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Mr. Mongo
Step Mom Truth or Dare Part 2
Mon Jan 8, 2018 03:20

Step Mom Truth or Dare Part 2
Written By; Mr. Mongo

Crystal, Trudy and the other girls were getting more and more rowdy spinning the bottle. After a couple women chose truth instead of dare, Angela yelled.

"Come on! I had to walk outside naked and touch some random's hard on. How about someone other than me and Crystal parading in our birthday suits!"

Trudy reached down and spun the bottle for all she was worth; hoping it did not land on her. Much to Trudy's regret the bottle landed dead center of her when the bottle stopped spinning.

Trying hard not to cheer, Crystal hoped the bottle would point to her stepdaughter, Trudy. Now that the bottle had landed on Trudy, Crystal came up with a great idea.

"I got a great dare for, Trudy! She has to get naked of course and try to convince the cops at the park to strip someone else."

"Who," Trudy said covering her mouth in shock?

"Those skate punks who hang out at the park all the time. Just tell the cops they stripped you naked and one of them has an eagle tattoo on his ass. Maybe the cops will make them get naked to check it out. The guys would probably do it to keep from going to jail," laughed Angela.

"Jesus Christ, all right. If I get arrested so help me god I will get back at all of you some how," warned Trudy.

Everyone ran out to Crystal's mini van some how jamming everyone inside of the vehicle. Crystal loved how nervous, Trudy looked as they drove to the park. All the women in the van teased, Trudy betting she would chicken out.

Driving around the park, Crystal spotted the skate punks. There was about five of them doing various stunts with their skateboards surrounded by kids marveling at the older teens feats of agility and skill. Standing near by was Officer Clark a tubby smart-ass cop who hated babysitting the skaters. He knew these guys never do anything wrong, the little jerks always get a bum rap. All these guys do is show off in front the girls and try to get lucky. Standing next to Officer Clark was Officer Fiona Barnes; unlike officer Clark, Officer Barnes thought the skate punks were up to no good. She would bust these boys for anything if she could. Officer Clark out ranked Officer Barnes, so all she could do was bide her time until Officer Clark was not there to protect the skate punks.

Trudy gulped really hard before she got out of the back of the mini van. All eyes were on her when Trudy started to undress. The women all giggled as they got the sun block lotion squirted out onto their hands. Trudy braced herself for her mean spirited friends who were going try to turn her on to the point she was about to orgasm.

"Here, put this baseball cap and big sunglasses on in case anyone tries to take pictures of video of you," Crystal said as she handed her step daughter a black cap and sunglasses. Trudy put on only source of cover then checked herself out in one of the van's side mirrors.

Standing in the hot sun, Trudy's body was freshly oiled up and on the verge of orgasm. Trudy’s friends made her climb down a little gully that led up to where the officers were standing. Her nervousness was visible every little hairs on Trudy's forearms stood on end. There was a tingling in her belly and strange feeling starting to grow in Trudy's vagina and sphincter. It was a pleasant mixture of fear, excitement, and lust.

When Trudy made her way down the gully; no one saw her sneaking up on the officers. Trudy could hear the two police officers arguing about the skate punks who were doing skate board tricks minding their own business. Trudy took three deep breaths then bound out of the bushes screaming like someone was trying to kill her.

Trudy could not believe being naked in front of everyone in the park did not embarrass her. It was like her mission of tricking cops into stripping someone has emboldened her.

"Officers some skate punks stole my clothes right off my back! They had their black shorts pulled down to their ankles. They fully exposed themselves to me as they stripped me," Trudy screamed then broke down into fake tearless sobs.

Officer Clark stood there in shock of the sight of the cute oiled up, Trudy. Trudy stood there not covering up an inch of her nakedness. Taking in the sights, Officer Clark stared at, Trudy's firm B-Cup breasts, round ass, and shaved pussy. It was like Officer Clark was trying to count the freckles that covered Trudy's chest, arms, and face.

"I knew those little jerks would pull something like this," yelled Officer Barnes. With a speed of a mongoose on crystal meth, Officer Barnes drew her Glock 30 then ran over to the skate punks corralling the stunned teens to drag them all back to, Trudy to identify. Pushing and kicking when necessary Officer Barnes got the surprised skaters to start moving towards, Trudy.

"Move it you junior sex offenders," ordered Officer Barnes' pushing the teens back towards Trudy. All this commotion started drawing attention from the other kids and teens who came to watch the skateboarders to do their tricks.

When the skateboarders and their audience came close enough to see, Trudy their jaws dropped at the sight of Trudy's nakedness. Every audience member began pulling their phones out of their pockets to record, Trudy's nudity.

Seeing that the kids and teens were recording her, Trudy made a halfhearted attempt to cover her breasts with one arm and her oily smoothly shaved pubic mound not really covering anything at all. Trudy could feel herself getting wet from the excitement of being seen naked by everyone present. The stirring in her loins made Trudy almost forget what she was there for.

"Barnes, keep everyone in place while I get the blanket from the squad car!"

"Make it quick, these punks look like they might try something," Barnes sounded like she was hoping the teens would try something.

When Officer Clark ran off to get a blanket; Crystal and the rest of the spin the bottle crew ran up to Officer Barnes.

"That's my fourteen year old daughter, Samantha! Why is she naked in front of all these people," Crystal asked while feigning surprise and concern for her step daughter, Trudy?

"Mommy, one of these boys pulled my clothes off then made me look at his erect penis!"

"What? Oh my gawwwwd! I demand you do something to these boys right now," Crystal demanded stomping her foot to show how serious she was.

"Which one of these boys flashed you, Samantha?"

"He was wearing all black and had blonde hair," Trudy said with a the fakest pout you ever saw.

"Well, all of the boys are dressed in black and have blonde hair," Officer Barnes said scratching her head.

"Well, he did expose his erect penis to me. I bet I could identify him by his hard on! It distracted me enough I did not notice his face or height," when Trudy said that giggles erupted from all the adolescent and teen girls in the crowd.

"All right you shits, get your pants and underwear down, then get your dicks out," yelled Officer Barnes.
All the young females in the crowd let out an audible gasp. They finally get to see the teens they came to watch do tricks get fully exposed.

Everyone one of the teenage skate punks refused to get undressed in front of the crowd. That was until Officer Barnes pulled out her mace.

"Get naked or I will have that crowd behind you help me get you naked," warned Officer Barnes as she readied her mace to spray. Hearing that the gathered crowd of young women began to murmur with excitement.

Every one of the boys looked at one another unsure what to do until one of the skateboarders just yanked his shorts and underwear down in swift move to expose their genitals to Officer Barnes. Right down the line the teenage boys dropped their shorts and underwear to show off their goodies to Officer Barnes. Every time a skateboarder dropped his pants the adolescent and teen girls in the audience let out a mixtures of squeals and gasps. Each boy's face was bright red with humiliation.

"Okay, honey. Which one of these guys pointed his pecker at ya," asked Officer Barnes looking at the line of freshly exposed cocks.

"Their penises all look alike flaccid like that," Trudy said with a pout acting ashamed for having to say that.

"Alright gentlemen, make them hard," demanded Officer Barnes. The females in the crowd gasped one more time. While the men and boys in the crowd snickered at the plight of the skateboarders who always get the girls in the park.

"No way, you ain't getting me to play with myself in front of the crowd," one of the skateboarders said in defiance.

"Alright then," Officer Barnes said walking up to the first teenager in line and began massaging his penis until the skateboarder was standing fully erect. Every female in the crowd cheered on Officer Barnes as she molested each of the embarrassed skate punks until all of their penises were standing at attention.

When Officer Clark made it back to the squad car he happened to look up in time see Officer Barnes massage the last of the skate punks to erection.

"What the hell, Barnes," Officer Clark said to himself throwing the blanket back into the trunk of his car right before running back towards the boner party Officer Barnes was taking part in

“You can’t do that in public like that! We need to get them back to holding center and they have to be in front of a male officer,” yelled Officer Clark.

”I got carried away,” stammered Officer Barnes with the last skate punk’s erect penis throbbing away in her hand. Officer Barnes then looked up to see at least thirty cell phones recording her playing with the skate punk’s exposed boners.

“Let’s just leave, Clark! You are all free to go,” said Officer Barnes to the embarrassed skate punks.

“Too late shit head! All those people recorded the whole thing. We can’t have another law suit in this district,” yelled Officer Clark.

Officer Barnes’s head dropped and she began to cry as Officer Clark chewed her up. She lost a lawsuit against a woman who she dragged out of her trailer naked and kicking. Now she has gotten herself involved with another case involving public nudity.

”Is there anyway we can resolve this incident, boys,” asked Officer Clark.

“Yeah! She needs to get naked and we get to play with her pussy! Or we will sue the city’s ass off,” the skate punks screamed.

Officer Clark turned to the now sobbing Officer Barnes and said, “Do you really want to pay for another lawsuit or do you want to weasel out of this?”

“Do I have to really have to let them play with my pussy? I’ll get naked, but I don’t think them masturbating me is fair,” sobbed Officer Barnes like sad little girl trying to talk her way out of spanking.

“Do you want to go bankrupt and lose your job,” asked Officer Clark?

“No,” whimpered Officer Barnes

Reaching down Officer Barnes took of her utility belt with cuffs, mace, asp baton, and pistol to hand them to Officer Barnes. Then officer Barnes took off her sunglasses and police officer cap.

”Let’s get over with,” said Officer Barnes to the smirking skater punks.

Before she could let out a squeak the skater punks began denuding Officer Barnes of her police uniform while the crowd cheered and recorded the entire public stripping. Officer Barnes’s face turned bright red. Even her chest was blushing. When the skate punks got Officer Barnes down to her black sports bra and black panties she could feel the skate punk’s hands tremble. The boy trying to undo her bra was so excited he could not get her bra latch unfastened.

”Damn it! Here, let me do it before you put an eye out or something,” said Officer Barnes as she undid her bra strap. As soon as the latch was undone she let her bra slide down her arms and chest. This exposed her erect puffy dark pink nipples. Each of the skate punks grabbed and groped her exposed breasts. One boy was gently rubbing and pulling on Officer Barnes’s hard nipples. Looking at the crowd from the corner of her eye, Officer Barnes could see the crowd was smirking as they watched the skate punks molest her C- Cup breasts. Dreading what the boys were going to do when they exposed her pussy, Officer Barnes bit down on her lower lip when one of the skate punks yanked her panties down to her ankles without warning.

The crowd gasped when they saw Officer Barnes’s neatly trimmed dark brown bush she had shaved into a landing strip. Officer Clark took in the sight of his beautiful partner. In the five years of working with Officer Barnes he never thought he would ever see her naked.

Now standing completely naked in front of the crowd and the skate punks Officer Barnes was confused over the emotions she was feeling. She was being hit with waves of regret, humiliation, and sexual excitement.

Before Officer Barnes knew what was happening all the skater punks seemed to be trying to play with her pussy and asshole at the same time. The crowd cheered when the boys groped the hot police officer. With so many strange hands rubbing her clit and penetrating her vagina, Officer Barnes could not believe how hard she was about to come.

Officer Clark and the still naked Trudy had to each grab Officer Barnes by an arm to hold up the orgasmic police officer. Making sounds like a horny cow the boys knew Officer Barnes was about to cum. When it her it was a like a shockwave went across her body making Officer Barnes go weak at the knees. When Officer Barnes had full release Officer Clark and Trudy let the spent Officer Barnes down onto the grass. Without telling her what to do each of the skater punks slipped his penis into Officer Barnes mouth and she dutifully sucked off each of the skater punks until they came in her mouth.

“That’ll do, Barnes. All right people! There is nothing to see here! Disperse now,” yelled Officer Clark. As the crowd dispersed everyone was looking at their cell phones making sure they recorded the complete humiliation of Officer Barnes,

Each of the skate punks pulled up their pants and ran off to tell their friends what they just did. Officer Barnes wiped off the sides of mouth with her forearm then said, “Whew, dodge that bullet, huh!”

”Shut up and get back into the squad car! And don’t even think about getting dressed,” ordered a stern sounding Officer Clark.

Officer Barnes put on her utility belt and nothing else. Picking up her clothes then heading back to the squad car Officer Barnes says to Trudy, “Thanks asshole!”

Trudy, Crystal and the other spin the bottle crew ran back to the van laughing their asses off.

“Now what,” asked Trudy?

”Spin the bottle,” screamed the giggling women!

    • Great storycarbilz, Thu Mar 1 06:42
      This is one of the best stories on the board in a long time!!! Please post more parts.
    • GreatCPT Adventure, Tue Jan 9 17:54
      I really liked this story. Fun and humiliating.
    • Re: Step Mom Truth or Dare Part 2Anonymous, Tue Jan 9 13:17
      Please repost part 1
      • repost of part oneMr. Mongo, Wed Jan 10 19:41;article=56982;search_term=mr.+mongo
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