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Dani at the Clinic (CFFNM) Part 13
Wed Oct 11, 2017 08:07

Hi my dear readers, first sorry that this week's post is a day later than normal. I just ran out of time yesterday due to normal life. I'm still here though writing away when I get a spare minute and this week's chapter is ready for you. I hope you continue to enjoy my story.


For those who missed it the story started here:;article=56820;search_term=dani+at+the+doctors

and continued here:;article=59751;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board

If I'm not supposed to include the links like that each time I start a new group of chapters then please drop me a line and I'll stop doing it.


Chapter 13

I'd spent most of the afternoon in the staff room with Mandy and the occasional member of staff as they had their breaks. Finally I asked her if I was going to be allowed home.

“Oh sorry, Dani, didn't I explain this morning? We need to get all the test results gathered from Nurse James and Jane and then they need to be reviewed by the doctor. That'll be tomorrow at the earliest I think, so you will need to spend at least another night here. I think Liz will be in later to look after you though, so you won't be lonely.

My heart sank at the news, another night spent with Liz. Was that going to be another night tied up? That was not something I looked forward to. Still, Mandy was pleasant enough company throughout the afternoon, once again she went off and bought me some food and from time to time other staff members dropped into the staff room and had a chat. Of course it was still embarrassing being almost naked in front of them all, but the gown did at least give me some coverage when I was sitting down.

Eventually though the afternoon wore on and Liz arrived to take the shift over from Mandy. Mandy obviously didn't want to leave me and reached up on her tiptoes to give me a brief kiss goodnight.

“Now you just be a good boy for Liz won't you, Dani?” she joked as she walked out of the room. We settled down for what I hoped would be a quite evening before once again Liz decided it was time to check that the building was deserted.

“Let's have the gown then, Dani,” she commanded before we left to walk around. I had little choice as she helped to undo the ties down my back and quickly pulled the small piece of quasi-clothing off me. She bundled it up and threw it into a corner, leaving me naked and instinctively crossing my legs and trying to cover up with my hands.

“You're so funny, Dani. Look I spent all last night staring at your cock, so there's no need to be so shy.” She slapped at my hands and pulled them away from my body. “There, that's much better, I need to be able to see your cock at all times you know. So I can be sure you ain't playing with it. Now, let's go and check we're all on our own here.”

I sort of hoped we were alone as I didn't fancy bumping into anyone now that I was completely naked. Seeing people through the day with a bit of gown pulled over me to try and give some cover had been bad enough, but now I was completely naked once again. Then again I half wanted someone to catch us to see how Liz would react. I wasn't totally sure that she was supposed to be parading me around naked. Trouble was she was brazen enough to come up with some perfectly acceptable excuse that would let her get away with it and probably just embarrass me further.

Luckily we managed to navigate the whole building complex without meeting a soul. I was starting to breathe a sigh of relief as we returned to the main reception area. The great square hall that was dominated by Jules's reception desk. We had almost crossed the empty area when there was a loud bang on the wooden front door.

“What the..,” I began.

“Oh, don't worry, I thought we might get hungry so I ordered us some pizza tonight. You do like pizza don't you? Anyway, don't let it get cold, open the door and let them in.” Was she serious? She thought I was going to open the main door whilst stark naked? Unfortunately for me she was and she didn't want to waste any more time. Liz pushed me in the direction of the big door and told me to get on with it. Tentatively I put my hand on the door, while Liz leaned against the large reception desk in the middle of the foyer. I slid back the bolt and gingerly pulled on the door wondering how the pizza delivery guy was going to react to a naked bloke waiting to take his order. The door opened a crack and I peered through, I was blinded though by the porch light that had come on outside when it sensed there was someone about to knock on the door. I tried to hide behind the door as I opened it but that just didn't work so in the end I had to tug the door open with one hand and try and use the other to cover myself up. The delivery boy was stood there holding two pizza boxes in his outstretched hands, a baseball cap over his head casting a shadow over his face.

“Pizza delivery for Liz,” he began automatically and then stopped when it finally clicked that I was standing naked in front of him. Except it wasn't a him. Four words had been spoken but it was enough. I knew that the person in front of me was female.

“Uh, uh, sorry,” I stammered out. She recovered from the surprise quicker than me though.

“No worries, but why are you answering the door naked?”

“Er, well I didn't have any clothes.” It seemed a feeble response.

“I take it that you're not Liz then? Is this the right place?” She seemed to be peering at me even more, trying to get a good look no doubt, I held my hands in place over my genitals but she thrust the two pizza boxes at me as she sought her delivery notes. With the pizzas in my hands I had nothing to hide with. My dick hung down, as I felt the cool night air enter the building.

I stood there with the boxes as the girl took an age to find her paper instructions in a pocket. Finally I heard Liz speak up from behind me.

“You're in the right place, I'm Liz,” she announced, pulling on the edge of the door to open it fully. Somehow this made be feel even more exposed.

“Oh, good, can you sign for these then please?” Then as an afterthought, “is he always naked?”

“Only at night,” Liz laughed, “when I'm in charge of him. Do you want to come in a moment while I check the order?”

“Sounds like fun, what is it some sort of game or something?”

“You could call it that. He's a patient here and I get to look after him through the night shift.”

“But why is he naked?”

“It's easier to keep a check on him. He's got a problem jacking off all the time so I have to monitor what he does.” Oh god what was Liz saying? Now there was another girl learning about me masturbating.

“So you get to watch him play with himself? That's so cool.”

“Oh no, I tie him up so he can't jack off. It's so funny watching him get so frustrated all night and totally unable to do anything about it.”

“Wait, you tie him up?”

“Yep, tie him into the bed. Can't have him wandering around all night.”

“I'd love to see that, doesn't he object to being tied up though?”

“He'd better do as he's told or I'll let his wife know how uncooperative he is. But sure if you want to see him tied up then come back later.”

“Really? That would be so cool.”

“Yeah why not, come back in a couple of hours and you can tie him in for the night if you want.”

“Oh yes please.” So Liz made arrangements with the girl, who it seemed was called Jos, to come back round once her shift had finished so she could help Liz tie me into bed.

“You'd better eat up quick,” Liz began as we sat down in the staff room to eat the pizzas. “I have a feeling that Jos will be here sooner rather than later.”

Liz's prediction was correct, it wasn't long before we heard banging on the main door again and Liz sent me to open it. She didn't even bother accompanying me and so I was all alone to open the door to Jos for the second time. She still wore the baseball cap, with a ponytail pulled through the back of it. A superdry top and skinny jeans completed her outfit. At least she appeared almost as nervous as I was.

“Oh, Hi again.” She offered her hand obliging me to shake with mine, leaving me again with only one hand to cover my balls.

“Come in,” I suggested, desperate to get the door shut quickly and ensure that no one else could see me.” Jos entered and I closed the door behind her.

“Nice bum,” she remarked as I turned my back to her.

“Oh, thanks. Shall we go and see Liz?” I offered and took the lead for once as we made our way to the staff room.

We entered, Jos only half a step behind me and I saw that Liz hadn't wasted any time retrieving a bed for me. It was set up just as the previous night, no bedding in evidence and a pair of stirrups attached, waiting for my legs.

“Ah there you are, Jos.” Liz took control immediately. “Right up on the bed then Dani, let's get you settled for the night.” Liz showed Jos how she positioned my legs in the stirrups and tied them in, then she proceeded to strap my torso down too.

“Gosh, he really can't get up at all can he?”

“That's the idea, can't have him roaming around the place getting up to mischief if I happened to accidentally drop off to sleep.” The constant touches of both girls as they adjusted the ties and straps began to get me aroused and Jos noticed immediately.

“Ha, is he getting an erection?”

“Probably,” agreed Liz. “I almost lost count of how many he had through the night, even when he's asleep you know. Dirty bugger I think must have had a string of erotic dreams.”

“Well I hope he doesn't need to pee in a hurry,” observed Jos as they finished with the straps.

“Yes, I thought about that after last night. Here I've got a solution.” Liz walked over to a table and returned holding what seemed to be a length of tubing and some plastic.

“It's a type of catheter for men,” she explained to Jos. “You slide that over his cock, and then if he pees it goes down this tube and is collected in this bag here.”

“That's cool,” admitted Jos.

“You want to put it on him?”

“What me?”

“Why not? It's just like putting a condom on a guy, you've done that before right?”

“Um, well.” I seemed that Jos wasn't that experienced with guys.

“It's easy,” explained Liz. “Just roll that down his shaft, making sure that the end of the tube is as close to the tip of his cock as you can get it.

With Liz's encouragement, Jos managed to roll the condom down my dick, which of course once she started handling it had become fully erect. This made her task easier but also increased my embarrassment.

“There you go,” Liz said, “I told you it was easy. Now, Dani, let's check it's on properly, can you pee for us?”

Of course I was far to embarrassed at this point to be able to pee. A fact that amused Liz.

“I should have ordered beer with the pizza,” she remarked, “Beer's guaranteed to get a guy to piss. One beer it seems and they are ready to piss all night long.” She laughed with Jos joining in.

“It was fun putting that on his dick.” Jos admitted beginning to get a little braver now.

“Ha-ha yeah I guess so. I think you haven't handled too many dicks though have you?” Liz asked perceptively.

“Um, no, is it obvious?”

“A little, here, I'm going to the ladies for a while, why don't you look after him for me. He can't go anywhere so you're completely safe.”

“Oh, are you sure it's ok?”

“Yeah, no worries.”

“So um, can I play with him?”

“Do whatever you like, I'll be ten minutes or so.” Liz walked out of the room leaving me alone with Jos who looked like it was suddenly Christmas. She quickly grasped hold of my balls and proceeded to examine them.

“Oh, you like that?” she asked as she saw my cock harden a little more as a result of her touch.

“Ah yeah,” I agreed. She moved her hands up to my shaft and took a firm grip.

“What about this?” she asked.

“Yeah, that too.” My breathing was beginning to get faster as Jos began to stroke my cock up and down, almost dislodging the condom-like sheath of the catheter.

“Oops,” she grinned, “better not pull that off had I? Or you'll wet the bed later. Does it feel good though, having someone else holding it?”

“Um, yeah.” She took hold of me again and I tried to thrust into her hand.

“What are you doing?” she looked a little alarmed at my action.

“N nothing,” but I couldn't stop trying to screw her tiny, tight fist.

“You're trying to jerk off aren't you? Well I'm not sure you're allowed to do that mister.” She removed her hand and I was left humping the air as Liz returned. She laughed.

“Still trying to cum in bed, Dani?”

“I'm sorry,” began Jos, “I didn't mean to.”

“Don't worry, it's fine. Bring him off if you want, I've just been teasing him, not letting him get an orgasm.”


“I find it amusing to deny him what he wants.”

“But don't you want to play with him? I think I'd play with him all night if I was alone here like you are.”

“Nah, I have a lovely boyfriend already, and one who is my age too, Dani here is a bit old for me.”

“Hmm, I guess so. He's probably old enough to be my Dad.”

“You want to play with him some more?”

“No, the moment's passed I think. I'd better get home. Thanks though, it was fun. Let me know if you guys want pizza again tomorrow, I'll add some beer too,” she laughed.

With that Jos left and Liz settled down once again in a chair just out of my line of sight.

“I would have let her bring you off,” she announced after about fifteen minutes of silence.

“You're so kind,” I replied then wished I'd been a little friendlier.

“Awe, poor Dani. Maybe I'll leave you alone with her for longer tomorrow night then? Personally I just don't fancy having to clean up your mess. Guess I'm a bit like your wife in that respect.” I heard it then, the unmistakable sound of her wet flesh.

“Liz, are you?” I began but wasn't brave enough to finish.

“Am I what, Dani? Taking care of myself? Maybe I am. I bet you'd like to do that wouldn't you? You'd like to have your hard, fat dick pressed into my smooth, wet, tight folds.” My cock twitched as it reacted to her words, I said nothing but my body had betrayed me.

“Dirty old man,” she laughed, “thinking of sex with a young girl, you should be ashamed of yourself. I bet you wish you could see what I was doing now. My panties around my ankles, dress hiked up.” Liz's teasing continued for an hour or so. My frustrations were clear, my hard cock stood to attention the whole time as she led me on describing what she was doing to herself and then castigating me for being aroused over a young girl. Flat on my back I could only see the ceiling, hands tied I couldn't get any relief. Eventually I managed to tune out her taunts and fell asleep.


I hope you enjoyed that update, please let me have your feedback. Dani

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          being married to that shrew. What did he ever see in her? Maybe she has lots of money....
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      What is CFFNM? Who is story centered on, male nudity or female nudity
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        Hi CFFNM is an expansion of the CFNM genre. CFNM = Clothed female, naked Male. The extra F in my title indicates that the naked male is exposed to more than one female. The story is centered on Dani, ... more
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          Thanks for the explanation. Keywords are always helpful to indicate the Story theme and Scenario. Everyone should use. Sorry, I am only into CMNF stuff. Too Hard to find Good ones anywhere specially... more
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            I'll have to write something just for you then. :) Any favourite scenario? Dani
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              Dani- Just love that senario(s) as I get ideas for RL experiments. Gets me excited too. :)
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                Kathy, great to hear you get to incorporated some of this into RL. Sounds like your RL is a lot more exciting than mine :) Next post is on it's way. Dani
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