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French Farce Part 1
Fri Jun 16, 2017 01:30

Stuck overnight in an airport hotel with four girls. Every man's dream you might think. But for me it was going to be a nightmare. I was supposed to be in charge of these girls. If they misbehaved, got drunk, smashed the place up or nothing it would be me who carried the can. That was what being the boss meant. You carried the can for what other people did.

And the girls in the office were not exactly the easiest to manage. If any group of young females would get drunk and get themselves into trouble it would be them. I had been instructed to take them to the corporate meeting and been told in no uncertain terms to make sure they stayed out of trouble. As we were going there and back with no overnight stop there didn't seem to be much chance of that. Not until French Air Traffic Control decided different. They were on strike again and we were holed up in the airport hotel for the night.

I had to stop them getting drunk. Stop them getting into trouble. There were four of them you see and only one of me, and even if I was the boss I didn't seem to have any control over them. Young lady sales reps tend to have forceful personalities, and they liked a drink and they liked to get a bit wild. They called themselves the Four Musketeers, although the resemblance to the literary characters of that name stopped with the number four.

The unofficial leader was Angelina. She was slim, tall, dark and good looking in a sexy kind of way. We were nearly finished dinner, wine had been drunk, and the girls were talking about sex, as girls always do when they are together.

"I need a good seeing to," said Angelina, "any decent men in this place?"

That was how the girls spoke, I presumably didn't count as a decent man!

"I thought you got a seeing to off that waiter bloke at lunch time. What were you doing all the time in the cupboard?"

That was Charlene, big, blonde and blowsy.

"Him! Flattered to deceive. You'd think a bloke that size would have decent sized one. Call that a big one! I barely noticed."

I was going redder and redder at this conversation. Angelina noticed. Of course.

"Well, how big is yours?" she asked, "I can see your dying for us to ask."

Dying for them to ask! It was the last thing I wanted!

"It's.. It's..."

"Come on! Don't be shy!"

"It's.. It's average... I looked it up in Wikipedia. It said mine was 'within normal range'. That's average isn't it?"

The girls howled with laughter.

"Average!" said Charlene , "it must be bloody tiny for you to call it average!"

And the girls howled with laughter again.

"Well I could do with a good seeing to as well," said Charlene, "the question is, where are we going to get one? I can't see anybody else in the dining room apart from that bunch of posh looking schoolgirls and the foreign looking waitress."

The thought that I might fulfil their needs never seemed to occur to them for one minute. 'Average' just didn't seem to do the trick. Anyway the girls looked on me more as a plaything. Somebody to make fun of rather than a source of sexual gratification. That was the result of being the boss I suppose.

"I know," let's go down to the pool, "there's always fit blokes there," Stephanie was the studious one of the group, short and dark, but with a sort of suppressed cheekiness.

"I haven't got a costume," said Mary the slightly plump shy one.

"None of us have. They'll have ones we can borrow," said Angelina.

I was rather taken with the idea of the pool. The girls in their bathing costumes, possibly skimpy little bikinis, maybe, just maybe..... But perhaps that was just wishful thinking.

"Good idea," I said, "I can borrow a costume as well."


I could see from the look on Angelina's face that this wasn't quite what she has in mind. But I was boss. I wasn't going to be pushed out of this one by a bunch of girls.

"See you there in fifteen minutes," I said . That would show them who was boss for once!

Fifteen minutes later I was at the pool. The girls were already there. They had their towels and their costumes in their hands.

"Here you are," said Angelina, "we borrowed a costume for you and got you a towel."

She handed over a costume wrapped in the towel,

"See you by the pool," said Charlene and winked.

Maybe I was in with a chance after all!

I went into the changing room and stripped off. I unravelled the towel and stared at the costume in disbelief. They'd got me a pair of the briefest Speedos you've ever seen. And they were two sizes too big. They wouldn't stay up and my naughty bits wouldn't stay inside them. That was their little joke. That was why Charlene he winked. Having fun with the boss again! Oh heck! What on earth was I to do! I eventually worked out a way to keep them on tightening them at the sides using a couple of safety pins I found next to the washbasins. That would show them I wouldn't be beaten by their little pranks.

Not that it seemed to make much difference when I saw them at the pool side. They were convulsed with giggles.

"All right girls," I said, "I can take a joke!"

"It's just... No, you look fine," said Stephanie, "it was all they had, honest. Look what we got. They're rather skimpy aren't they?"

It was true. Angelina was in a smart one piece costume, but Charlene and Stephanie were in rather revealing bikinis and for the first time I noticed Mary. She had a towel wrapped round her.

"Why is Mary wearing a towel?"

"They have a few costumes that guests have left behind in the past. I don't even think they're supposed to lend them out, but they do. They only had these three for us and that one for you. The girl at the desk said we could be naked in the sauna if we wanted to..."


"This isn't England you know. They're not bothered about that sort of thing here."

"In the sauna. With nothing on?"

Oh dear! Much as the thought of the girls in the sauna with nothing on was appealing, as the boss it was not something I should really be thinking about.

"In your dreams," said Mary, "Don't look so disappointed, but I'm not continental. I'll be firmly keeping my towel on!"

"Oh! That's all right then," I hoped I hadn't looked too disappointed. But perhaps it was for the best.

"See you later then, Mary," said Angelina, "come on Boss. Let's go to the pool."

It was a decent sized pool for a hotel, square with a deep end and a shallow end and an injunction not to dive into the shallow end. There was a little platform to dive into the deep end from. (I doubt you'd get that in a hotel pool in England which is so health and safety conscious, but as I've said before, this was abroad where they do things differently!

"You'll not catch me diving in!" announced Charlene, "too bloody scary that is. The Boss'll dive in though. Won't you Boss?"

"No way," I said, not that I minded diving, but I didn't want to show off.

"Go on, you're not scared are you..."

"No but..."

"You are. You're scared," said Angelina, "I'd never have thought it. He's scared Charlene, who'd have believed it?"

"I'm not," I said, "it's just that..."

"It's just that what?"

"Nothing. I'll show you. Watch this."

I climbed up onto the diving platform. Now that I got there it did look rather high. Higher than I though it was going to be but.. Well I couldn't back out now could I. I still hesitated though.

"Come on Boss," shouted Stephanie, "I knew you weren't scared."

Thy did. I dived off. Not very elegantly perhaps, but nonetheless I hit the water head first with an enormous splash. I'd done it! I kicked my legs hard, sort of splashed my way to the side and climbed out.

"There you are," I spluttered, "I said I'd show you something!"

The girls started giggling uncontrollably.

"Well I didn't think the dive was that funny!"

"The dive was funny enough, but that is absolutely hilarious," Angelina pointed down at my costume, except that when I looked down there wasn't any costume. I realised to my horror that what with it being so skimpy, and so loose, and me hitting the water so hard, the costume had been ripped right off. I was standing there in front of the girls in public completely nude.

"Don't look, don't look," I yelped, as if that would make any difference, after all what girl would miss out on the chance to see the boss with no clothes on, "what am I going to do."

"I really don't know," gasped Stephanie trying not to laugh too much, "but you'd better do something quickly I've just seen those posh looking schoolgirls coming in."

"But... They can't see me like this!"

"When actually I think they can," said Angelina, "at least you can't get back to the changing room without going past them."

"I know," Stephanie always had the bright ideas, "make a dash for the sauna. You're allowed to be naked in there."

So I did. With my hands over my privates, and feeling the eyes of a dozen schoolgirls burning into my naked flesh I scampered across the spa and into the sauna. I'd forgotten Mary was in there.

    • French Farce Part 2Little Joe, Fri Jun 16 01:32
      It had been a good plan. Steph was the brains behind it of course. She is the clever one after all. After all poor Mary never got any, and he always looked gagging for it. I mean I'd thought of... more
      • French Farce Part 3Little Joe, Fri Jun 16 01:33
        There weren't any fit blokes in the bar. Just my frigging luck. I mean there's always fit blokes in hotel bars in France. It's like sort of a rule isn't it. Except there wasn't. Only a couple of fat... more
        • Good stuffScott, Mon Nov 6 18:53
          Your a very good writer. Have you ever sent one of your stories in for publishing?
        • Great as usualJeepman89, Fri Jun 16 10:12
          Great story as usual Joe! You are a master!
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