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Claire and the Boys Next Door - FanFic P1
Sun Jan 7, 2018 01:23

I havenít contributed to this board in quite a while. Life has conspired to engage me in pursuits not conducive to my writing, and Iím saddened by that. I enjoyed the comradery and the eroticism that this board offered to me in the past, but itís been difficult to dedicate time to my writing.

JascoM has written the Claire and the Boys Next door series, and not only have I enjoyed and identified with the character he created, but I have been inspired by her. This week, the week after New Years, I have been off work, while my SO has been going to the office. On Friday, after eagerly reading the latest installment of JascoMís story, I was inspired to write the next chapter. Originally it was because I couldnít wait, and I wanted to get my ideas out there, but JascoM has graciously agreed to allow me to post my story as fan fiction on this site. I want to specify here that this is pure fan fiction, and is in no way to be assumed to be canon in the universe that Jas has created. I have taken slight liberties with the characters that Jas has created, and this may not be in line with the direction or development that he wanted his characters to move.

If you enjoy Jasís characters, but do not enjoy the direction Iíve taken them here, please do not let this detract from Jasís future postings.

Thank you all!


Friday night, Tom text messaged me, and asked if 3:00 would be okay for me to come around to his house. His parents would be out until late, and we would be undisturbed. I was a little apprehensive to be alone with him, but my desire to see what he had in mind was winning out. Plus, I knew that I could trust him Ė he was always very respectful, and much more so than Jim. I tried to get him to hint at what his plans for me were, but he gave nothing away. I even asked if I should wear anything special, and he told me that anything was find, but to please bring back the maids' outfit in a bag.

The next day I was at loose ends, waiting for 3:00 to come, my mood changing from nervous excitement to second guessing. There was a very real part of me that wanted to txt him and call it off, and go to the mall or the movies. But I knew that part of me wouldn't really win Ė that I would arrive at his door and learn what Tom, the shyest of my opportunists, had in store for me. Just like my mood, the time vacillated as it ticked toward the appointed time. It passed at snail's pace, each tick of the hallway clock echoing into an improbably long silence before the corresponding tock finally came. Then, suddenly, an hour would jump by unnoticed, so that I was double checking against my phone clock to ensure I hadn't misread the hands. Back and forth, the passage of time shifted, teasing and taunting me with its uneven passage, until, suddenly, it was 2:30 and I hadn't decided what to wear yet. I sprinted up the stairs, and quickly selected a sexier pair of pink silky nylon panties and matching bra. The bra cups were fine eyelet lace pattered, which allowed a hint of skin to peek through, so that the transition from my breasts to nipples could be discerned as the smallest suggestion of color change. The panties were a tanga back (not quite as small as a thong, but not the full coverage of a brief or standard bikini), with the same lace pattern in the front, presenting the dark outline of my pubic hair with shape and size, but not graphically displaying anything.

I stood in indecision then. He had said not to worry about what I wore, but I still wanted to look good, without looking overeager. I didn't want to arrive in the frumpy sweats I'd pulled on after my shower, but also didn't think that a sundress would be appropriate. Finally, I decided on sporty-cute, and selected a pair of powder-blue short nylon running shorts and a graphic t-shirt, white, with a superhero's emblem across the front. I should probably have known the name of the hero, but I'd honestly bought the shirt because I knew that geeky girls were considered hotter, and it fit me wonderfully. The shirt was tight without appearing overly so, and the bottom hem stopped just at the top of my shorts, so that my bare midriff would be exposed with almost any movement on my part.

Completing the desired look, I pulled my hair quickly into a high pony and freshened my makeup, what little I was wearing. Satisfied with my face and hair, I grabbed a pair of no-show socks, and donned my running shoes.

I had ten minutes, which was just about perfect, so tossing my phone into the larger purse into which I'd earlier neatly folded and placed the maid's outfit, I let myself out the front door. Only on the short walk to Tom's house did the butterflies return. As I'd stressed about my appearance, the gravity of where I was going and why had momentarily escaped me. Now, as I walked up Tom's driveway, I got that recently-all-too-familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach as I considered the fact that I was voluntarily walking to the home of a boy who would soon be asking me to dress in what would likely be provocative, revealing clothes Ė or less Ė because I "owe" him for letting me borrow such an outfit that I wore for another man. The absurdity of this would have made me laugh, had my desire to show myself to Tom Ė or more accurately have Tom want to see me Ė not been so strong.

The doorbell chimed twice, bing-bong, and the door opened immediately, as though he'd been watching me come up the walk.

"Come on in," he said cheerfully.

Feeling the butterflies taking wing anew in my belly, I stepped across the threshold as he closed the door behind me.

"I love the flash!" he enthused, his eyes breaking contact with mine to travel down my body.

It took me a moment to figure out what he was saying. My brain was caught up in why I was there, and so "flash" took on a different meaning. I felt my face flush at the same time that I realized the name of the superhero whose emblem was stretched across my chest.

"Cute shorts, too," he mused, as his eyes passed down my body and started gliding back up.

I wasn't sure what to say, and didn't know what his expectation was, but my brain was still almost entirely focused on different scenarios that might come to pass. I wondered if he would want to see the maid's outfit on me, which made me remember my handbag. "I didn't forget." I mumbled, pulling the costume out and thrusting it awkwardly at him. A single stocking dropped to the floor as he stared at me, confused, for the briefest moment.

"Thanks," he smiled, taking the bundle from my outstretched hand as I bent to retrieve the fallen item.

"My parents don't really allow shoes in the house," he said, eyeing my feet meaningfully before turning on his heel and walking down the hallway. I hastily kicked off my shoes, stuffed my little socks into each, dropped my purse on top of them, and trotted after him, my bare feet slapping lightly on the tile floor. When I rounded the corner, he was standing in the kitchen, leaning against a counter with the table to his right. Straight in front of him was the family room, with a sofa and two chairs facing the empty fireplace, the television mounted to the wall above it. Looking around, I spotted the pile of fabric that was the maid's dress and stockings, and placed the loose article in my hand on top.

"Thanks for coming," he said, smiling shyly.

"I said I would," I replied, still unsure of what I should do or say.

"I know. But thanks all the same," he shrugged.

I slowly started to realize that he was as nervous as I was, although for different reasons.

"What did you have in mind for today?" I asked coyly, not wanting to rush things, but curious all the same. "I didn't even ask earlier how long I'd be here."

"Oh," he replied thoughtfully. "I hadn't thought of that. Do you have plans?"

He was such a gentleman. Jim would not have cared. Or at least not much. He would have let me go, of course, but he would have made me feel guilty. I got the impression that, had I told him I only had ten minutes, he would have been disappointed, but would have hidden his frustration from me and let me go cheerfully.

"No plans," I replied. "I guess I'll want dinner at some point..." I trailed off, shrugging slightly.

"I hadn't thought," he replied. "You'll probably be home by dinner. Unless you wanted to hang out..." He added, hopefully, it sounded.

"We'll see later, I guess."

We both stood uncertainly for a moment before he broke the silence. "I don't really know how to start."

"Well," I replied, forcing confidence into my voice. "I guess I owe you a favor, and you wanted to collect. Why don't you tell me what you want?"

"Um..." He said, flushing slightly and breaking eye contact, staring at my bare feet. "I was thinking I wanted to do something... different from when it's me and Jim," he replied.

"Different how?" I asked. I tried to keep my voice light, but I was a little nervous. I didn't want to have to fend off the wrong kind of attention, but I also didn't want to discourage him from his plans if they were innocent.

"Well, I guess I wanted to... kind of... really study you, if that's okay?" He turned it into a question at the end, which I found kind of endearing.

"Are you asking me, or telling me?" I asked, a little more confident now.

He paused for a moment, perhaps taken aback at my directness. "Telling?" He replied, the question obvious in his voice.

"I owe you a favor. You asked me to come over so you could collect," I said, bringing things back on track. "If you want me to do something, just tell me what to do."

Tom smiled then, catching on. I had always wanted to be told Ė not asked Ė to do things, and I could see him making that connection in his head.

"I feel like I've gotten to see your body pretty well," he replied, blushing furiously, but maintaining eye contact. "But today I wanted to... I mean I am going to... really look at you. Close up. And stuff" he said, losing a little steam at the end.

"Oh," I replied. I almost said "okay," but I was working not to seem like I was enjoying myself too much. "Why didn't you want Jim here?" I asked, the question popping from my mouth as it entered my head.

"He tends to want things to progress... differently," Tom replied thoughtfully. "I have, well, my ideas, but he kind of pushes things his way"

I smiled in response to his openness. He was being very honest with me, and it was enjoyable to see him in this new light, away from Jim's influence. He was actually much sweeter than I'd thought.

"Would you like to come into the family room?" he asked.

"Is that what you want me to do?"

"Please, join me in the family room," he corrected himself, gesturing for me to walk with him. "Did the maid's outfit look as good on you as I'm guessing it did?"

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        • WonderfulDas, Mon Jan 8 09:28
          Great to see you writing again Cheryl! Very enjoyable!
        • Thanks, I enjoyed that. Part of the reason I started writing was because whilst I liked a lot of the stories here, there were only a few that really ticked all my boxes, so it's great to be able to... more
          • Perfect WrldWize, Wed Jan 10 21:41
            JanscoM reinvigorating Cheryl means my two favorite writers working at the same time and on the same stories? Too good to be true. Regardless of what happens next, I hope neither of you ever stop.
          • Better than the originalHooked6, Sun Jan 7 10:41
            I love the originnal story quite well but this is much better than the original as the first person writing expresses certain emotional responses of the main character remarkably well and very... more
        • Awesome gio2u, Sun Jan 7 04:48
          Bravo Cheryl!!! Very nice trio of chapters! You left me wanting more!
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