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Laura Marsh
The School Project part 3
Sat Sep 16, 2017 22:07

The School Project part 3 Laura Marsh

I was beginning to get really pissed with my best fried Ellie. She went to a different college to me and had made excuse after excuse not to do anything for the past two weeks. I bet that secretive little cow had got herself another boyfriend and not bothered telling me. I was going shopping in town later and thought right this is it, I was going to give her one last chance to hang out and if she refused I was going to give her a piece of my mind. I was looking at my phone wondering what excuse she would dream up this time when the reply came back.

Hi L am allowed out
4 cpl hrs ws gonna go
shops ne way luv
2 see u xx

What the hell kind of a message was that. What did she mean “allowed”. I thought she must have got herself some kind of jealous controlling jerks for a boyfriend. I was worried now and really needed to find out what was going on. We had been friends for like forever and we always told each other everything and she was keeping secrets like this from me. I was really hurt and almost felt like making an excuse myself not to go now but I had second thought and was determined more than ever to find out the truth.

I was waiting outside the bus stop in town and at first glance almost didn't recognise Ellie as she stepped off and looked at me. She was wearing a knee length blue skirt that looked exactly like the old skirts we had to wear for school. Unlike then when we would wear black tights her legs were bare and then she had little white socks and some pink and white trainers. On top she had a on a plain white t-shirt and gone were all her jewellery and bangles and she looked totally different.

“ this some kind of bet or look like you're 12 for gods sake” I exclaimed.

She gave a little blush and hugged me and said how she was really sorry she hadn't been able to get out for the last week or so but she was fine and no need to worry. She seemed to shrug off her appearance and made out it was just a bit of a change of image and no big deal. I was really panicking now and thought she had hooked up with some kind of right nut job who wanted her to look younger for some creepy reason. She made some small talk and said she had some money to buy a couple of new outfits and we headed off to our favourite clothes shops.

Straight away I asked if she was going to Jessica Thorpe's party tonight. It was going to be amazing, she had a live band it was a free bar until 10pm and like everybody we knew would be there. She gave me a little shrug and said that she really couldn't make it and never said why. I was annoyed by her evasiveness now and pulled a face at her and shook my head. Best friend or no best friend I couldn't keep quiet any longer. I grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her round to look at me.

“Ellie!....have had a personality transplant in the last 2 weeks ...cos you're just giving me shit now” I shouted.

She just pushed me back and yelled that they were more important things than getting drunk all the time and going to stupid parties. I was sulking now and wondered what the hell was going on with her. One after the other we walked past all the cool trendy shops we used to spend hours in until we came to a charity shop on the corner. I gave Ellie a puzzled look and followed her inside. I looked around and they had lots of clothes and instead of going over to the Jeans like she always did she walked over and began flicking through a rail of juvenile dresses. This was getting insane now, something was seriously wrong with my friend unless I was falling for some kind of wind up here.

“Elle....this is like kids Mum bought me a dress like this when I was 13..... and I hated it then”. I whispered.

She ignored me and picked it up and went over to a little changing room in the corner. I went to follow her inside when she pushed back saying that she wasn't 13 and could try a dress on by herself. We had always gone into changing cubicles together and had a right laugh flipping the curtain back on each other and flashing to strangers. I was really angry and upset now and didn't even want to spend time with her any more. I was going home and she could crawl back when she had broke up with the mystery boyfriends she obviously had. I walked over and dragged the curtain back.

“Screw you Ellie!..... I am not putting up with this crap any.............” I stopped mid sentence and stared.

She had taken of her skirt and t-shirt and the dress was just over her shoulders half way down her back. Her white knickers did nothing to cover her bottom cheeks which were as mass and red and dark red marks, almost verging on bruises. She panicked and pulled me inside and closed the curtains at the same time pulling the dress down to cover herself. Her face was bright red but not quite matching the state of her bum. I could see her begin to cry and without thinking I hugged her tight.

“Oh god Ellie …..this lunatic is beating you.......why the hell didn't you tell me” I whispered and pulled her closer.

She sniffed and sobbed and quickly explained it was not what I was thinking and we ought to go for a coffee and she would tell me exactly what was going on. I was amazed that first of all she could even sit but no where near as amazed with what I was hearing. I felt my mouth must he hanging wide open as the events of the last two weeks were relayed to me. I got the sense that despite how embarrassing this was for her she was more than glad to be able to talk about it. She even began to giggle and told me it didn't hurt as much as it looked like it would although she did cry like a baby while she was getting it. I was speechless and had never heard of anything like it my life.

“Yeah...I mean I can kinda get an old know air of authority sort of thing.....but your little brother” I could only shake my head in disbelief.

I must admit this was going to take some getting my head round but now that it was out in the open I could see she looked a lot happier. I even had to stop myself from laughing when she told me that she would have loved to come to the party tonight but she was actually “Grounded”. We finished our coffee and she hugged me again and thanked me for being a true friend and hoped she would be allowed out to see me soon. I was still trying to absorb everything when she got back and the bus and blew me a kiss.

A few hours later I had just finishing getting myself ready for the party when a I had a light bulb moment. I had seen Ellie's brother loads of times and actually thought he might have a bit of a thing for me as he got older. I was going to go round right now and do a bit of flirting and get him eating out of my hand and get Ellie to the party. Besides I still wondered if she did have some kind of control freak boyfriend and she had panicked and made the whole thing up about John and the whole History Project nonsense.

I took a deep breath and pulled down the hem of the little black sparkly dress that was riding up to show the tops of my hold up stockings with every step. I Knocked on the door and waited. For some reason I was expecting Ellie to open the door like she usually did but John opened it and looking surprised to see me. I tried to keep calm and wondered how to play this now, before asking rather immaturely if Ellie was in. Almost as if I was asking if she can come out to play like we were kids. He hesitated for a moment and gave the impression that he was unsure what to say. I could see him sort of checking me out, and thought this was going to be easy now to get the truth out of him.

“Was she expecting you to call tonight Laura....because she never mentioned it” he spoke quite deliberately and did seem to have a bit of something different about him.

I looked up and not really knowing what to say I blurted out, “oh she hasn't been grounded then has she” and found myself giggling like a schoolgirl.

He stayed in the doorway and said rather firmly that it wasn't any of my business and he would tell her I had called when he saw her. I flicked my hair and smiled at him and told him it would take me at least half an hour to get a taxi and the least he could do was make a coffee. He gave a resigned face and let me inside. As we walked in to the kitchen I could see his eyes drop down to look at the breasts hardly contained in the low cut dress. Which to be fair was the same as most guys did when looking or speaking to me. Me an Ellie had often joked that she was first in the queue for bums and I was the first in line for boobs. He handed me a coffee and I was at least grateful he didn't offer me a seat as this wasn't really a dress made for sitting.

“So explain something to me then have been out with Ellie this know she isn't going to this … what are you actually doing here” he asked.

I lifted the coffee cup up to my lips and took a sip trying to think what to say. This must be true I thought, he seemed to just have the aura around him that made it impossible to lie to. I stammered nervously that I thought she had said she might go, so came over on the half chance she had changed her mind. I knew right away he didn't believe me I could feel myself blush slightly and take another sip of coffee to try and hide my face. I reached down to give my dress another tug down and in the bright light of the kitchen began to feel embarrassed as he just gazed at me and shook his head.

I had to say something as he was obviously not going to give anything away. So not really caring if Ellie would think I was betraying her trust I told him that I knew all about the History Project and what was going on now with the two of them. He looked a little surprised but still stayed silent. I walked over and placed the cup down on the table at the side of him. making sure he got a good look down my dress as I did. With flick of my hair and a my best sexy smile I looked right into into his eyes. Trying to keep as calm as I could despite my heart pounding inside my chest I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Oh come on John.....let Ellie come to the party with me.......I promise to have her home by midnight” and with a little giggle I stepped back waiting for his reply.

“You think you can just march in here like you own the place.....dressed like some cheap slut........and try and flirt with me ….just to get your own way” he snapped

“What going to get your tits out.....or are you saving that for later at this party....... that is so important you get to” he continued.

I had never been spoken too like this in my whole life and instantly felt so ashamed of myself. I could feel a tear run down my cheek as I said how sorry I was and how I never meant to interfere with anything I was just trying to be a friend to Ellie. He looked angry and totally unsympathetic as I stood head bowed. My head was in a whirl and not imagining anything would pacify him I asked meekly if there was anything I could do to make up for my behaviour. He smiled and took hold of my hand.

“Yes Laura....I think you and me can take a trip down to the can see first hand.....of should I say first strap.... what putting your nose in where it doesn't belong had earned you” he smiled for the first time this evening.

    • The School Project part 3contLaura Marsh, Sat Sep 16 22:09
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        • Well doneGrant Tyson, Tue Sep 26 15:41
          beautifully crafted story had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Very erotic and novel approach to a usually predictable genre, can't wait to continue with this compelling read
        • The School Project part 4contLaura Marsh, Sun Sep 17 11:07
          “Hi John.....Hi Mrs Davenport......Hi Ellie..... god that looks sore ...have you been a naughty girl again”, the voice was that of a boy around John's age. John laughed and then as if I wasn't... more
          • Re: The School Project part 4contSteve, Fri Sep 22 15:53
            I loved the character development & the details that absolutely brought the story to life. I felt like I was there looking over every detail of your upturned bottom being attended to with the cream.... more
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            • Re: The School Project part 5Anonymous, Thu Sep 21 09:50
              Great story I can't wait for part 7. Does Miss Hughes get the strap?
            • kisshughesanoymous, Wed Sep 20 17:53
              it gets better when the older girls are getting spanked now as they areintroduced gradually
            • Re: The School Project part 5Anonymous, Tue Sep 19 21:51
              I'm beginning to wonder what is in that report? And how the behavior modification techniques are beneficial to the woman! And who is going to put the ointment on the teachers arse?
            • The School Project part 5 contMiss Hughes, Tue Sep 19 11:52
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                • FantasticAnonymous, Sun Sep 24 18:52
                  This story like is absolutely fantastic. I love the different perspectives of the various characters and how they all have a different but similar experience to John. I can't wait to see more and the ... more
                • The School Project part 6contMiss Hughes, Wed Sep 20 12:13
                  I knew my face was still bright red and wondered if it was as obvious as I thought that she could tell I had been recently crying. For the first time even John looked a little lost for words before... more
                  • Re: The School Project part 6contWarmHands, Sun Oct 22 11:44
                    This series has been an astonishing read that again challenges so many taboos and so many pc areas that it never loses its interest. The author has a gift for vibrant narrative without resorting too... more
                  • Please updateCasanova, Tue Oct 3 00:18
                    Been waiting for a while for this brilliant story to progress.
                  • Mom Next ?Mike, Tue Sep 26 10:04
                    This is one of the best stories I've ever read ! I wonder if his mom would like to join her daughter ?
                  • Brilliant William, Thu Sep 21 16:56
                    One of the best stories I've ever read, thank you very much!
                  • Re: The School Project part 6contDavid Tanner , Thu Sep 21 10:05
                    Great story I loved it, I hope John continues the project
              • better + betterDW, Tue Sep 19 15:31
                I love how as the story continues each character gets to tell their part of the story. Very creative. Please continue.
          • Re: The School Project part 4contAnonymous, Mon Sep 18 21:47
            Love the story, displaying to the neighbors, wow over the top , does John turn the project in?? What happens?? No sex is refreshing!!
          • Loving it!Casanova, Sun Sep 17 23:10
            Feels like a missed opportunity with the older women though.
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