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RP: Tami, the Naked Freshman, Part 7
Wed Dec 6, 2017 08:39

Part 7

"EEEE!! EEEE!! EEEE!!" The naked freshwoman dashed half-blindly through the sandy blizzard, immediately numb from the cold, yet half-laughing, knowing she would be inside the Student Union in a minute or two, and bathed in the warmth of the support and good humor of her two roommates, who, burdened with coats and hats and scarves and boots, were lagging behind her as her insensate bare feet knifed through the quickly rising accumulation of grainy snow.

The lights ahead, shrouded in a kind of fog at first but then getting clearer and brighter, told her she was almost through it. Finally her hand grabbed the handle of the glass door and, with a huge heave that almost caused her soles to slip on the icy-cold smooth concrete, it opened.

The Student Union lobby welcomed her into its warmth. A clothed person would think it was freezing, with the draft from outside and the inadequate radiators, but to the naked girl just in from the blizzard it seemed warm and almost hot. She found herself standing on the dirty tile, her bare feet squirming on the grit and cigarette butts, and facing the astonished faces of dozens of students, mostly freshmen like herself, standing in front of her and around her in their heavy clothes wet with slowly melting snow.

After a long second they applauded! It was the muffled applause of gloved hands, but accompanied by the odd cry of "Yay, Naked Tami!", her recently and predictably acquired nickname.

Tami had not yet learned to be proud of her perfect body, her firm 34C breasts, her concave tummy, thin hips, finely toned butt and legs. She blushed with shame, but knew that Wanda or the Dean must have spies present and she dare not betray the slightest sign of modesty, the slightest move of her hands to cover her breasts or crotch. She instead tried to act like a clothed person, and wrung the snow out of her hair with her fingers.

Now the door flew open behind her, she felt another blast of cold on her butt, and Jen and Terri stomped in, shaking the snow from their boots. "Jesus Clanking Armor of Christ!" Jen said, shaking the snow from her coat like a dog shaking wet fur.

Tami felt tingling in her toes and then her thighs and breasts as sensation came back. She still was catching her breath, intensely conscious of her nipples heaving into everyone's faces. Yet this was not so bad as the spectacle of her Big Bare Catholic Boobs in that room of elegantly attired grownups. These here were kids, just like herself.

With the return of feeling to her thighs she felt something warm running down her legs and for a weird moment thought she was peeing. She looked down to see the thick thatch of impacted snow stuck to her pubic hair. Without thinking she bent her legs open a little, and scooped it out and flung it to the floor. Everyone laughed, at a sight they could never have imagined. Jen and Terri laughed. And Tami found herself laughing too!

A little more relaxed, but still desperately aching for clothes and shoes, Tami got on line and filed into the multipurpose room with the others. Homer, the grounds crew chief, a guy in a wheelchair and baseball cap, had thoughtfully set up a coffee urn that some were taking advantage of. With the wind and snow beating outside on this Sunday night, this little lobby was a solitary cocoon, and outpost of warmth and civilization. The kids were glad to be here, together.

The multipurpose room had been set up with a big screen and maybe a hundred and fifty chairs, almost all filled up. A little hand-drawn sign said, "Tonight's Film: Saw III". Someone had written "yuck!" under it. Tami, loving horror films, led Terri and Jen to the front row. "No, not so close!" Terri said. "It's the only way to see horror," Tami said. Also, in front she would be mostly hidden from everyone's eyes. All they could see of her from behind would be her bare shoulders.

It took a few moments for Homer's assistant Omar to get the old-style projector going. Meanwhile Terri and Jen took off their coats and flung them on the chairs to either side. Tami was in the middle, parking her bare butt onto the cold metal of the folding chair. After a few seconds her roommates put their coats back on. "Why don't they turn up the heat in this place?" Terri said. "What do you mean?" her naked roommate said, fanning her face with her hand. "It's pretty hot in here!"

They were shushed by the brightening up of the screen, and garbled sound. Then, "oh shit, damn it, man" from Omar behind them. "Awwww," came the general lament, which Tami and Terri and Jen joined in. "Don't worry, folks, I'll get it," Omar said in his thick, good-natured Mexican accent. He had been dragooned by Homer into fighting his way through the blizzard and trying to operate this ancient equipment and knew that Homer now owed him big-time.

Jeffrey Dillon swept by them, with his curly blond hair and long Doctor Who coat, accompanied by his boyfriend Trent, equally tall. "Hey Tam, looking good," he said. As he settled down next to Terri's coat he looked over and said, "Love your boobs sticking out, Dudette. They look like twin towers."

Terri and Jen laughed. So did Tami, as she and Jeffrey, talking across Terri, discussed the little rings he was always adding to his coat. They talked easily, as girls will with gay guys. Odd that while all the straight guys on campus feasted on Tami's nakedness with unspoken lust, only Jeffrey was out loud about Tami's magnificent pulchritude. Meanwhile Jen looked sideways at Tami's breasts, which stuck out straight despite being without a bra for three months. Twin towers indeed!

The screen lit up again and this time it looked for real. "Lionshead Pictures", now the scary logo for the director, and now . . . "Saw III"!

Terri and Jen bit their lips and determined to sit through. This old guy was dying of cancer and looked half dead. Now he's being operated on, without anesthesia. Skull being cut, blood spurting out. A few "ewwws!" from the crowd. Tami ate it up, crossing her legs and sitting back. Jen noticed that she was idly twirling her pubic hair with her fingers, the same casual way someone else would rub a button on her coat, a sign of nervous excitement. A naked person with her own nonverbal language.

Now there's some kind of revenge plot the old guy has cooked up. The lady surgeon was fitted with a collar made up of guns aiming at her head. Tami giggled. "Oh give me a break!" someone said. Now, a half-stoned looking guy in a bathrobe waking up in an abandoned factory. It's always an abandoned building in a horror movie, Terri thought. You KNOW something awful is behind the next rusted door. She put her gloves back on. It really was cold in here. She looked over to Tami, who was rubbing her shoulders. Tami's feeling it, finally. As the minutes went by -- nothing horrible just yet -- she began to get concerned for her roommate. The light was dim, but she thought she could see goosebumps on Tami's thighs. The bare toes were jammed into the crotches of her knees. The metal chair must feel like ice under her bare butt.

Now the bathrobe guy opened a big metal door and found himself locked in a big freezer. This freezer was really, really cold. He was shivering, breath coming out in overly thick clouds (bad special effects? intentionally exaggerated?) and the air was blue. Must be a deep freezer, way below zero. Terri looked across. Tami had gasped and was hunched over, hugging herself. During a silent moment she could hear her naked roommate shivering. Jen heard it too.

The bathrobe guy turned around and there was a naked woman hanging by her handcuffed hands! She was dead, her hair frozen to her head. The bathrobe guy approached. Her head looked up with a loud crash of nightmare music. She was not dead!

Terri and Jen heard a choking like sound from Tami, hunched over and shivering.

"Help me," the frozen naked lady pleaded. "I'm so cold . . ."

It turned out the key that would unlock her hands was behind some kind of freezer pipe that the guy couldn't reach. And now the lady was sprayed all over with cold water, from nozzles aimed at her from every direction! She yelled with agony as the water froze to her immediately. The water stopped and the bathrobe guy argued with her about something. She tried to speak but her face was half caked with ice. She begged for her life and the guy tried to reach the key again to save her.

Again she got the all-over cold water shower. How cold was it in there? Terri remembered what someone said, who had been in Alaska once, about what happens when it's forty below. Water freezes before it even reaches the ground.

Some guy behind them reflected her thoughts. "It must be forty below in there." Now the ice was so thick that the bathrobe guy looked around and saw the lady's face motionless behind a sheet of ice, eyes open in horror. She must be dead, or maybe just barely breathing. The guy made a final jab and got the key, freezing part of his face off in the process. But when he reached up to try the key the lady's hands, and the handcuffs, were encased in an inch of ice and inaccessible. The lady was dead now, somewhere in a thick sarcophagus of white that had only the approximate shape of a naked, hanging woman. The bathrobe guy sobbed and stumbled out of the deep freezer, the forty-below-zero freezer.

The scene switched to the lady surgeon up in a control booth, with the gun collar on, looking at a monitor of the frozen-dead, suspended lady. Now Tami unwrapped her arms and legs and lurched out of her seat. "Exc - cuse me," she said, crouching down so as not to be seen as she stumbled out to the bathroom.

Shortly after, Terri followed her. A minute later, as Jen tried to deal with another gruesome scene, Terri returned and motioned for Jen to follow her.

They were standing outside the women's room. "That scene really f**ked Tami up," Terri said.

"I could kind of tell."

"She's in there crying."

When they went in they found Tami in the stall. She let them come in and they saw her perched up on the toilet, shivering, hugging herself, rubbing her toes with her fingers as if to warm them. She moaned softly. "Oh -- oh -- oh -- oh"

"Tami, are you all right?" Jen said stupidly.

"Oh - oh - I'll - b-b-b-be o k-k-k-kayyy."

Clearly she was not o.k. What she needed was to be back in her room. But to go through that blizzard again!

Jeffrey and Trent were called in for help. Fortunately when Trent was sent to look outside he saw the blizzard was over. It was cold and still out, with just an occasional gust. "Come on, Tam, we'll carry you back," Jen said in her soft voice. And so the four friends carried their naked friend back over the swirled grainy snow, the treacherous ice patches, her butt in Jeffrey's arms, her head and shoulders in Terri's hands, Jen and Trent holding up each leg. Meanwhile Tami shivered and quaked, her concave tummy heaving up and down, her toes jerking wildly.

Five minutes later Tami sat on her bare mattress, not wanting to touch the cold concrete wall with her back, hunched forward cross-legged, in much the same position as she had sat on the metal folding chair in the multipurpose room. She tried to hide herself, though to the sympathetic eyes around her she seemed to be just trying to get warm.

Standing around her with concern were Terri, Jen, Jeffrey, Trent, Rebecca, Marisol, Dawn and Shenille. The door was open, and out in the hall, a few other girls had gathered in their bathrobes and fluffy slippers. The word had passed around. Naked Tami was freaking out!

"Is there anything we can do?" Rebecca said.

Tami, appearing not to hear, whimpered, "She w-w-was . . . s-s-s-o . . . c-c-c-coldddd. . ."

There was a separating of girls outside and then Wanda, the R.A., walked in. Her face registered shock as she looked down at the cowering naked girl, one of her freshman charges. "What's going on?"

"She was f**ked up by that movie," Terri said.

"I thought she liked horror," Wanda said.

"This was . . . different. It had a naked lady, being tortured with cold."

"Tortured with cold?"

"Hung up naked and sprayed with water in a deep freezer," Jen said, looking at Tami as if she was that lady in the movie, "until she froze to death."

"God almighty," Wanda said, shaking her head, as if never ceasing to be amazed at the outrageousness of horror movies. There was a long moment when everyone looked at Tami and also was waiting for Wanda to say something. Finally she said, "Let's leave her alone. No, Jen, you stay with her. She needs private time."

They went out into the hallway. Wanda closed the door. She looked at all of them and said, "That girl needs to be wrapped up in warm clothes. Immediately."

Rebecca said, "But it's against her religion."

"Against her religion!" Wanda said in a loud whisper, as if making sure Tami couldn't hear her through the closed door. "Look, I know she's a nice girl, and everyone likes her, but this is just another kid with a crazy idea. I've seen a few in my time as R.A. We had one girl last year, she had really thick glasses, half blind, then one day she declared that Jesus had 'healed' her eyesight and she took the glasses off. She spent all day bumping into things. Then she fell down stairs and almost broke her neck. We had to talk those glasses back on. Didn't force her, just talked her into it. Probably saved her life."

Wanda opened the door a crack and peeked inside. Then closed it again. "This is worse. Much worse."

"It's only a movie. She won't see anything like that again," Terri said.

"Oh but she'll LIVE it. Maybe not forty degrees below zero, but close to it. That dash through the blizzard was just the beginning. There's three months of winter ahead. What's the record low here, twenty-seven below? If she's going to react like -- like *that* -- pointing her head to the door -- to just a movie, how will it be when she feels that cold for real? You know, the anthro department has set up exercises for her to deal with the cold. I'm supposed to help. But now I see we are headed for a major freakout, a psych ward admission, if this goes on." They were stunned by her words, by the sudden sense that the stakes were very high here. Now she looked over to Jeffrey. "If you don't mind, I'd like you to take that long coat off and give it to her to put on."

"But . . ." Rebecca protested weakly.

"I know, you're a religious type, Rebecca," Wanda said. "But I'm responsible for the well-being of all the girls on this wing, and it's something that has to be done." No one around her could disagree. At the moment Wanda's moral authority was overwhelming. Jeffrey obediently took off his coat. He gave it to Wanda, who gave it to Terri.

"It's better if you do it," Wanda said. "I don't want her to feel threatened, just urged in a friendly way. We'll stay out here. Ask Jen to help. Let me know when she's got it on." Wanda absently took a smart phone out of her bathrobe pocket, as if to check the time.

Terri went in silently with Jeffrey's coat and closed the door. Wanda and the girls outside listened closely.

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