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Nature Lover
Not How I Planned The Morning - Prologue
Thu Jun 15, 2017 17:46

Thank you everyone for the kind words! I'm still having some difficulty writing out everything that happened as night turned to day. The entire experience was much more humiliating than maybe I let on and took time to work through, affecting my first year at college, though I did eventually return. I have written out the first chapter below as it was a little slower. To distract myself I'm also working on another story about a friend of mine (yes she has a minor role in the morning events) loosely based on an experience of hers.


I blame my brother...still...

Okay, truth be told I blame my brother, I blame his best friend Eric, and I blame my floormate, Natalie. I hope wherever she is for fall break, she's just as naked as I am, but even more trapped.

That would be tough to accomplish since I'm well and truly screwed.

Maybe you've heard about my predicament, or Hell, maybe you're one of the dozens of people who have already seen me this night (last night technically), live or on camera. If not, there's a good chance you will, just give it some time.

My name is Caroline - I'm a 19-year old college freshman visiting home for a long weekend. And I've spent the last several hours running around my town completely naked, no shoes, no jewelry, no nothing. 100% exposed to the world - bare feet, bare ass, bare breasts, bare pussy. NOT on purpose. Well, okay, yes, going outside and stripping off was on purpose, but it was only supposed to be in my own backyard. For some dumbass reason I decided that wasn't enough and so moved my ass to the alley, accidentally locking the fence gate behind me. It got...interesting...after that.

Anyway, right now I'm stark naked in a public park on the other side of a treacherous ravine from my house, because that's where my asshole brother and his asshole friend left me and drove away. A good zip line route would be all of 200 yards from here to my house, but it was steep, muddy and slippery, dangerous when fully clothed and shoe'd (is that a word?), not happening at all when naked and barefoot. The two ways around were either the bridge to the north or the road to the south where the ravine ends - and where there's an elementary school.

I'm headed north.

Either way I go, it's...shit - 12-13 blocks. 6 blocks to get up to the bridge, then across the bridge, then 5 blocks down to my street, or 5 down, then past the school, and 6 up. Pretty much the same distance.

You might think by now I had been naked for so long and seen by so many that I'd just say f--k it, who cares who else sees me? You'd be way wrong. Are you f---ing kidding me? Because some had seen me naked everyone should??? Nope, nope, nope. Aside from the people at the yard party, and my brother and Eric, it's possible no one else has seen my face. Incredibly embarrassing to know so many have seen so much of me, but if my identity remains a secret, I'll take it. My brother knows better, the adults at the yard party seemed cool, and Eric...honestly who knows. But I never saw any of them with a camera or phone in their hands.

Because of the city park, this side of the ravine has a path adjacent, with houses on the other side of the path. Streets dead end at the path, but unlike my side of the ravine, I can travel along this side without entering yards or dealing with fences, at least for this stretch to the bridge - the stretch to the south requires cutting through a couple yards at the end before it dumps out at the elementary school.

Which is why I'm heading North.

    • Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 1Nature Lover, Thu Jun 15 18:00
      What I hadn't figured out was how I was going to cross a bridge as rush hour approached along with the sunrise - I figure I'll deal when I get there. Right now, with less than an hour until sunrise I ... more
      • Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 2Nature Lover, Thu Jun 15 21:53
        As I entered the park, for a moment I had a false sense of security, thinking the four block pathway to get back to the south entrance would be as easy to travel a second time. Not hardly. 4 blocks... more
        • Re: Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 2Molly, Fri Jun 16 07:33
          Wow, that Sarah chick partied all night and still made it to sunrise yoga. I'm impressed.
        • Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 3Nature Lover, Fri Jun 16 00:26
          F. M. L. Seriously? There was no way I was going to do yoga in front of this woman. Not that there was anything she hadnít already become way too familiar with. As I was looking at her she said... more
          • Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 4Nature Lover, Fri Jun 16 10:01
            As I regained consciousness, or maybe just my senses, I realized that the yoga session was ending. To maintain the illusion that a severe cramp was to blame for my condition Sarah spent the last part ... more
            • Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 5Nature Lover, Sat Jun 17 00:25
              I was spent. Even though I was 19 and in college, the middle school kids reminded me of how much I hated middle school... They were leering at me, taunting me, and undoubtedly getting photos or... more
              • Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 6Nature Lover, Sat Jun 17 00:33
                "Ma'am, are you there? Can you give me your name, please?" I saw no reason to, but no reason not to..."Ca-Caroline" I stammered, heart pounding as I knew what would soon happen. "Help is coming - can ... more
            • Re: Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 4Molly, Fri Jun 16 18:30
              Enjoying the story but I think you need to figure out how to justify why she does not simply tell the truth. She was tricked by her brother and his friend who abandoned her out there. If she told... more
            • This just keeps getting betterDW, Fri Jun 16 12:28
              Just one break, Poor caroline can't get one break. How much longer can she last? And why hasn't she asked for something to wear? I can't wait to see what happens when she gets home. And what will... more
      • Re: Not How I Planned The Morning - Part 1Molly, Thu Jun 15 18:12
        Girl, get your hands off your boobs and put them on your face to keep from being recognizable in photos.
        • Good ideaDw, Thu Jun 15 18:52
          That's what I would have done. She has't found one little thing to cover with by now?
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