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Ellie Davenport
The School Project part 1
Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:13

The School Project. Part 1 Ellie Davenport

I was home from college and getting something to eat when John stormed in from school. I could see he looked annoyed as he threw his bag down the hall, muttering under his breath he came into the kitchen and grabbed a coke from the fridge. He popped it open and gulped it down and before I had even time to ask what was wrong he went on his rant.

“Oh god.... I hate History so much.... not only do I have to do a stupid project.....but I have to do it with that idiot Mark....he has never got an A in his entire life”

I tried my best to reassure him even though I was his big sister we didn't really get on that well but since Dad left and Mum had to work loads of hours we had spent more time together. I tried to explain that the teacher would know who had done most of the work and she must know he was a straight A student and he should see it as a way to help Mark. He grumbled a little but seemed to get over it.

The following day I was late home and it was supposed to be his turn to make our tea. As I walked in I couldn't smell anything cooking, although I doubt him putting something frozen in the oven was classed as cooking. I went in to the lounge and saw him engrossed in school work with papers scattered all over the coffee table. He looked up and quickly apologised but said this History project was brilliant and he wanted to do as much as possible cos he knew Mark was lazy. I huffed in temper under my breath and went to get something ready. I served up some frozen potato shapes and baked beans which was hardly appetizing but was food. He looked up and turned his nose up then laughed.

“Hey you would have to do better than this if you lived in the days of my History project” he grinned

He went on to tell me about the Project, which was about domestic discipline in the household in the 1950's. He was eagerly telling me about how the teacher had suggested he picked a particular area and he had chosen; The punishment of Adult girls who still lived at home. I was surprised at such a topic and for no reason at all I felt myself blush a little. He finished the meal and put his plate on the floor and carried on writing. I shook my head to myself and realised I had to clear up as well and bent over to pick up the plate.

“Smack”.......A sharp slap on the back of my jeans right on my right bum cheek made me let out a shocked squeal.

“You would get spanked every day if I was in charge of you Ellie” he laughed. “You have got an arse that is asking to be smacked and you are a brat”.

I pulled a face at him which made him laugh more and walked into the kitchen. I had always thought my bum was my best feature, I guess some people would say “bubble butt” and always wore tight jeans and leggings to show it off. I had to smile to myself and thought even though he was my little brother it was kinda a compliment none the less. I stayed in the kitchen feeling a little embarrassed about what he had done and even rubbed the seat of me jeans feeling a slight sting at how hard he had slapped my bum. Soon he put his homework away and went up to his room to play on his Playstation as per normal.

When I went in I saw the folder still on the table. I picked it up and even though it wasn't exactly top secret I felt a little naughty reading it without his permission. I was fascinated and also quite impressed at the detail of his work, no wonder he gets A's all the time I thought. I was engrossed in an article he had found about a 23 year old girl who still got the strap from her Father as she was still living at home in Ireland in 1954. Suddenly he walked past me to get a drink and without thinking I quickly put closed the folder and pushed it back on the table, almost feeling a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

“Hey.....what have a I told you about touching my stuff” he grabbed it then grinned, “Unless you want another smack”

I could feel my face red and could only say sorry but then went to explain how he might want to reference his sources for his research material. He looked confused and I told him what I had been taught in college about cataloguing his references to give the project more credibility and so on. He seemed pleased but then changed the subject and asked me how I thought it would be if I was living in a strict household like that. I was blushing even more and fidgeting in my seat and just tried to shrug off his questions with vague answers. He smiled and left me alone.

The next few days followed the same pattern and I became obsessed with his stupid project and at the same time he seemed to take on a whole new bossy persona. Mum was hardly home at the same time as us and he began giving more and more of his chores for me to do and reminding me to be lucky this wasn't the 1950's. He then almost made me gasp out loud as he said he had found an example where a younger brother had been left in charge of his older sister. I could feel myself shiver inside as he laughed that in fact the ages were identical to us. My 19 and his 15.

I waited until he went to his room and looked for the project. I couldn't find it anywhere and felt so frustrated. I made an excuse to take a biscuit and a drink up to his room and saw it laying on his bedside table. I sat on his bed and tried to make some conversation as he was glued to the Playstation. I contemplated just picking it up and reading it but then asked sort of politely and respectfully if he would like me to go through and see if I could help. He turned briefly and smiled as I knew I was blushing again before saying to me firmly No, he didn't want anyone thinking he had cheated by getting his big sister to help. I could feel myself pout like a 6 year old and glared at him as I huffed in temper and went sulking to my own room.

I was sat on my bed when Mum got back from work and she could tell something was wrong, as she put it I had a face as long as a race horse. She asked if we had been fighting and falling out like brothers and sisters do and she would have a word with him to do his fair share of the chores. I said nothing about the project but did wonder if he had showed it her. I then heard her go into John's room and come back out and told me he was fast asleep and as she said good night I had a plan.

I waited a few minutes until I heard Mum's light go off then crept slowly on to the landing. Stepping carefully not make the floor creak I pushed open his door. It was dark but I could see enough and sneaked in. I reached over and got the project and felt so pleased with myself but as I turned I got my foot caught in a cable and stumbled right onto the bed on top of him. He woke in shock and just as his mouth opened I managed to put my hands over it and whisper loudly that it was only me. His eyes were like saucers, even in the dark I could see him look totally bewildered. I tried to whisper the explanation while all the time I was laid on top of him feeling so embarrassed being caught out like this.

I sat up still holding the folder and he rubbed his eyes and switched on his bedside lamp. Nervously I tugged the hem down of my short black nighty realising he was looking at my bare legs. The next thing he flung his duvet off and swivelled his legs out of bed. He took the project out of my hands and motioned me to shush before whispering that I had earned a proper spanking now and to come down to the shed at the end of the garden this minute unless I wanted Mum to come in and see me having my bottom smacked.

This was absurd as we both crept downstairs trying not to wake Mum. He held my hand as if I were indeed 6 or something and led me out on the back garden. The moon was shining enough to see as we walked down to the wooden shed at the end of the garden. The further we got from the house the more I began to pull on his hand and whine just like a naughty little brat, how this wasn't fair and he had no right to treat me like this. Without warning he swing me around with his firm grip on my hand and then with his other he delivered a crisp sharp “Slap” to the back of my left thigh. It seemed to sound like a shotgun in the quiet of the night.

“Shut up your whining Ellie...unless you want to be spanked back in the house …..get yourself in that shed......Now!” he hissed sounding like he had done this all his life.

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        • The school projectMr-AlanUK, Wed Sep 20 15:49
          Very good story... can feel for Ellie in all the areas she describes... keep writing!
        • The School Project part 2 contEllie Davenport, Sat Sep 16 10:35
          You cut the atmosphere with the proverbial knife and no one said anything for what seemed like forever. I glanced up to see Mum had stopped crying and was looking from me to John waiting for someone... more
          • Naughty EllieMr-AlanUK, Thu Sep 21 15:21
            A good continuation to the story.. and very descriptive, keep on writing!
          • hot story linejpbeausejour, Tue Sep 19 19:09
            I like the way you're developing your characters. They feel real. And the tension is good. I can feel that Ellie has a lot worse humiliations in store for her. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for... more
      • I've Always LOVED History ;-)Hooked6, Fri Sep 15 20:22
        I DO hope there will be more!! Hooked6
      • I like where this is goingsensoryoverlord, Fri Sep 15 14:28
        Oh ho! Now mum is going to hear about the project, and the case of the 15yo boy in charge of his 19yo sister. Then...
        • Will Mon get the same?DW, Fri Sep 15 15:12
          Now that mom knows something happened I'm sure there were a lot of questions to be answered. Will she interfere? Will she be punished too? I hope you have more.
      • The school project Ellie Davenport, Fri Sep 15 08:23
        Great story, I'm waiting to see what happens next to Ellie
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