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Fri Nov 10, 2017 09:55

Madison was in the last half of her senior year of high school and her future was looking bright. She had always been at the top of her class, popular and knew exactly what she wanted to do with her wife. She had med school in her future and had scholarship from several top undergraduate colleges. At 5'6, with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, small but perky b-cups, round, firm ass and a very pretty face, Madi was also drop-dead gorgeous. She was a varsity cheerleader for four years, ran track, participated in beauty pageants and overall the envy of many girls in her school.

It was the Friday before the big Valentines day, and Madi was in 5th period, advanced biology. She was listening intently and taking notes furiously when her phone went off indicating she had an email. Normally, being the diligent student she was, she wouldn't have even bothered to check it but the subject line caught her eye


Intrigued, she immediately took the phone out of the site of her teacher and opened the email

Dear Madi,
You've probably heard the old phrase "cheaters never win"? Well, that doesn't quite seem to be true for you does it. Your life is perfect to everyone around you. You excel at everything you do, your beautiful and colleges are fighting for your attention. Your future is bright except it isn't all what is seems to be is it? You see, I have evidence, pictures and videos attached of you cheating on your major college entrance exam. I've been following you for a LONG time waiting for you to mess up and you finally gave me the perfect chance.

Don't fret though, your dream of a perfect life can stay intact if you are willing to corporate with me. You see for two long girls like you have ruled the world and people like me have no power. You are going to help me change that. At my choosing, I'm going to send you the name of some people I'd like you to help me humble a little. The rules of my game are simple: do exactly what I say, within the time period I give and with the instructions I offer and your little secret stays between us. If you rat on me or attempt to find out who is behind this email in anyway, I'll know and I will let this pictures into the hands of all the right people.

Since being a smart girl, I know you'll accept my terms just reply with "Yes, master." and we'll get started. You have 5 hours to respond.



Madi's heart sank into her chest. How could anyone have know? She was so careful. Her face was flushed and she immediately excused herself from class to the bathroom. In the bathroom, alone, she paced back and forth searching who mind for who this could be and how she could be out of it. What did the email mean by "humbling" people a little. After a few minutes of pacing it was clear she had no choice. She had worked too hard for too long for someone to wreck her future. She took out her phone, hit reply, typed "Yes, master." and hit send.

She got home from school that evening and tried to act as normal as possible. She ate dinner, conversed with her family a bit and then went up to her room. In her room she was nearly in tears as she thought about the email. She just couldn't believe anyone would know. As she paced in her room, she heard the familiar ding of her phone and her heart sank. She opened her email and saw the message

Smart move. Now let's get to work. Your first assigment will take place this weekend at the Valentines day dance. Your client will be Lauren Akers whom I believe you know. As you know, Lauren is the daughter of our towns most popular pastor. Little miss Lauren is perfect in every way and I believe you've even been privy to some of her demeaning rants about how immature girls are these day and how immodest they dress. Your assignment, is to expose her panties to everyone at the dance but there is a catch. She needs to show them long enough that everyone sees them for a good few minutes before she freaks out and runs. She also cannot know it was you that did it and you must catch the whole thing on camera. Once you are finished you will upload the video to me.

Once again so that I know you are on board reply with "yes, master".


Madi stood staring at the phone. She had no idea how to accomplish such a task but she replied. "yes, master". She had less than 24 hours to make this happen but she knew she had no choice. It was time to do what she did best, win.

    • Blackmail Part 2justinbloomers, Sat Nov 11 21:20
      Madi awoke the next day, having not slept well and reliving the night before. Could it all have been a dream? she wondered. She picked up her phone, saw the emails once again and knew it was real.... more
    • IntriguingHooked6, Fri Nov 10 19:43
      I too wonder how Madison will accomplish her task. Good introductory chapter.
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