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rest of Part 2
Sun Dec 3, 2017 11:53

And now thankfully the moment was over and the ten recipients dispersed. The instructions were to mingle. The grownups converged on the scholarship winners. But before anyone could get to Tami the Dean got in front of her.

"Miss Smithers, if you don't mind, I need some words with you."

Tami followed the Dean out of the room with a feeling of foreboding. She then noticed that following her out were three other men. Of course they were all meticulously and formally dressed. She looked down as their shoes followed her bare feet through the doorway, down a hall, and out to the portico.

  • Tami, the Naked Freshman (Part 2)donnylaja, Sun Dec 3 11:52
    Part 2 On this windy, rainy Sunday in early December, the old bell tower struck twelve, resounding through the historic campus of Campbell-Frank College. Not many people were out around the dorms and ... more
    • rest of Part 2 — donnylaja, Sun Dec 3 11:53
      • Tami, the Naked Freshman (Part 3)donnylaja, Sun Dec 3 11:54
        Part 3 Tami felt like a prisoner walking to the stump to be beheaded. Bracing herself like a swimmer about to dive into a cold pool, she walked through the big red door held open by the Dean and out... more
        • rest of Part 3donnylaja, Sun Dec 3 11:54
          The kid from South Carolina stepped forward and began to recite in a pleasant-sounding southern accent. It was about trees or something. Tami had a hard time listening to it. She had an inkling of... more
          • Tami, the Naked Freshman (Part 4)donnylaja, Sun Dec 3 11:55
            Part 4 Percy Jorgon, age 52, Dean of Campbell - Frank College for three years, Assistant Dean at another college for eight years before that, was a longtime veteran of bureaucratic politics. He was... more
            • rest of Part 4donnylaja, Sun Dec 3 11:56
              Tami's heart was in her mouth as she finally, blessedly closed her legs, her toes pointing up to the ceiling. And now she did a backflip and landed her bare feet on the carpet, her chest stuck out... more
              • Tami, the Naked Freshman (Part 5)donnylaja, Sun Dec 3 11:57
                Part 5 When the Armor of Christ Scholarship reception was finally over, in mid-afternoon, Tami and her friends, walking out to the portico and hoping for a leisurely walk back to the dorm, found the... more
                • Tami, the Naked Freshman (Part 6)donnylaja, Sun Dec 3 11:57
                  Part 6 There was only one faculty who fit that description. "I've seen him," Dawn said. "Looks kind of scary." "He isn't, though he might be a little, you might say, chilly," Wanda said with a... more
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