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Primrose’s Wedding: A Bride of a Different Feather
Tue Dec 5, 2017 17:21

This is a prequel of my previous story; Primrose Has Her Cake. It covers Primrose’s earlier wedding to her first husband and is a tale of equally embarrassing experiences.


Primrose DuBois was a beauty of 23 years old when she decided she should take advantage of her friendly relationship with Miles Jameson. The ginger-haired Miles was what she considered a soft, somewhat effeminate young man but his family was fabulously wealthy and if Primrose could betroth Miles, she would be very comfortable for the rest of her life. After all, who was to say she couldn’t play the field so to speak, if Miles did not satisfy her considerable needs. The weakling Miles would never have the guts to confront her let alone ask for a divorce if he ever suspected her of cheating.

After an accelerated wooing, Primrose postured herself for becoming his fiancé. The trouble was the nervous Miles would never pop the question. No matter how Primrose led him on with necking and heavy petting, the boy would not commit. Primrose had to come up with a plan to reel him in. While dating him, she learned Miles was enamored with old fashioned lingerie such as seamed stockings, girdles, silky panties, pushup bras, and suspender belts. As she was keen on these as well and had a good collection started, her foundation underwear would be the foundation Prim's strategy! Throughout the courtship, Primrose was always using her bountiful and beautiful body, her practiced talents for teasing, and her sexy vintage lingerie to lead the old-fashioned Miles closer to proposing marriage. One particular night, as Miles was in a heightened state of arousal, Prim flashed her retro suspender belt and fully fashioned stocking tops to him and said, “Miles, if we were to be husband and wife, I will wear undies like these every day to both tease and please you.” Miles flushed then gushed, “When can we consummate our relationship, my dear Primmy?” “What a pathetic boy!” she thought to herself, but she dutifully cooed back in Miles’ ear “Only after we are wed, lover” as she mischievously squeezed his erection firmly with both hands. Miles nearly feinted. Her plan was foolproof, or so she thought.


By these means, Primrose coerced Miles to finally propose marriage and the wedding was set for July. Both Primroses’ father Gerald, and Miles’s somewhat dominatrix-like mother Alessandra, ensured the nuptials would be the biggest social event of the summer in Puttyville. The families opened their checkbooks to reserve the cathedral and its lawns for the outside party. They selected the best caterers and ordered hundreds of flowers. The wedding date coincided with the big city summer festival and even the arrival a circus. The guest list exceeded five hundred invitees, and a professional photographer was booked to take pictures and film the ceremony. The parents even invited the local television station to cover the spectacle. In anticipation for the big day (and night), Miles gave Primrose a beautiful diamond ring, a pearl necklace, platinum earrings, and lots of sexy lingerie. He also arranged for her to have a custom wedding gown made by the fashionable Beth’s Dress Shop. Primrose gladly accepted the gifts from Miles but would not dream of having sex with him until required by marriage. Even after the wedding, she imagined she would have many “headaches”. The idea of making whoopee with this wussy made her feel queasy.
As the wedding plans solidified, Miles’s sister Genevieve, who Miles invited to be in the wedding party, began to understand what was going on between the couple. She understood Primrose was a greedy gold-digger out for her own interests and cared little for Miles beyond his family's bank account. Genevieve also became aware Primrose had her eyes on certain Edward French, a new accounting manager from Bastermats Chemicals where Primrose was recently employed as a junior operations manager. To protect her foppish brother, Genevieve would do nearly anything. She would definitely be on the lookout for any shenanigans while thinking of how to get rid of the predator Primrose.

The younger sister Genevieve was both strong and attractive and had continuously protected her weakling brother through childhood and adolescence from all sorts of embarrassing situations. Once for example, some girls from the high school girls’ field hockey team ambushed the young Miles in the park while he was walking home from school. After roughing him up a bit, they relieved him of his pants, shoes, and shirt leaving him cowering in his briefs. After having a good laugh at the embarrassed boy, the mean girls then peeled off his skivvies and left the hapless teen completely naked. Exposed in the middle of the afternoon, the red-faced Miles streaked away and hid in some bushes until Genevieve came along. She drove off the taunting teens and loaned Miles her cheerleader practice uniform she was carrying in her gym bag. Miles looked ridiculous in the tiny pink sport bra and matching too-small boy-short panties emblazoned with the school moto, the Cup Cakes. The top stretched across his chest, his midriff was bare, and the panty-shorts just barely covered his rising wiener leaving a third of his bottom exposed. The breeze tickled his naked flesh. As he minced home closely crouching behind his sister, he felt not only utterly humiliated, but strangely aroused wearing the revealing girly clothing in a public park. He was careful to not poke Genevieve’s bottom with his boner!


Primrose could not wait to design her own dress. She went to the shop to be fitted as soon as possible. In her designer heels, Prim clicked into Beth’s Dress and Formal Shop and haughtily announced she wanted the finest gown possible and it must be ready by July. Cost was no object, she declared. She wanted a form-fitting, strapless mermaid style with many buttons up the back. Beth recommended the mermaid style may not be best for the voluptuous Primrose, but was quickly reminded by the bossy bride-to-be, "I know what I want!" “Ok,” thought Beth, “I will have some fun with this annoying, self-centered tart”. She told Primrose, “first things first Ma’am, we start with the bare figures!” Primrose was discomfited the shop proprietor not only insisted she strip off her sleek leather dress, but Beth also intended to measured her height and weight. Prim walked toward the dressing room, but Beth told her it was closed because it was just painted today. Beth asked her teenage assistant Tina to lock up the shop and pull the curtains. Apprehensively, Primrose unzipped the leather sheath dress and wriggled out of it. She stood now in the dress shop showroom in her unmentionables with only the thin shears drawn to prevent passersby from peeking in. Primrose was left in her slip and a white pushup bra trimmed with pink flowers. Her magnificent breasts filled the cups and threatened to spill out the top of her bra along the lace edging. Tina giggled at Prim’s choice of underwear as Primrose’s face reddened. Prim still wore her white petti-slip, although Beth thought she could make out the lines of garters beneath the thin silk. “The slip has to go for accuracy”, Beth announced smiling as she was completely enjoying herself. The mortified Primrose pushed the slip down her luscious hips and Beth inhaled sharply when she saw what was beneath. Primrose wore a pink smoothing/shaping garter belt that rose high above her waist. It almost seemed to be a girdle of sorts. The belt’s four sturdy garters anchored a pair of nude fully fashioned seamed stockings snugly against Primrose’s full thighs. Beneath, Primrose wore no panties and the garter belt did a wonderful job framing her trimmed brown bush and full, shapely derriere. “Wow, we have a commando here!” Beth shouted and patted Prim on her ass. Tina laughed out loud. The scarlet-faced Primrose squeaked “everything was in the wash” as she clapped her hands over her sex. Beth told Primrose to stand on a small box near the windows in her heels, stockings, garter belt, and brassiere. Primrose was terrified to see Tina did not close the drapes, only the thin shears. Atop the box, she could see above the sheers people on the street. She imagined they could see her nearly naked shoulders elevated in the middle of the showroom. No one seemed to notice though. Beth wrapped the measuring tap around her body and she called out the measurements to Tina who recorded them. “36, 24, 37 inches, likely a size 6” she announced. Primrose protested, “I am not a size 6, I am a 4”. The proprietor playfully swatted Primrose’s bare bottom and reminded her, “Who is designing dress?” “Owie”, peeped Prim as she jerked her knee up in reaction to the unexpected spank. “You are!”..…then silently to herself "you witch" Primrose muttered.

Beth told the blushing Primrose to mount the scales in the corner near the dressing rooms. “I don’t know why you are doing this, I told you I am five-foot-nine, and weigh one hundred and thirty-five pounds!” Primrose complained. Beth stood very close to Primrose and operated the counterweights with a big grin. “One hundred and forty-nine ponds exactly, you must have had some lunch?” Beth quipped. The uncomfortable Primrose huffed miserably as Beth told her to turn around and adjusted the height scale. Prim squirmed and exclaimed “ooooh” as she could feel the lower part of cold metal ruler slide against the cleft of her large bottom. Beth said “Stand up very straight with your hands at your sides. Ok, sixty-nine inches, you are correct there”. Just then, Al the painter came out from the dressing room area saying, “Beth, we are nearly done back....WOW-ZAA! "What do we have here?" "Eeeeek", dropping to a crouch, Primrose squealed in embarrassment with one hand over her bush and the other over her barely-contained boobs. By stooping forward though, she pushed her bottom, or rather bottomed out, firmly against the cold ruler now mashed against two very sensitive private areas. "Aahhhh".... as Primrose leapt off the scale and performed a comic panic dance twirling in humiliation which really enabled Al to see all her charms including her breasts as they had popped from their cups and their nipples were standing at attention. “This keeps getting better” Al exclaimed as Beth. She told him to “GET OUT” and handing Primrose her clipboard, pushed the hungry-eyed painter toward the door. Primrose desperately tried to restore her modesty with the clipboard. Then to her horror, Primrose watched Al open the front door to the busy Main Street sidewalk. He bolted out leaving the door wide open as several passersby peered in. They laughed loudly to see the furiously blushing Primrose somewhat covered but were treated to the sight of Primrose’s stocking tops, garter belt, and spectacular boobs. One boy pointed at her quivering bottom protruding from the her shaper belt, “what a fabulous ass!” Beth overhead the boy and chuckled to herself “how right the lad was”. Primrose stared back with big open eyes and mouth comically agape as she clutched the clipboard to her tits and bush. She then began to hyperventilate as Beth slammed the door and bolted it. “Come, come now dear, we will get you back together. Only a couple of people saw anything and this wedding will make them forget all about it.” Was Beth sure right about that!

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      Happy New Year All! I apologize this is so delinquent. I am learning story writing is tougher than I thought! I will try to do better in 2018. The Day before the Wedding Beth had arranged for the... more
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        Happy New Year All! I apologize this is so delinquent. I am learning story writing is tougher than I thought! I will try to do better in 2018. The Day before the Wedding Beth had arranged for the... more
      • Good BuildupFrank, Sat Dec 23 20:00
        Good story so far, I like the buildup, any chance to hear more?
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