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Tami, the Naked Freshman (Part 6)
Sun Dec 3, 2017 11:57

Part 6

There was only one faculty who fit that description. "I've seen him," Dawn said. "Looks kind of scary."

"He isn't, though he might be a little, you might say, chilly," Wanda said with a practiced giggle. "He was stationed at the South Pole and they would streak from their building to the Pole itself, and back, when it was one hundred degrees below zero Fahrenheit." She looked squarely at Tami with a smile. "Can you believe that? One hundred degrees below zero!"

Tami tried to hide her anger. Yeah, Wanda, you would know a lot about streaking! You dared me to streak, and I got caught and paid the price!

After a somewhat awkward silence Marisol said to Tami, "Hey chica. It's all of maybe twenty degrees out. Hot, for you. I've got some suntan lotion you can use." Female giggling among the clothed freshwomen broke the tension. The naked freshwoman tried to laugh along. But a chill colder than that outside seemed to fasten on her heart. Wanda knew about Kurilenko. Already! Tami herself had just heard about his "program" this morning at the reception. "Exercises to help you get through the winter ahead," he had said . . .

Wanda, probably thinking she had gone far enough for now, said, "Welcome to Sunday night in the winter, babies. The deadest part of campus life. . . Tell me, what would you rather be doing now?"

Tami's stomach was rumbling even though she had just eaten an hour ago. She started, bravely, "Eating a burrito. I love Mexican food. But they don't have it here." For some reason she was hungry already, despite having left the dining hall less than an hour ago.

"Yes," Mayree said. "I miss my Taco Bell."

"Ugh! Fast food!" Dawn said.

"No es comida chicana real," Marisol said in Spanish.

"Well then call me common," Mayree replied. "Mild sauce though. I can't take too much spice."

"I can," Tami said, "hot hot hot." She smiled and actually began to forget her condition and enjoy the conversation. Maybe to bug Wanda? "Mighty Taco, on Chalkstone Avenue, Providence. Their hottest is called 'suicidal'."

"Oh Dios, akkk!" Marisol said. She pressed her knees up to her neck, causing her breasts to bulge out on both sides. They jiggled as her stockinged feet padded a soft drumbeat on the tiled floor. "How can you stand it!"

"Well, Tami can stand a lot of things," Jen said. Her eyes were shining at her naked roommate admiringly, which Tami noticed.

From Bailey's room, "Rudolph" came on again. The girls all sighed in exasperation. And then giggled. Shenille, breaking character a little, gave a fake stage cry. "Torture . . . I'll say anything . . ."

"As for food, I miss falafel and tempeh," Dawn continued. She smiled at the expected reaction. "Ewwwww!!" "Granola head!"

"Me, I'd like a leg of turkey at Sylvia's in Harlem," Mayree said.

"Baychester Diner on East Two Thirty Third Street, Bronx," Marisol said. "Best lobster bisque ever."

"I believe," Shenille said, speaking with slightly self-mocking regal composure as her servant Mayree continued to do her hair, "A large Greek salad at Stavros's in Bridgeport would be in order."

A couple of the girls looked at Jen, wondering what she would say. They knew her dad was rich and she had been all over the world. What exquisite Monte Carlo restaurant would she mention? But her pretty African-American face tactfully kept its attention on everyone else's.

"What else do you miss?" Wanda said, the benevolent R.A. trying to get her charges through this boring time.

Again Tami led the way. "Horror movies." This came out of nowhere.

"Oh woman, you have extreme tastes!" Jen said.

Tami smiled, so at ease now that she momentarily forgot her nudity. "I put that on my application to this place. They wanted a list of our likes and dislikes."

"I remember that question," Rebecca said. "I hope they didn't take it seriously. I put that I liked peanut butter sandwiches."

"Well they accepted me to this place, so horror movies must be o.k."

"They're so violent," Dawn said, pointing out the obvious. "A reflection of our society."

"It's all make-believe, and an escape valve," a new voice said. It was Terri, Tami's other roommate, who had just walked in. "Whoa," she said to Jen, "our room has become the Hotel Vermont!"

Terri, as always, was well dressed, except for the Uggs that she wore out of necessity. As she unwrapped her scarf and took off her coat, they saw her long business skirt and tan buttoned-up blouse. Her blonde hair was flecked with bits of snow. "So what corporate boardroom were you just in?" Jen said. Terri was a well-known go-getter and multi-tasker.

"Business Club meeting," Terri said. She posed like a model. "I am now the Vice President! I get to start the coffee machine for the meetings!"

"Oooohhh," everyone said.

"Must be frightening to have that much power," Mayree said, smirking as she did Queen Shenille's hair.

Now with a wink at Tami, Terri said, "Your friend Rod was there."

Jen said, "Yes!" Looking at the others' puzzled faces, she said, "Rod asked Tami to the Black Formal!"

Tami blushed and looked down. She did think Rod was cute. Now a rising chorus of "Woooo!!!"

Rebecca, a little confused, said, "I wonder how many white people show up at that?"

Mayree reassured her. "We always get a few. I'm on the dance committee and we make sure the posters are where white students can see them. They say, 'All Welcome'."

Wanda was surprised and maybe a little intrigued. "Tami, so you're going to the Black Formal with Rod Sykes?"

Tami nodded, not knowing what to make of Wanda's interest.

"He must think you're really cute," Wanda said jovially.

Jen said, "Well obviously. How could anyone not be in love with Tami?" She was, too, but couldn't find a way to express it. And now it looked like Rod was in the way. . .

"Anyway," Terri said, feeling like the current topic was embarrassing Tami, and settling on the bunk next to Marisol, "I like horror movies too."

"The Nightmare on Elm Street series, that was the best," Tami said.

"I like Freddy's sense of humor," Terri said. "Remember that one where he broke that guy's bottle of champagne and was about to slash him with it, and he said, 'Bad year, Dan!'"

"Yes! Yes!" Tami laughed, her breasts jiggling, her bare toes digging into the floor. She even risked looking at Wanda.

"I prefer Chuckie, myself," Terri said.

"Too bad the movies they show here are so moldy," Jen said. She was referring to the Sunday Night Movie Series, in the Student Union. It was an effort to relieve the boringness of Sunday nights. But turnout was low because of the movies shown, mostly old-folks fare like "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "Xanadu".

"Yeah I know," Wanda said. "I'm on the board of that committee, but they always want to play it safe. I've even proposed horror movies, but . . ." She shrugged.

"Fighting the good fight," Tami said, smiling at Wanda, perhaps more in defiance than in appreciation. See! I can get along just fine being naked! Still . . . she took a deep breath and wondered if she really could . . .

A blast of grainy snow at the windows made Tami shudder.

"The 'Saw' movies, though, that was going too far," Terri said.

"Oh God," Jen said, covering her face, cowering for once. "Torture porn! No!"

"They're not so bad," Tami said, suddenly feeling warm again, reaching over, patting Jen's hand playfully. "I've seen two or three. It's just more of the same, with more inventive ideas." She tried not to notice the sensation as her bare nipple brushed against her Calculus III workbook. "There was one where a guy woke up and had to get a key that was implanted behind his eyeball. He had to tear his own eye out with a scalpel."

"Oh Jesus! . . . Tami, you are a piece of work," Mayree said, shutting her eyes and shaking her head, finishing the last of Shenille's unraveled extensions by finger touch alone.

"So what's the movie tonight?" Rebecca said, looking at the clock on Jen's desk. She actually enjoyed the usual fare. "It's only ten minutes to showtime."

"I don't know," Wanda said, shrugging.

"You've got the paper," Terri pointed out.

"Oh right! Duh . . ." Wanda unrolled it from her hand and looked. "Ohmigod! Ohmigod! The apocalypse is arrived!"

"What? What??" everyone asked.

"It's one of the 'Saw' movies!"

Tami hopped up, along with her breasts. "Which one?"

"Saw III. . . seen it?"

"I don't think I've seen that one," Tami said.

"Let's go!" Jen said. "I'll close my eyes at the bad parts."

"You might as well be blind," Tami said. "Thank you Wanda!!"

"I'll go too," Terri said, standing up. "Anyone else?"

"I can't," Wanda said with a shrug. "Too much homework. Besides, I have to make a call or two."

Tami's sensitive ears detected a hint of intrigue. But she quickly returned to thinking of escaping into the world of horror movies. Even though it seemed no one else was up for it. "Us three then," Jen said. She and Terri got up to the closet for their coats. Tami stood up her naked self awkwardly.

They looked at the window as another blast hit it. Then "Rudolph" started up again.

"Just run like hell, Tam!" Jen said. "If they can do it at the South Pole you can do it here. And it's less than a hundred yards. And anything to get away from Bailey's CD!"

Tami bit her lip again. Then off they went, the three residents of Room 207 leaving their friends behind in their room, the muffled clomping of Uggs and the slapping of bare feet disappearing down the hall.

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