said it so now I've gotta do it!

  • Thanks Crabs:)Miranda, Mon Jul 1 19:54
    Thanks Crabs, it's nice to get more of the story out:) I'm hoping to be very productive in the next few weeks in terms of pumping story out=D Btw I'd love to read more of yours if you have any... more
    • Story — Crabs, Mon Jul 1 20:16
      • Yay!Miranda, Mon Jul 1 20:18
        Look forward to reading it:)
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