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Chloe Harris
Chloe Harris part 6
Sun Oct 8, 2017 09:11

I stepped outside and immediately felt so aware of just how short the bright lemon coloured skirt was. I had worn the very same skirt loads of times but always with the modesty of thick black tights and now all I could see when I looked down was an expanse of bare leg. I didn't know what to do with my hands in-between tugging the hem of the skirt with one hand and pulling at the little vest top to stop it ridding up my tummy with the other. Mark seemed totally unconcerned with my acute embarrassment at being outside like this and walked in front of me and kept looking back and telling me to hurry up.

At first we just walked along a few quiet streets with hardly anyone around but soon the traffic began to build up as did the number of people around. I was mainly looking down at my feet anyway but every so often glanced up to see the looks of astonishment and intrigue on several faces as they saw me. We approached a small row of shops and there was a bank with a cash machine outside. Mark took my debit card out of his pocket and pushed it in the slot then asked me for my pin number. At first I was outraged by his obvious expectation that I would just give it him but also very concious not to make a scene outside like this so I just mumbled the 4 numbers. He withdrew £100 and giggled as he put it in his pocket saying he would pay for the pizza tonight and might have the rest himself as a “babysitting” fee.

I tried to ignore him as he announced that he wanted a drink and did I want anything. I shook my head and gave him a surly stare as he grabbed my hand saying I wasn't responsible enough to stay on my own and pulled me into the little corner shop. I must have looked every inch the petulant child despite my age as I refused to look at anything as Mark chose a drink and again asked me what I wanted. As he was paying he picked up a little strawberry lolly-pop and smiled as he bought it then unceremoniously pushed it firmly in my mouth before I could refuse.

“There you go Brat” he laughed and at the same time he slapped the back of my leg playfully.

I pushed him away and almost lost my balance in the little tussle we were having before the shopkeeper shouted, “Now then act your age and stop messing about” he paused “Especially you young lady aren't you old enough to know better”

I could feel myself blush as we both ran out then I tried to compose myself as a few people looked around to see what was going on. I could see one old woman in particular give me such a disapproving stare that all I could think of doing was pulling the lolly-pop out of my mouth and yelling at her;

“What are you looking at” before hissing under my breath “Stupid old bitch”

I turned my back on her and walked purposeful away only to see Mark still behind me talking to her. I slowed down and waited for him to catch up with me for him to to inform me that hadn't I recognised her as him and Simon's Aunt Margaret . Of course I hadn't realised who she was and did he think I was stupid enough to speak to her like that if I had. He remarked that I was in serious trouble now as she was bound to tell his parents and I would have some explaining to do when they got home with Simon.

I was well and truly sulking now and still not believing how I had got myself in to all this. Even Mark was quiet and we continued to walk along with me sucking exaggeratedly on the childish lolly-pop. Suddenly I noticed Mark had stopped and was gazing in the window of a shop a few meters behind me. I turned and walked back to him and noticed the shop was in fact a beauty salon. His eyes were fixed on a sign in the corner of the window which read;

“ 20% discount on a full range of Bikini Wax styles ”

He was grinning and saw me blush more as I read it while slowly shaking my head at what I knew he was implying. He calmly asked if that meant what he thought it meant and as I had promised to shave my pubes later anyway why not have it done “properly” now. This was insane how could I even be discussing such an intimate personal subject with him. Before I knew what was happening he had taken my hand and opened the door and we were standing inside the salon. The receptionist was typical of a place like this, all fake tan and over done nails as she looked up from behind her desk waiting for either of us to speak.

I was on the verge of just running out when Mark began, “Errrr my friend needs a one of them Bikini wax things done before tonight......can you do one for her now”

To say she was shocked at the request would not do her face justice as she glanced down to the booking list. She flicked a couple of pages then looked us both up and down not quite believing what she had just heard Mark say. With my face as red as a ripe strawberry she confirmed that they did indeed have an appointment available and told me to fill a form out while she called one of the beauty technicians to come through. Her name was “Chanelle” and she looked about 18 and again looked rather bemused at me and Mark standing there.

She led Mark to a waiting area and asked him to take a seat and we would be around 30 minutes or so. She then led me along a small corridor and into a treatment room. My hands were shaking as I gave her the form and she glanced over it before pausing and then trying not to laugh she said I had not ticked the box asking if I had my parent's permission but then saw my date of birth and realised how old I was. I doubt maths was her strong point by the way she counted on her fingers to make out I was actually 26. With her shaking her head in disbelief I reached in my purse to show her my driving licence. She looked at the little picture of me then back at me and shrugged her shoulders then even had the audacity to suggest it must be a fake as I didn't even look 16 never mind 26.

Under normal circumstances I would be pleased to be told I looked younger but this was hardly what you would call normal. I was then handed a piece of paper with little sketch drawings of all the various styles of waxes that they offered. Of course I knew what a Brazilian was but had never heard the term Hollywood referring to totally bald down there. I gazed at all the options including one called formal which was the shape of a bow tie and even one called the final frontier which was the star trek badge. Before I had time to speak she took the paper out of my hand and opened the door and shouted to Mark.

“Your girlfriend is having trouble choosing what she wanna pick for her” she grinned.

I don't know who said it first that I wasn't his girlfriend or that he wasn't my boyfriend but it didn't stop her ushering Mark in to the little room. He looked amused at the little shapes and names of all the ways you could trim pubic hair. He glanced from me to the paper and then back at me again. I was speechless and still in some kind of a daze at all this when he explained the dare to Chanelle. She giggled and then said how it sounded fun and even wished she was as brave as me to do something daring like that. She then looked quite surprised to learn that Mark was my boyfriend's younger brother and even turned to actually tell me off for encouraging him and acting like a tease. I could feel my self pouting a pulling a face and so wanted to tell her to mind her own business when she pointed to the table.

“Right Chloe lets have your knickers off and your naughty little bottom up on there and give you something nice to show the pizza guy” she could hardly contain her amusement.

They were both looking at the paper and then Mark seemed to show her one and they both giggled. She explained that she had never done that particular one but had always wanted to try it. I was panicking by now and kept thinking why I was even allowing this to happen. Why didn't I just walk out and tell Mark to stop this absurd game right now. My hands seemed to be on automatic pilot in contrast to what my mind was telling me and I slid my knickers down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I never even thought to object to Mark actually being in the room let alone staying to watch the whole procedure as he obviously was. I sat up on the treatment table and swung my legs up and with one final look at them both smiling at me I laid flat on my back. The short skirt was only just covering my pussy but I knew I would be totally exposed soon enough.

“That's a good girl don't make a fuss while this nice lady does her work.....we don't want to spoil we” Mark spoke to me like he was the adult.

I was shaking so much inside and could only nod my head in acceptance at what he said. I could hear her getting some things and then gave a little shudder as Mark flipped up the front of my skirt. I could hear her explain to him that she would wax around my labia and even below and up between my bottom cheeks but the design he had chosen she would have to do with the electric shaver. I could feel my face blush so much it actually hurt as she eased my knees wide apart and made me gasp at the warm feeling as she spread wax on me. I don't know why but up to then I had never even contemplated how much this was going to hurt but then I yelled out loud as she ripped the wax strip right off without warning. She repeated it several times and even had me tun around and kneel on the table so she could get between my bum cheeks.

The pain was so intense I hardly cared the view she and Mark had of my most private parts. I doubt even Mark's brother had seen as much of me as they were now. Chanelle gave my upturned bottom a little smack and told me to lay on my back again so she could get to work on the design they had chosen for me. My head was spinning and it took all my concentration just to breath but I got myself in to the revealing position once again. The humming buzz of the electric clippers made me jump a little and I tried to keep as still as I could. I had a quick glance down but couldn't see what was left of my brown bush clearly enough to make out what shape she was meant to be doing but saw a deep look of concentration on her face. Mark on the other hand was stood right behind her smiling and looking so satisfied.

After a few minutes she announced it was all done and they both stepped back to look. Mark held up the paper and said it was exact and congratulated Chanelle saying she had done brilliant and even gave her a high five. I was almost frozen still and so much wanted to know what it was and see it for myself but couldn't move a muscle. Mark then took his phone out of his pocket and before I could think to stop him he snapped several pictures of me in the obscene position. Chanelle quickly followed suit and explained it would be ideal for her portfolio. The with me still not moving she held a mirror between my legs angled up to my face. At first I couldn't make out what it was. There was like some sort of car shaped outline with two curvy lines underneath the tyres. I was looking intently and trying to figure out what it was supposed to represent when it suddenly came to me and I remembered my driving test and the road sign it was from.

“OH dare you.....Mark you little shit......this is not funny........I look like some porn star or slut for gods sake” my voice was raised as I stood up.

“So you get it then.......Slippery when wet” he laughed.

I looked at Chanelle who I could see was trying her best not to laugh and demanded that there was no way I was walking out like that and she better remove every last hair. With a huff in temper I got back on the table and opened my knees wide and even pushed my hips out a little. My outburst had obviously been heard from outside and the door opened and in walked the manageress. She seemed not to take a second glance at me laying on my back and asked Chanelle to explain what all the commotion was about. Both her and Mark looked a little sheepish as between them they recounted the whole story. I could see the woman actually smile as Mark even told her the part where the pizza guy had spanked me and how the dare had come about and everything. Then the woman turned to look at me and even bent down slightly to peer between my legs.

“I can't see anything wrong with what Chanelle has done young what is your problem” she asked.

I was almost in tears as I tried to say I had not agreed to this and how unsuitable I thought the design was. She then questioned me almost as if it was me who had dome something wrong. How I had come in here and asked and then encouraged Mark to come in the room and allow him to chose the design. How I had wasted Chanelle's valuable time and effort and just because I had changed my mind I was trying to get her in to trouble. I tried to explain that it was not like that even looked at Mark and said the dare was to remove all my pubic hair and not have it shaved in to a silly design like this. The Manageress was unconcerned and simply announced that if I wanted a full bikini wax instead of a design I should have made it clear and I could book another appointment but Chanelle had another client waiting so the matter was closed.

“Oh stop whining Chloe its not as if it's a tattoo is it.........I can shave the rest off later....lets go pay.....we have to get to the Antique shop now” and with than Mark grabbed my hand

My legs were shaking as I put my card in the machine to pay and then in front of the several other customers the receptionist looked up at me. She giggled and said loudly that no one has had the “Slippery when wet” design before and it was the most expensive at £80. Not only was I being humiliated beyond belief I was actually having to pay for it. My hands were trembling so much I even pressed the wrong number and Mark had to do it for me as he remembered my pin number. Eventually we walked outside and I felt the cool breeze below the ultra short skirt leave me in no doubt how bare I was now.

“Oh God Mark....I haven't even put my knickers back on” I whined

He laughed as I am sure a couple walking past overheard me. He hesitated for a moment saying I could always go back in and ask for them, which I am sure he knew I wasn't going to before he dragged me along like some sulking child. With each step I was positive the skirt was blowing up over my bare bottom cheeks and tried desperately to keep it down with one hand while Mark held the other. Before long we were outside the Antique shop and Mark turned to look at me.

“Right Chloe.....I want you on your best behaviour and any back chat or attitude I am going to smack your bare bottom right here in the you understand”

I was on such a high with the adrenaline now and couldn't think of anything I wanted more. “Yes Mark Sir......I understand”

    • Re: Chloe Harris part 6Anonymous, Wed Jan 10 08:46
      Delightful stuff. More would be most welcome.
    • Please don't keep us waiting much longerAnonymous, Sat Dec 30 05:02
      Hi Chloe Hoped you would have posted more chapters of this wonderful story by now. Please don't keep us waiting much longer.
    • Chloe Harris Part 6Malman, Sun Oct 22 07:46
      Loved it Chloe. Well written and nicely kinky.
    • Re: Chloe Harris part 6WarmHands, Sun Oct 22 06:30
      This author has managed to deal very successfully and realistically with a highly controversial subject area in an original and extremely erotic manner. I would not normally have looked at a story... more
    • nice workjpbeausejour, Sat Oct 14 13:42
      Well written and very kinky! Nice work.
    • Re: Chloe Harris part 6Anonymous, Mon Oct 9 18:48
      o wow! i wished for chloe on the claire thread and boom! thanks for the update!
    • Thanks for the update!diffAnon, Mon Oct 9 14:20
      I've been waiting for this. I enjoy stories from the female point of view and when they are embarrassed beyond belief but can't help being turned on.
    • should be part 5Chloe Harris, Sun Oct 8 17:59
      Sorry everyone I got mixed up. I wrote this at the same times as the other parts but never really liked it . However I plan to add more so thought i would post it anyway.
      • Glad you decided to post thisHooked6, Mon Oct 9 15:37
        Chloe wrote: "I wrote this at the same times as the other parts but never really liked it." I am glad you decided to post this anyway as it is quite good and I am also pleased to see that you are... more
    • Chloe Harris Part 5Anonymous, Sun Oct 8 15:09
      Was there a Chloe Harris Part 5? I've searched all over ASN and all I see is a message from Chloe Harris with a title of Part 5 asking where there is interest in more of this story. Yes, I'm... more
    • chloe harrischloe harris, Sun Oct 8 13:08
      you write great stories
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