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Lisa Rogers
Office date with cleaning guy
Tue Aug 8, 2017 18:53

I dont have time now for a full story, but here is a game that I have been playing with the cleaning guy on evenings that I fail to leave work on time.

To my dismay, I have developed a work habit of staying late at work. This is something that really needs to change in my life, and i continually frustrate myself when I fail. This has happened enough where I have become friends with the cleaning crew. Everyone else can manage their work day, why can't i?

Well I know how to solve this! My late work habit has taught me that the cleaning guys show up at 8:00pm every work day. If I am still at my desk when the clock strikes 8:00 pm, I enter into punishment mode. This requires me to walk around the office to ensure that everyone is gone. If the coast is clear, I check to see where the cleaning crew is. Since I'm pretty familiar with their routine, I know where they will be next. Before they leave, they will empty out every trash can and vacuum every work space, including mine.

After my scouting work is done, I return to my cube and strip off all my clothes. I keep tabs on where the cleaning guys are in their routine by popping my head up. To satisfy my dare, I must wait until the trash can guy is done with the cube two cubes away. Once he is done, I have just a minute or so to get dressed.

The risk is that he will change his routine, or the vacuum guy will change his.

Either way, it's a thrilling dare. So far I haven't been caught, but you never know.


    • Thanks!BPClavel, Sun Aug 13 22:22
      Thanks Lisa, I always enjoy your posts. You seem to keep life interesting! In this case I think "date" works almost as well as "dare." Looking forward to a followup post. Regards, Blair
    • Office Funshmi, Wed Aug 9 18:15
      I like this game. To make it more challenging, hide your clothes in your cubicle (since it would be a shame for them to get tossed out and leave you stranded totally nude) and sneak out of your... more
      • Re Office FunLisa Rogers, Wed Aug 9 22:09
        Clever idea. I may have to incorporate this idea. How about, strip naked, place clothing in a drawer. Then leave my cube, avoiding both the garbage can guy and the vacuum guy until they have both... more
        • Incorporate the risk of loss... InspectorA, Sun Aug 27 12:48
          In my office, the cleaning crew regularly puts one trash bag in the bin and a second one as a spare in the bottom of the can. If.... Hell, when you do this dare again and you really want to punish... more
        • No cameras?DW, Thu Aug 10 08:57
          Hope they don't have camera's. Or somebody is getting one hell of a treat.
    • What a coincidenceHooked6, Wed Aug 9 06:13
      Just yesterday morning I was reading an old story of yours thinking, "I wonder what ever happened to Lisa Rogers. I Hope she is OK and hasn't given up on writing" and BAM! This morning I see a short... more
    • Re: Office date with cleaning guyJKLivin, Wed Aug 9 00:20
      A full story would be great, but this little tidbit is very erotic. But then reading your other stories you lead a very erotic lifestyle.
    • Title should be "Office Dare" (nm)Lisa Rogers, Tue Aug 8 18:54
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