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That Stupid Dream 8 (cont.)
Tue Nov 14, 2017 21:42


Standing there in front of Dan and Greg, totally naked, was such a thrill. That is until they mentioned that Chuck should be back soon. Chuck was the mechanic's foreman. Just as I was wondering where he was, I heard the outside door open. I turned and to my dismay, Chuck walked in with a little girl by his side. Not sure what to do, I turned to Dan and Greg for re-assurance. Dan said "Chuck had to pick his daughter up from school. She's only six and wasn't feeling well". My heart started racing again, as I realized I was naked in front of Chuck and his six year old daughter. Before I could gather my thoughts, the little girl said "Daddy...Is that the lady who doesn't know she's naked?" "Shhhhh", he instructed her, with his index finger over his lips.

Shhhhhh! That was all I had to hear. OMG! Chuck was shushing his daughter because they thought I didn't know I was naked, while this whole time I thought they (my co-workers) didn't know I was naked. I felt so ashamed. WTF? What Now? Instinct led me out of the shop area (without as much as a good bye or see ya later) into the warehouse. Without a thought about what I was doing, I was standing in the warehouse. Out of the 68 employees, 47 worked in this area. I could hear the buzz of the shipping and recieving areas, along with the motorized vehicles that ran up and down the isles pulling stock from the shelves for shipment. For the moment, no one was in sight, but I knew that would change.

Trust me, when I tell you, it's not possible to control the emotions you have when you think that no one around you knows you're naked (for whatever reason) then you find out they have seen everything you have (including your erect nipples and bald pussy) and think you're the one who is unaware. You are totally exposed and on display. What do you do? Listening and looking for a hiding place at the same time, I had no choice but to run the gauntlet to the office area.,

OMG! I'm naked! Everyone knows it! Really! Everyone! And now I know they know it. How many co-workers have seen my smooth, bare skin? My tits. My pussy. My ass. All I can do now is try to salvage what little dignity I have left, and pretend I have no idea that I am naked. What else could I do? I have been seen by countless people, including the company president. How do you act naturally in front of so many people when you are naked? Like I said earlier....The distance from euphoria to total degradation and humiliation is only a few seconds.

I started to walk down the last isle of shelves, hoping no one would see me as I tried to look for some cover for my rock hard nipples and tits, along with my slick, smooth pussy, wondering who would be next to enjoy my complete and total mortification. I became so disoriented trying to come to terms with my new found circumstances, I could barely get a reasonable thought in my head.

Wow. They think I am the one who is unaware of my nudity. The more I thought about all the people I had been exposed to, the hornier I became. I was so humiliated and yet I could barely keep my fingers from bringing myself to orgasm. As I contemplated the idea of masturbating myself to a climax in this isolated isle, I was interupted by yet another employee who would bring me to the lowest point of my human existance. Complete and total naked exposure! Little did I realize another employee would have the unique oportunity of bringing me to utter naked, hairless transparency. Everything I am, on display.

Over and over and over and over, I tried to remember what happened to my clothes. I thought I would be safe in this almost secure, end isle. 'But No!'..... Again, I was like a deer in the headlights, when a young kid, who I didn't know by name, came around the corner. Knowing I was supposed to be unaware of my nudity, I looked at this 18 year old kid and said. "Can I help you?" Imagine...being so 'exposed in front of this young 18 year old kid as he scanned my naked form from top to bottom. I should have been ashamed, but I wasn't. I was proud of my body.

"I am supposed to pick some china from this isle" he said, never taking his gaze from my bald pussy. Trying to come with terms with (should I tell him I know I'm naked) or (should I act like I had no idea I was naked) I responded with a casual "What are you looking for, and can I help you find it?" With his eyes never leaving my pussy, he mumbled "Maam. I forgot what I was supposed to get. I know I'm just an 18 year old kid, but I have never seen a naked woman".

"A naked woman? "What are you talking about?" I responded, knowing damn well I was naked. That's when I decided to know this young man.

    • That Stupid Dream 9Kelly, Fri Nov 24 22:22
      "Maam? Maam? Did you just call me maam?" I asked in a stern voice. "I may not be a young punk kid like you, but I am certainly no maam! I'm twenty eight", I continued with my hands on my hips,... more
      • That Stupid Dream 10Kelly, Sat Nov 25 22:44
        The warehouse was a large area. Over 40 employees worked there. Somehow I had to search out everyone and deliver their bonus checks and gifts. I asked Dillon for...'a moment'... so I could get in the ... more
        • That Stupid Dream 11Kelly, Fri Dec 1 20:33
          Dillon helped me gather the remaining envelopes and picked up the box. He looked me in the eye for the first time, then looked over my body from top to bottom. I knew he wanted to discuss my nudity,... more
          • Is it over?Anonymous, Sat Jan 13 14:24
            I still check this one regularly. I want to know what happens!
          • Re: That Stupid Dream 11Anonymous, Fri Dec 8 18:46
            Can we get an update on ch 12 Iím too excited to wait much longer I check this site multiple times a day hoping its ready!
            • Me too! (nm) (nm)Anonymous, Fri Dec 8 19:11
              • Me three!BeNekkid, Fri Dec 8 19:26
                Really enjoying this tale. Dying to see where it goes.
          • Beautiful beautiful Stoker, Sat Dec 2 03:28
            Part 12 can't come soon enough I love this so much 💜
        • Very goodCasanova, Thu Nov 30 05:14
          Love it. Please continue
        • Just a word of encouragementJB, Wed Nov 29 10:46
          I'm enjoying this.
        • the anticipation is killing me!!Stoker, Sun Nov 26 01:11
          Every chapter is great but oh how teasingly short they are! I have a theory about where this is all going, about WHY everyone seems so casual about her nudity, and I'm dying to find out if I'm... more
          • Yesbarefootra, Fri Dec 1 12:06
            So am I
      • Re: That Stupid Dream 9Anonymous, Fri Nov 24 23:05
        Really curious where this is going... I love it. You still going to be able to post 10 by the end of today?
    • Re: That Stupid Dream 8 (cont.)Anonymous, Wed Nov 22 10:22
      One of the best on here in a while please post more soon
      • SoonKelly, Wed Nov 22 21:11
        Thank you so much for the comments. I'm glad you are enjoying the story. I hope to post chapters 9 and 10 by Friday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    • Great twistbarefootra, Tue Nov 21 07:37
      The twist to finding out that everybody is aware and is playacting is excellent. What next I can't wait.
    • Almost Time for the Payoffgio2u, Tue Nov 21 06:17
      I love where you've taken this story! It feels like you're a chapter or two away from the ending so I hope you have time to write/release them soon!
    • This deserves more attention Stoker, Fri Nov 17 14:01
      This story is absurdly hot and the concept is pretty dang creative. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for updates!
      • Re: This deserves more attention Anonymous, Wed Dec 20 16:51
        This story needs to continue ASAP I canít take much more waiting
        • AgreedStoker, Thu Dec 21 01:07
          I check for updates every day
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