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Claire and the boys next door 3 - Part 1
Fri Oct 6, 2017 05:59

A sequel to:

Part 1 -;article=59384;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board

Part 2 -;article=59801;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board

Once again I has the same mix of disbelief and slight embarrassment in the hours following my show for Tom and Jim, but soon enough all I could think about was how incredible I'd felt throughout and how much I wanted to do it all again. The moments I loved the most were when they were either asking or telling me to do things that would show me off. When they had me bring out the tray of drinks, or, obviously, when Tom made me take my top off to have my breasts lotioned. It was the chance to pretend to be annoyed or reluctant but to do it anyway, complaining that they left me no choice. It gave me an excuse and made it easier to do what I wanted to.

I loved acting like a bimbo or an airhead, being a girl who was happy to have guys give her attention and would do anything to get it. I knew exactly what they were doing, and Jim obviously knew I knew as well, but there was something so powerful about the situation of them 'controlling' me. In the moment I genuinely had no idea if I was doing it because they told me to or because I wanted to, it often felt like the former but that seemed to just make me want it more.

I had less fear about doing it too often now, I think we all knew what we were up to and I doubt the boys wanted to delay another meet up. I still thought it was fine to let them ask for it, but I didn't imagine I'd be waiting that long and I'd been thinking of a few ways to provoke it anyway. I was close to certain the story about the peeper was nonsense, and besides I didn't actually care any more. I'm sure a spot of sunbathing in my own garden wouldn't go unnoticed and was sure to get them asking me round.

Thinking about sunbathing in the garden also brought to mind my new acquaintance Geoff next door. That had certainly been an interesting meeting, and my new instincts had kicked in when I gave him a show with my bum, but I was still a little worried about going round to his garden to swim. I knew if I did I'd wear the same bikini, I wouldn't be able to help myself, but an older man with a wife was way too complicated for me to think about at the moment. I'd just leave things there for now, I was sure I could pick them up if I ever wanted to. I was beginning to realise the power my body gave me, it maybe wasn't much but it seemed to be fairly easy to get attention from guys with it.

As it turned out I didn't have to wait very long at all. Late that evening I received friend requests from Tom and Jim, I didn't see the harm in adding them and the next morning I heard my phone beep in the way that told me a message had arrived. It could have been from a few other friends, but I was happy to see it was from Jim. He was fairly brusque, just saying that they'd had a few ideas and they would like me to come round about 13:30. I was a little put out by the matter-of-fact-ness, but it was in keeping with the side of Jim that had begun to come out more and I can't say I didn't enjoy it yesterday. In short, I couldn't really complain.

I also noticed another friend request, the name meant nothing to me but the thumbnail picture seemed familiar so I clicked to have a closer look and read their message. It was Geoff from next door. He explained that he wasn't really on Facebook but had started a fake profile a while back to keep in touch with some friends that ran a poker game via it, and now used that account a 'little bit'. He welcomed me to the neighbourhood and repeated his offer of a dip in his pool. I remained unsure, his story sounded somewhat plausible but could equally be a lie, though I could see he already had 50 or so friends so hadn't made it recently. If it was a lie it was still a stretch to believe he met enough teenage girls in skimpy bikinis to need a separate profile just to keep in touch with them. I still didn't really make any decisions, but a few hours later I clicked to add him impulsively.

Soon enough I was finishing up lunch and it was only half an hour or so till I was 'due' next door. I couldn't help but wonder what they had planned and, more importantly, what I should wear. My first thought was a bikini again, why change a winning formula, but I'd begun to doubt that. For starters they hadn't said anything about sunbathing and the weather was warm but not that sunny. It was also true they liked to be in charge of my clothing themselves, even when I'd headed round in my skimpiest outfit they'd immediately asked me to change. It surely stood to reason they were planning something again.

Besides, although I'd added him on Facebook I honestly didn't want to run in to Geoff on the drive wearing next to nothing again. It all pointed to wearing some of my new clothes, something that showed me off but in a way that was acceptable in the wider world, not just with Tom and Jim.

I had a fun twenty minutes considering how exactly to have the effect I was after. I once again went with a short skirt, but this time chose something quite tight. It was black and came to around mid thigh, though seemed to ride up quite a lot given how snugly it fitted me. Underneath it I'd put on a smallish pair of boy shorts that were slightly transparent, but not too bad. There was little chance of them being seen whilst I was wearing the skirt but I realised that, one way or another, I would probably be taking it off at some point.

On top I wore a slightly loose dark blue and white striped no sleeved t-shirt, which I tucked in to show off my waist and to keep the looseness from obscuring my braless boobs. I could tell my tits would move around a fair amount under the top, which easily allowed the shape of bounce of them to be seen but wasn't in any way transparent. I felt very elegant and sexy, especially when I put on the heeled sandals that were my fanciest shoes. I tied my hair up in a complicated but loose-ish bun at the back and decided to wear my glasses rather than lenses. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time, I knew I looked great and far more adult and knowingly sexy than my previous efforts, with the possible exception of the black lingerie.

Just before half past I left the house, again carrying nothing other than my clothes and relying on the hidden key to get back in. I enjoyed the sharp sound of my shoes as I walked down the drive and the short distance down the street. This time there was no Geoff hanging around to watch me. That was as I'd wanted, but I couldn't help but imagine his eyes on my bum as I swayed it from side to side in the tight skirt. Maybe someone's watching from a window, I thought to myself. It was an exciting thought that there might be unknown voyeurs enjoying my body, I perhaps needed to get out in public more.

It seemed that the boys were watching from a window as the front door swung open as I arrived without me having to knock. Jim was there and he gave me the usual up and down look before saying hello and telling me to go through to the kitchen.

Rather than heading there himself first he stepped to one side allowing me past. As I did so he gave me a rather firm pat on the bum, pretty much a slap. "Nice skirt, Claire" was his comment.

I stopped at the doorway through to the kitchen and looked back with an indignant expression. "Ow! I don't think that was called for, was it?"

"Have you seen your ass in that skirt?" He grinned back.

"Fine, but I don't think I deserve to be spanked."

"OK, OK, I'll be more careful from now on." He held his hands up in mock surrender.

I shook my head and turned back round, I was already feeling dangerously turned on from this first interaction. I went through into the kitchen to see Tom stood by the breakfast bar, he was wearing his now normal slightly worried expression.

"Oh, hi Claire."

I smiled brightly at him and carried on into the room, Jim followed me until I stopped near the bar. This time as we passed he rested his hand on my bum for a brief moment and gave it a small but noticeable squeeze.

"How was that, then?" His cocky grin once again in place.

"What?" Tom's nervousness was just being added to.

"Never mind." I said. "Your friend is just getting ever so slightly ahead of himself."


"Anyway, enough of that nonsense. What have you guys got planned for this afternoon, what was so important about half past one?" I looked mostly at Tom as I said this, I figured that if he was in control things might not go too far too quickly.

"Oh, well, it's just that we ordered some food and it's going to arrive around now."

"That sounds nice, but you should have said, I'm afraid I've already had lunch."

"Don't worry, that's not why we had you come round." Jim joined in.

"Yeah, well you would have been welcome to some, obviously." Tom carried on. "But, well it was Jim's idea really.. We, er, thought it might be fun to have a way for other people to, y'know, see you too."

"What?!" Although this was exactly what I'd been thinking about on the walk over here, I certainly wasn't expecting it to be something the boys decided for me. "What do you mean, someone else see me?!"

"Oh, come on, you know you love showing off. I also figured it'd be a way to save a bit of money. You'll see."

"Well, I certainly am not just going to show off for a stranger just like that." Even as I said this, trying to give Jim a stern look, I realised how much the idea gave me that familiar combination of fear and excitement all at once. Even just saying out loud "show off for a stranger" was a bit of a thrill. Just then Tom's phone buzzed, he was receiving a message.

"That'll be him. Tom, you go let him in. Claire, you need to put this on." He handed me what seemed to be some sort of veil, I stared at it in confusion.

"What? What is this? Why do I need it?"

"Well, you probably don't want this person to recognise you. Not from your face, anyway." He gave another grin at that. "You tie it round just below your eyes, I'm sure you've seen them."

I realised I had seen things like it, they were the sort of veil that I think middle eastern dancers or harem girls seemed to wear. I unravelled it, but still just looked at it.

"I really don't know about this." I said to no one in particular.

"You should probably put it on anyway, Claire." That was Tom waiting by the front door, presumably the delivery person had texted to say they were a few minutes away. "You can do what you like, obviously, but may as well stay anonymous."

There was a knock at the door. Tom's point seemed well made, though I was also aware that the further I let these things develop the chances of me doing things I'd not anticipated increased. There was however the fact that they were going to let this guy into the house and start their plan anyway, so I didn't really have a choice. I stepped backwards so I couldn't be seen from the hall, quickly tied the veil behind my head and settled it in place just under my eyes. I could feel that its layers of fine blue fabric hung down past my chin, and had seemed more-or-less opaque. It was probably a decent disguise.

I heard Tom open the door and greet whoever stood there, he quickly told them to come through. A chubby man who seemed to be in his early forties came into the kitchen carrying a couple of pizza boxes. As he put them onto the breakfast bar he nodded at myself and Jim, I could see a momentary flash of confusion cross his face as he looked at me but he didn't react further.

"There you go, chief." He said chummily.

"Thanks." Said Tom as he followed him into the room. The man took a step back towards the door but then hovered where he was. It was pretty obvious he was waiting for his tip.

"So, paid by credit card did you?"

"Yeah, that's right." Said Jim.

"Well, enjoy your pizza, guess I'll be heading out.." He didn't look like he was heading out just yet, though. I continued to stand a little bit awkwardly towards the back of the room, presuming this was all part of whatever plan Jim had come up with.

"I'm sorry, we, er, don't have any cash to give you a tip."

The pizza guy just stared at Tom now, his friendly demeanour was going a little bit but he didn't seem angry. I expect it wasn't the first time he'd heard something like that.

"Right, I see."

"We might be able to offer you something else, though." Said Jim, with a weirdly cocky edge to his voice.

"OK.." He turned to face Jim.

"I'm sure you've noticed our friend over there." He gestured towards me. "How would you like to have her model an outfit for you?"

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            • Please continue this wonderful story
            • Lovely storydiffAnon, Mon Oct 9 18:01
              I enjoy stories being told from the woman's perspective. Thx!
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              • I do intend to continue, and I agree that using Geoff might add more of an element of tease and nervousness again. That was pretty much what I was thinking with introducing him, but I need to have a... more
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                  Geoff convinces Claire to be a server at his poker night wearing something like a hooters girl. Then,.. next Saturday he gets her to start a little racier and the number of attendees grow as word get ... more
                  • Re: Geoff & ClairejanscoM, Thu Dec 21 21:56
                    Ha, I am almost finished with an installment isn't a million miles away from this - will hopefully have it up soon if the holidays don't get in the way.
                • I hope you'll continue soon! I check daily for updates. I love this story so much that I stopped lurking just to say so
            • IdeasAnonymous, Sat Oct 7 08:40
              The boys should do the dressing and undressing. That neighbor needs to get involved.
              • Re: IdeasAnonymous, Wed Oct 11 15:48
                maybe the boys can dress her with paint ... bodypaint
              • Re: IdeasjanscoM, Sun Oct 8 12:59
                Yes, I like it when the guys get involved undressing her - hopefully I can have some decent ideas about that. It's certainly my intention to get the neighbour involved too.
            • Excellent!Agricola, Sat Oct 7 03:16
              Your stories are intriguing. You know how to catch the attention of the reader! I cannot wait to read your next stories.
            • thanks for the update! i love the Claire stories.. reminds me so much of the chloe harris story!
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