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Next Story Challenge?
Thu Oct 13, 2016 23:01

I am thinking our contributors should pick the next Story Challenge!

If you can post a single paragraph (4 or less sentences) about a topic or concept pertaining to this board and me and my team of minions will select one for the group to attempt.

Please post your ideas by Oct 21.


    • A Late Breaking IdeaBPClavel, Tue Oct 25 14:09
      Greetings IO, et. al., I happened to watch Ruby Sparks last night, a movie from 2012. The IMDb synopsis reads: "A novelist struggling with writer's block finds romance in a most unusual way: by... more
    • Should find out the winner soon..ReaderMan.., Sat Oct 22 03:49
      I am not sure if contributors means writers or if that also includes comment writers. Regardless of the winning idea, it was interesting to see all the responses. It would be cool if IO just said,... more
    • Hospital mishap..ReaderMan.., Fri Oct 21 19:53
      A young woman going to a costume party (New Years or Halloween) gets hit by a cyclist and hurts her knee. It's really not that bad (mild limping) but friends (or concerned people near her) escort her ... more
      • 2ndAnonymous, Fri Oct 21 22:45
        I like this idea. Anything similar to Leila's Humiliation
    • Favorite ENF/CMNF/OON Scenariosbplyr87, Thu Oct 20 20:14
      1. Girl gets thrown out of someplace naked and has to make her way home. I like the idea of her clothes and purse getting stolen out of a dressing room while she is wearing the store's clothes. I... more
    • A less-specific ideaEwong, Wed Oct 19 16:16
      A woman wakes up naked with amnesia. No idea who or where she is or how she came to be naked. Endless possibilities.
      • Re: AmnesiaDormouse, Thu Oct 20 11:01
        Incidentally, in the latest episode of Danger Mouse, Professor Squawkencluck invented a teleportation device that transports people to a random location, without their clothes, and erases their... more
      • Re: A less-specific ideaBPClavel, Thu Oct 20 00:50
        I like this idea a lot! I presume she remembers that wearing clothes is the norm, so that she can experience embarrassment, shyness, etc.
        • RE: AmnesiaEwong, Thu Oct 20 01:06
          Perhaps, but it depends on where you want to take it. Just imagine a Twilight Zone-esque ending for it, and I think you'll understand that if I did say she should be embarrassed that it would be too... more
          • RE: AmnesiaBPClavel, Thu Oct 20 01:40
            I guess, but complete amnesia would mean that she would have no concept of clothing at all. But that could work. She could wander around completely comfortably being the only one appropriately... more
      • Re: A less-specific ideabase, Wed Oct 19 18:07
        even less specific with truly no limits on the possibilities... girl loses clothes Fits the theme of the website perfectly. just teasing. I like your idea of amnesia, but what was you idea? I forgot. ... more
    • Story IdeasShmi, Wed Oct 19 13:12
      The best stories are those that deal with an ENF exploit that goes wrong. Perhaps a woman working late/on the weekend at the office, in school, or at the library; maybe someplace outdoors and... more
      • Story Ideas 2Shmi, Wed Oct 19 13:21
        Or instead of losing her clothes, the ENF in question keeps pushing herself, moving farther and farther from the safety and security of her clothes as she gets increasingly aroused. For example... more
    • I'm new here and unfamiliar with the Story Challenge, but I would love to see somebody continue Melissa's adventures from The Family Dentist and The Family Optometrist.
    • Science FictionFleekwoodMac, Tue Oct 18 06:47
      I think science fiction is an untapped source of stories. It could be in the far off future, an established universe (star wars, star trek, etc), or anything you want really. Examples: The bridge... more
    • The Lottery, or alternatively The BoardNot A ID, Mon Oct 17 22:43
      Some group or entity has developed and deployed a means of rendering a person into such a state or condition as to make wearing clothes undesirable for their target(s). (Specific means up to author)... more
      • Old similar storytexaggie68, Fri Oct 21 21:55
        A few years ago there was a similar story posted that was pretty long. Two evil high school girls forced, by deception and blackmail, a girl classmate to live nude all the time. I wish I could recall ... more
      • Evil thoughtsNot A ID, Mon Oct 17 23:13
        Going with a Board/Council (final) selection criteria also can create other "fun" as well, particularly in the context of ENF or even ENM when it comes to people being made aware of who prospective... more
    • Big/Smallblushguy75, Sun Oct 16 23:57
      The story has to be about a female with very large or very tiny breasts or a male with a very large or very small penis as the source of their embarrassment.
    • Re: Next Story Challenge?Sarah, Sun Oct 16 20:09
      I like the idea of "First time streaker", who happens to be a nerd/virgin. Works for girls and guys.
      • Lost BetLisa Rogers, Sun Oct 16 21:38
        How about the story of a lost bet where the loser must strip in a public setting in front of a crowd.
    • Stripping in the streetTson, Sun Oct 16 16:42
      Street musicians have been doing it for centuries. Performing in the street for money. This story could be about a young hot-looking girl performing a sexy striptease to the nude in the street, for... more
    • The Double-Standard Story ChallengeThe Old Maestro, Sat Oct 15 20:26
      How about this as a story challenge: the author has to write the same story twice: once with a female being stripped, then the same story with a male going through the same situation. That is, how... more
      • Re: The Double-Standard Story ChallengeReaderMan.., Tue Oct 25 12:01
        I think this one would result in a less writers being involved as many writers prefer just one side. However the writers that really like this would produce double so that 'might' make up for some... more
        • Re: The Double-Standard Story ChallengeDanny, Wed Oct 26 16:38
          Well, I liked the idea because it would at least help balance the number of nude male and nude female stories. If not that, let's have more CFNM stories, just for awhile?
      • Interesting!!!!!!!IndianOutlaw, Sun Oct 16 21:56
        This has some merit! IO
      • re: double standarddanny, Sun Oct 16 13:54
        This has been a long time coming! Yes!!!
    • Halloween?IndianOutlaw, Sat Oct 15 19:50
      We are not saying the story should be about Halloween or not about Halloween. The coincidence of the timing is just that. We have done a Halloween themed contest in the past, but looking forward it... more
    • paper threaddenver47, Sat Oct 15 18:06
      The Wilson Clothing store is the biggest in the US. How an they afford to sell great clothes so cheap? They use a new invention called "paper thread". Which is cheaper and stronger than regular... more
    • I'm thinking New Years EveNaked Dan, Sat Oct 15 14:38
      Everybody seems to be suggesting Halloween themed story prompts, but by the time this contest gets posted, Halloween will already be here. And then when the stories get posted, it will have already... more
    • Next Sorry Challengelifedwg01, Sat Oct 15 08:01
      Many of the ideas offered below seem way too specific, as if the story is already half written by virtue of the challenge. If we did that, we would have 32 slight variations on one storyline, which... more
      • Re: Next Sorry ChallengeBPClavel, Sat Oct 15 20:44
        Good idea! I agree about how many ideas are overly specific. For that reason (an others), I like the "Stranded far from home and totally naked" idea. (Also, I'm all out of Halloween ideas at the... more
    • Why so many Halloween ideas?Ewong, Sat Oct 15 04:55
      I understand what month it is, but the deadline for prompts is the 21st, the prompt could be decided around the 28th, but that would only leave three days (5 if you celebrate Dia de Los Muertos) to... more
      • Halloween is fine.ReaderMan, Tue Oct 18 22:45
        A halloween story is fine any day of the year. Especially so if it was within a month of the holiday. When people are writing the story it will be just before halloween and all through it so it will... more
      • HalloweenDormouse, Sat Oct 15 06:56
        Maybe it should be a Guy Fawkes DAy story instead. :-)
    • Story Challenge IdeasEwong, Sat Oct 15 04:49
      Superheroine Fight! 2016 has been a year devoted to superheroes fighting each other, so why not have the women strip each other naked? The author can come up with the reason they are fighting and... more
      • Have an ideaDW, Sun Oct 16 20:45
        If two different heroines have 2 different super powers, one could actually effect the other without realizing it. They don't even have to be in the same place. Maybe within a certain distance. One... more
      • Even More Ideas Ewong, Sun Oct 16 05:33
        1. A XXX-mas Carol: A rich socialite who is a real Scrooge gets visited by three ghosts, telling stories of Christmases past, present, and future. The only problem? They are all stories about women... more
      • more ideasEwong, Sat Oct 15 05:18
        1. The Fool, The Unaware, and The Hapless. Three female friends enjoy a night on the town, but rub afoul of some mischievous individuals. One blindly trusts strangers without any forethought, one is... more
        • Re: more ideasAnonymous, Sat Oct 15 08:41
          Hi Eowng,Love your 3rd idea 'stocking a shelf with great care'.
        • Re: The Stripped DetectiveDormouse, Sat Oct 15 07:03
          I did work for a while on an idea about a woman who, due to a skin condition, is confined to living in a nudist colony. When there's a murder there, it turns out she is an excellent detective and the ... more
    • Homemade costumesbase, Sat Oct 15 01:12
      Halloween party has but one requirement - your costume must be homemade. What happens to those in a store brought costume? What happens to those not in costume? What happens to those who poorly... more
    • Until the girl in the witch’s hat arrived…SliceReality, Fri Oct 14 20:46
      “Juliette’s Halloween party was going perfectly, until the girl in the witch’s hat arrived…” Who is this mysterious visitor? A guest? A gate-crasher? Or even someone that's come to complain about the ... more
      • one possible opener..ReaderMan, Sun Oct 16 13:53
        A glass is dropped. All party chatter stops as everyone turns to see the girl in the witch’s hat coming through the door. Juliette stumbles back a bit on broken glass as she quickly looks around for... more
      • good one!ReaderMan, Sat Oct 15 03:02
        Very open and ideal. My suggestions practically had no room for surprise. Figures a writer would be better at making short story suggestions. :) This also leaves lots of room for an 'interesting... more
      • Agreed!kernelkink, Sat Oct 15 02:00
        I think something like this idea would be perfect! My only suggestion would be to not have to necessarily use the name Juliette. But the open-endedness, seeing all the different things that will come ... more
      • nice idea. I like how you allow the authors to take it in many different directions
      • There's so much to work with there! Best so far...just one persons opinion.
    • Neykid's Zenra Town idea (nm)Casanova, Fri Oct 14 13:23
    • 5 quick ideas. Which is the best one?ReaderMan, Fri Oct 14 09:42
      1) A sexy costume dare at a party on the weekend before Halloween. The loser has to spend Halloween (full day) outside wearing the winners costume. A mandatory event hosted by some sorority. 2) A... more
      • Best Ideajdmleather, Sun Oct 16 11:51
        I like number4) - Halloween party in Seahawk's Mailgirl universe. Some straight office females decide to join in the fun. Barbara has secret videotape, and forces them to join MG.
        • Re: Best IdeaReaderMan, Sun Oct 16 12:36
          Thanks Jayne, I liked this one as I felt it could go extreme like you suggested or even soft with a normal office party where the girls are mostly ignored until they start pretending to be mailgirls... more
          • ..Exactlyjdmleather, Mon Oct 17 07:47
            ..[ laughs ] - yes, my dear friend - we two are IMMENSE MG fans - my take would go far beyond the removal of shoes. If I'm not wrong, alcohol is involved, no? [ laughs ] I always like to see them... more
            • Re: ..ExactlyReaderMan, Mon Oct 17 15:14
              Yes we are. But we like lots of other stories around here too. Yes. Shoes would just be the beginning and alcohol would be a factor. The responses from other people at the party would likely be a... more
              • Re: ..ExactlyBPClavel, Tue Oct 18 09:50
                Great start to this story! Very fun because it is realistic. I could picture it actually happening!
                • that was just an exampleReaderMan.., Wed Oct 19 01:18
                  It was just an example. I have no plan to actually WRITE a story. That requires both time and talent. Plus I think Slices black hat idea has more appeal to a wider range of writers, and more variance ... more
                  • .. [ giggles ]jdmleather, Wed Oct 19 08:08
                    .. you do me too much honor. Thank you for your kind praise.
    • Hiring a shy girl as Halloween costume model?johnhash88, Fri Oct 14 07:28
      Shy teen with killer body, works at the local Halloween costume store. Store Manager and family members try to 'help' overcome her shyness by encouraging her to wear the most revealing, barely-there... more
      • I can't wait to see this plot line brought to life by the many talented authors here! Ahhh the possibilities for embrassment in such hot outfits are endless..
      • I am a big fan of outfit modifications and stories where someone is made to wear something very revealing. Especially when everyone assures her that it's not bad at all and it's okay that she is... more
      • i love the "shy girl" topic. There is so much potential in us shy girls, i would love to read what the authors can make out of this topic. Maybe i try to participate myself :-D
        • Re: Hiring a shy girl as Halloween costume model?johnhash88, Sun Oct 16 18:38
          I agree Sophie, there is so much potential in a shy girl story! It can be spun in so many interesting ways..for example the girl starts out being very shy and then the transformation happens. She... more
          • or she was and still is shy but is also enjoying it. Thats how i am. I like how people are looking at me, i like the comments (at least the good ones :D ) and i like the feeling but i am still very... more
      • I love that!!! (nm)Guillaume W. Bourgogne, Fri Oct 14 07:45
    • Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perryvisitor, Fri Oct 14 07:28
      Taylor and Katy have been in a feud for some time. Find a way to get both of them totally nude, in front of a huge crowd. Here's one way: the girls are offered a payment of $5 million for the winner, ... more
    • story challenge: HalloweenGuillaume W. Bourgogne, Fri Oct 14 05:14
      Halloween brings a tradition in business schools: students dress up in Halloween costumes to attend lectures and school activities, but these costumes are usually not the least as slutty as students... more
    • story challengeAgricola, Fri Oct 14 03:10
      A beautiful teacher halloween some boys several tricks! :-)
    • Re: Next Story Challenge?jonyoungau, Fri Oct 14 00:23
      four friends who love dares and adventure see how far they can push each other and how much they can "not" be wearing when doing so.
      • Re jonyoungau ideadublinjohn, Fri Oct 14 06:52
        Just to expand on it, perhaps some stripping game at a party where one person is only wearing one item so ends up doing a lot for forfiets
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