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The Exhibitionist Next Door - 175: November First
Fri Oct 14, 2016 21:35

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This is a continuation of the story entitled:
“The Exhibitionist Next Door”

This post is numbered 175. There are 174 prior posts. The story begins with “The Exhibitionist Next Door: The Rescue” posted June 24, 2016. If you have just come across the story, I highly recommend that you start there.

Without further ado:

Getting up and getting to school the next morning proved quite challenging for Nate. He didn’t think that the first of November should ever be a school day, yet he was in his seat in Math when the bell rang. He and Dale had been up so late, and the evening had given him so much to think about. That alone had made falling asleep nearly impossible.

It might have been easier, were it not for the promise that Dale had extracted. Something about ejaculating made falling asleep so very easy. Odd as that promise was, it did contribute to his reasons for optimism.

Not only had she reached into his pants, finally touching and playing with his dick for the first time, but she apparently wanted to have some ongoing say over it. And she had brought up how ‘furry’ he was, making the comment that ‘dealing with that might be an option’. A girl who just wanted to be ‘friends’ would be distancing herself from such things, wouldn’t she?

And she had not only permitted, but actually requested, that he kiss and suck on her nipples. Maybe it meant little because it had been provoked by unwanted contact with a lesbian, but, it was what it was. And what it was…was the stunning Dale Jordan asking to have her nipples sucked. How great was that!

And she had also given him some solid clues about her emotional state. While she had denied the existence of ‘Two Dales’, she had actually given support to the underlying hypothesis by discussing her feelings within that very framework.

Largely, she had confirmed what he already knew. The Dale with her hand in his pants on the bench last night, the Dale who had asked him to cut off the imaginary thong, the Dale who had experienced her first orgasm on his tongue; that Dale existed! She was just not the Dale running the show. The other Dale was, and she was going to be a much tougher nut to crack.

He had spent time considering his strategy. It still seemed obvious that they were on a good path, a path that ought to result in the return of their status as a couple. Yet that was not a sure thing, and even if was, he was growing weary of the struggle. He wanted to move past this stage as quickly as possible, but how?

He had told her that…they were going to find heaven…and they were going to find it together…and they were going to find it this week. It had been an off the cuff comment, drawing on the lyrics of the Rachel Platten song that he had invoked to try and win her over.

It hadn’t been an ultimatum. For him the prize was too great to imagine setting a firm deadline, and then having to walk away. He couldn’t imagine doing that, but when he thought of possibly having to adjust to a Dale-free future, he would think of Susie. That really helped. What an absolute gem of a human being she seemed to be. His mind got side-tracked thinking about her. ‘What might his life be like, had she been his neighbor rather than Dale?’ he wondered.

But, no, his comment to Dale had not been an ultimatum, but rather a goal. Just putting up with the awkward state of their relationship was not something he wanted to continue doing.

It now seemed clear that simply confronting what she had called her ‘Central Reasoning’, that they were ‘Gasoline and Matches’ was going nowhere fast. She had even acknowledged that she herself was both.

Winning an argument was not turning out to be a very good method of winning a girl. He had to come up with a different plan…a better plan.

The real issue seemed to be what she had said the night before, not that it was fundamentally different from gasoline or matches. Her key words had been, ‘hurt’ and ‘scared’, so he tried to focus his thoughts there.

She had talked about being scared of ‘ruining their futures’, being ‘very scared of being hurt again’. Essentially she had said that she wasn’t willing to put herself back into a position in which she could again be hurt.

The issue related to being ‘hurt again’ seemed nearly insurmountable. A fundamental aspect of being in love seemed to be putting oneself in a position in which one is vulnerable to being hurt.

‘Scared of ruining their futures’ was a very tough problem, too. He’d come to realize that it didn’t matter who was gasoline and who was matches. The risk was twofold: the likelihood of an explosion, and the severity of the explosion.

And Dale was clearly an explosion in the making, and a big explosion at that. How could she be scared about ruining her own future and then behave as she had the night before? She sure didn’t behave as if she were scared of getting caught nude in the very worst of circumstances.

He wondered if he’d made a monster. She’d grown so amazingly bold. The girl sprinting naked through Prospect and handing out Halloween candy seemed to bear little resemblance to the girl he had found hiding behind the ductwork on the clubhouse roof.

And last night had made him realize that it wasn’t just he and Dale that he had to be concerned with. While either of them could theoretically be ‘The Match’, Alexa clearly had to be taken into account. She seemed hell bent on being ‘The Match’ herself. She was obviously on a mission to destroy Dale.

He found himself trying to understand and figure out how to neutralize that particular threat. Surely attempting to scare off some of her drill team minions had to have been a step in the right direction. Possibly there were other steps that he could take, short of sinking to her level. Even if he had to sink to her level, the ends would justify the means. Of that, he was quite certain. Stepping on a bug like Alexa to protect Dale was not something he would shy away from…if it needed to be done. He’d have to give the whole Alexa issue a lot more thought.

As he walked toward Spanish from Math, Nate received a text from Dale. Her first period class was right next to Spanish, so she had time to text him right before Spanish class and often did.

Her text read, “So Pickle Boy… It’s truth time! Any transgressions to report?”

He barely had enough time to make it to class, but he paused in the hall to send a reply, “Well, Ice Cream Girl…Nope. You are the only one who played with the pickle.”

He received a smiley face in return.

He walked in and took his usual seat by Kenny, just as the bell rang. Dale, sitting in the front row, turned and smiled at him as Seńora Flores started taking role.

At the end of class, he was catching up with Kenny as Dale walked past. As she had done back at the first of the year, she punched him as she went by, continuing on out into the hall.

Nate looked at Kenny, who was looking at him. “Dude, that has to be a good sign!”

Kenny, of course, knew about the breakup, and he had seen how Dale had simultaneously become icey and moved back to a seat in the front row. Kenny was very perceptive.

“Yep, that’s a good sign”, acknowledged Nate.

Nate kept his ears peeled all day for comments related to what had happened to Dale at the party, as well as anything that might relate to Dale’s nude in town adventure. He was shocked to be hearing essentially nothing. He hadn’t seen any cameras during the trick-or-treating. That he considered a true blessing, but he didn’t remember ever taking photos while out trick-or-treating himself, so maybe it wasn’t surprising.

Or maybe it would just take a few days for the photos to start surfacing. He thought back to the post-bungee jump period. He largely expected that things had to end up somewhat similar. He didn’t want them to. He loved Dale and knew that allocating the blame was unimportant, and yet this was entirely different from what had happened. All the blame for the bungee jump had deservedly fallen on his shoulders. This time, it would all fall on Dale’s shoulders. Even though Alexa had caused the whole thing, she hadn’t forced Dale to run all over town like a wild woman.

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            • love the cliffhangersophie, Sat Oct 15 12:04
              i really like the cliffhanger. It leaves a lot of room for speculation, in which I do not want to indulge now. I hope we wont get away the easy way, a simple answer by Dale “No I am not gay”. That... more
              • Re: love the cliffhangerReaderMan, Sat Oct 15 13:56
                Hi Sophie! I love the cliffhanger as well. It shows us that this story is wonderfully deep and has excellent character development. I find it interesting that you want to hurry up and end the ongoing ... more
              • Re: love the cliffhangerBPClavel, Sat Oct 15 13:17
                Hi Sophie, I’m glad you enjoyed this set of chapters. I have not been very good a predicting which chapters people will like. Blair is my chosen pen name, a nom de plume. It is one of the many given... more
                • Re: love the cliffhangerAnonymous, Sat Oct 15 16:38
                  ReaderMan, you said you find it interesting that i want to see the end of the ongoing issues but dont want to go easy on Dale. It is just because the ongoing issues are man-made (i hope it is the... more
                  • Re: love the cliffhangerReaderMan, Sat Oct 15 17:56
                    Well said Sophie. The man-made and fixable argument of trust vs versus the the much less mutable question of her gender preference(s). My guess is that she is leaning towards heteral with a... more
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