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Caroline's Naked Ride (RP) Part 4 & conclusion
Wed Nov 30, 2016 05:37

Here is the rest of the story. One point in particular on which I would appreciate feedback is how explicit to leave the sex scenes. (There is only one at the end of the story but several more explicit ones in the novel –,

One commentator suggested “less is more” and that the thought processes are more interesting for readers. I do not think I have overlooked the thought processes at all, but the sex scenes represent both a physical reflection of the characters’ mental reactions as well as dramatic culminations. I have questions about what is expected in the genre, but I also recognise that one of my reasons for writing this is that I don’t see enough of what I like – which may be an indication that what I have written has more of a niche appeal. I don’t want to turn my back on writing what I like to read, but if that puts me out of sync with what others want to read, it would be helpful to know.

© 2016 by Kelsey d’Eligny

Caroline’s reminisces on the train were interrupted when she became aware that the male cyclist sitting opposite kept looking at her. He had been reading something on his tablet, but his eyes repeatedly darted up at Caroline, though never as high as her face. She looked down at her T-shirt and saw that her nipples were standing to full attention and that it was obvious she was braless underneath. She blushed to realise that her arousal was so evident. Does he know I was on the World Naked Bike Ride? Did he see me? Was he on the ride himself? Caroline looked at his face. She didn’t recognise it, but then she realised that if he’d been on the ride she would be much more likely to recognise his penis than his face. She blushed even deeper. What a strange thought – that she might have seen this man repeatedly during the course of the afternoon but not recognise him with his clothes on.

She laughed to herself at this, and her embarrassment subsided a little. So what if he saw me scantily clad? And so what if he notices I am braless under my T-shirt? There wasn’t anything she could do about it anyway without giving up her seat on the crowded train. She decided she would rather have someone glancing at her erect nipples than have to stand all the way to London – only to have someone else notice her nipples instead. Finally, she relaxed and resumed her warm recollections of the day.


Just as the middle-aged woman they spoke to had warned, the start of the ride was a scrum of spectators and photographers. They crowded the paths of the park that eight hundred cyclists had to squeeze through, often single file. Unlike the painting area where like-minded participants milled about freely, paying little attention to each other, this was like a slow parade through clothed onlookers straining inwards for a better view. The girls all blushed from all the attention and cameras snapping away, until they noticed that the cameras were indeed trained more on the naked people around them than on them in their underwear (or bikini in Prudence’s case).

Once her initial embarrassment subsided, though, Caroline discovered a new one. While Becky and Prudence were still somewhat embarrassed to receive even a bit of attention in their semi-clad state, Caroline was actually feeling self-conscious that she was not as completely naked as almost everyone around them seemed to be. She noticed that many of the semi-clad riders she had seen before the ride started had stripped off just before setting out, and she was worried that she and her friends stood out for not having done the same. In her immediate surroundings, the only other riders she could see who were still wearing anything were a group of two women and a man all wearing just Hawaiian-style grass skirts. Though their genitals were effectively covered, it seemed from the fleeting gaps as the skirts swung to and fro that they wore nothing underneath, and the women were both topless, so they were all less dressed than Caroline and her friends. It felt like a reversal of the old stereotypical dream of being the only one naked in school or work. She worried that she stood out because she was wearing too much. I can’t believe I just thought that – Mike would kill me if he knew how little I was wearing, she thought. But people here must think I’m a total coward. No one else seems to have any problem letting everyone see their … bits.

Just then, she spotted two other girls in bras and knickers just ahead and felt a sense of relief. It seemed more acceptable not to be alone in doing the ride in underwear. As the ride filtered slowly through the encroaching onlookers, Caroline managed to edge her bike closer to these other girls, and Becky and Prudence trailed behind. As the riders around her got to the end of the most constricted part and managed to break free, Caroline, with her friends close behind, was able to come up alongside them. When the front of the ride then paused on the path circling the park to let the riders behind catch up, Caroline and her friends stood next to them, and Caroline hoped to enjoy a bit of clothed solidarity with these two.

“Wow! That was really freaky,” she said to the nearer one of them, hoping to strike up a conversation.

“Oh, that was pretty typical,” she replied. “So this must be your first ride, then?” Caroline and her friends all nodded.

“Well, take it from a couple of old hands – that was the worst of it. It’s all fun from here. I’m Beth, by the way, and this is my friend Mary.”

“So you’ve done this before?” chimed in Prudence. “I don’t know how you – or any of these women – could get used to all those men staring at them.”

“Yeah, men are pigs. No man is going to pass up the opportunity to see a pussy, but only the perverts stare. But not even the worst pervert can stare at four hundred c**ts at once.” Caroline thought to herself that surely there weren’t quite four hundred … pussies there (she could accept Becky’s term, but she really didn’t like Beth’s) as men outnumbered women somewhat. Does that mean there were more than four hundred … cocks? Eight hundred balls? She smiled at the thought.

Her pleasant surprise at finding and befriending two other underwear-clad riders soon vanished, however, as Beth and then Mary both got off their bikes, leaning them on the ground, and began undressing. Beth casually pulled her knickers down first and then undid her bra, while Mary did it the other way round. Either way, both were quickly completely naked, and Caroline noticed that neither wore even shoes or helmet.

“Oh, I thought we’d found a couple more members of our underwear brigade,” she said.

“Oh, no,” said Mary this time. “We just wear them for the start. That’s where you get the most creeps sticking cameras into your crotch. We learned that the hard way. As soon as the coast is clear, though, we chuck them off.”

“But aren’t you uncomfortable letting everyone see you stark naked?” asked Becky.

Beth and Mary looked at each other before Beth replied, “Why should we be? What’s the big surprise? Everyone’s got sex organs. Besides, how much can anyone see of a naked body whizzing by on a bicycle?” The irony was that as she said this, Beth was not whizzing anywhere but standing next to her bicycle, as was Mary, and anyone around could see every bit of their naked bodies, including the fact that they both had similar nipple rings and clitoral studs. (Ouch, thought Caroline, and Yuck, thought Prudence.) Mary’s vulva was completely shaved, but her outer lips met in a tidy slit concealing everything else from view except for the stud peeking out. Beth’s hood and labia minora, however, protruded even more than the sun-painted woman’s and were not obscured by even a short growth of dark stubble like Mary’s.

“I just can’t believe all you … I mean, all these people can just get naked in public like this,” said Prudence. “I mean, it’s just crazy.”

“Sorry about our friend,” interjected Caroline. “She doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It’s just that all this still seems pretty bizarre to us.”

“Oh, that’s OK,” said Mary. “The ride wouldn’t work very well as a mass protest to raise awareness of cycling and environmental issues if there weren’t lots of people happy to get naked in public and a lot more people who find it bizarre. Anyway, don’t worry; you’re not exactly the only ones riding dressed. And thanks for supporting us even if you’re in the second group.”

Caroline was no longer so sure she was entirely in the second group, but she wondered about her what her friends were thinking. Prudence was just shaking her head slowly in disbelief, but Caroline couldn’t read Becky’s thoughts.

Just then, the ride started to move off again, and as all five of them set off together, Mary, who was nearest the front, turned, leant forward over her handlebars and swung her right leg back and up over her bicycle seat (which Caroline thought was set a bit too high for her). As she did so, Caroline, Becky and Prudence were treated to a view straight up between her legs at her hairless pussy. At her leg’s farthest reach, her outer labia suddenly parted to reveal her delicate, pink inner lips and the darkest pink of the mouth of her vagina. Prudence spluttered and nearly collided with Becky. You certainly never see anything like that in the showers at the gym or school, she thought. Caroline was surprised as well, but kept her composure as she watched in wonder. Beth had taken a moment to push off, and as Caroline glanced back to make sure Beth was with them, she saw Beth mounting her lady’s bike by lifting her right leg forward over the pedals, showing the full extent of her prominent labia from top to bottom. Caroline had never realised just what a naked woman on a bicycle might reveal.

For the most part, though, Beth was right that there was a limit to what you could see of a naked person on a bicycle. It wasn’t just the whizzing past – quite often, they weren’t whizzing at all but moving slowly in a thick crowd – it was also that, depending on how her seat was positioned and how big it was, a woman cyclist planted on her seat might not show anything more than her pubic hair (or the place where it would have been). Caroline noticed that a woman sitting upright with no or sparse public hair might, however, show most of her labia while cycling, but as her legs were usually moving up and down as she pedalled, an onlooker could get a fleeting glance at best. Of course, if a woman stopped and set one foot down, or slipped forward off her seat and planted both feet, or rose up while pedalling uphill, it was a different story. It also made a difference what their pubic hair or vulvas were like. As Caroline had noticed, far more women than she had supposed had protruding inner lips like hers, but many such women were also shaved. Caroline realised that even if she were not wearing knickers, she would be exposing a bit more of her most intimate anatomy than some women, she but she still would probably not be among the most exposed women there.

Caroline hadn’t thought much before about different types and styles of pubic hair and what they exposed or not, but she began to take note. She saw two women who were stopped, feet planted astride their bikes. Both had full pubic hair, only trimmed at the edges, but while one seemed to be completely and opaquely covered, revealing scarcely more skin than some bikinis, the other’s large labia were plainly visible though the hair. Neither showed any signs of caring. With other women, despite apparently full bushes, the outline of their vulvas and their clefts were clearly discernible even if not much skin was.

Although she was in underwear, Caroline began wondering how much of it she was showing in different positions and from different angles. As a woman, she was accustomed to avoiding flashes of her knickers when wearing a skirt and thought she was very aware of what she was or wasn’t showing. Now that she was only wearing knickers down below, of course, that didn’t matter, but she began thinking about exactly what she would be showing if she weren’t covered by the flimsy lace. Would my entire vulva be pressed down into my seat and out of view, as with some of the naked women here? Or would the top of my labia and hood be visible from the front? If so, how much would my pubic hair obscure? If I rose out of my seat, leaning forward to cycle uphill, would someone directly behind me have a clear view of the bottom of my labia? Would the opening of my vagina be visible?

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                I enjoyed this story yet again. Thank you for re-posting it. Any chance of you re-posting Caroline's naked Journey?
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                  Thanks. I may eventually post some excerpts of the novel here to boost sales, but I'm more likely to post more of the other stories I'm working on first.
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