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No More Control - Nudieman
Wed Jan 10, 2018 21:41


Hello all. I completed my first story and I would like your input. This story will have a definite end because our main character will begin a journey that has absolutely no return. As a huge public nudity fan I decided for the first time to write a story that embodies my personal peak of a "no return" total exhibitionist scenario. This story will have lots of masturbation and somewhat over exaggerated descriptions of female arousal. I didn't plan on making this story this long. I tried to strike a balance between character development and pace to keep things interesting. I hope you understand the imagery I'm trying to convey as a very very amateur writer. Please be patient as you read. I hope you like it. I do not have the 2nd part finished started as of yet. As I read your comments I will try to incorporate those into the final chapters.

Our heroin in this story is Sonya. She is an average woman who descends deep into the depths of nudity addiction to a point of no return.


    • Just sayingDormouse, Fri Jan 12 06:21
      In the last paragraph of your introduction you misspell "heroine" as "heroin" and then mention addiction. Deliberate? Freudian slip? :-)
      • Dormousenudieman, Mon Jan 15 15:18
        Lol. Total typo. I just spit out what's on my mind when I type. I'm not grammatical expert by any means. I have uploaded chapter 7 in a better attempt at my simulation of the human language.
        • Re: TyposDormouse, Tue Jan 16 06:19
          This is why, when I've finished typing a story, I put it to one side for a day or two and then re-read it to see if it still makes sense.
    • It's interesting.Not A ID, Thu Jan 11 14:42
      Perhaps a bit too sexual for ASN, but that's for IO and the mods to decide, not me. Very strongly reminiscent of the "Nude Plague" concept Motibate initiated (and released as an open setting) a... more
    • No More ControlDave, Thu Jan 11 06:37
      Very good love this!
    • No More Control Chapter 1nudieman, Wed Jan 10 23:12
      Intro It’s finally happened. She is addicted to being naked and there is no turning back. She doesn’t want to wear clothes anymore and the very thought makes her disgusted and very uncomfortable. The ... more
      • No More Control - 2nudieman, Wed Jan 10 23:16
        Chapter 2 The first dream was the most dazzling vivid experience she ever had. She was walking in an open field. She was fully nude. Looking down at her body, nothing was shielding her eyes from her... more
        • No More Control - 3nudieman, Wed Jan 10 23:20
          Chapter 3 As her orgasm swelled, her dream manifested itself. She was naked, horny and outside. This time it was different. The vision of nature opened to a clearing. She was at the edge of a park... more
          • No More Control - 4nudieman, Wed Jan 10 23:22
            Being new to trimming her pussy, she walked naked to her computer and sat down in the leather chair. Taking in the sensation of her bare skin against leather she started her computer and went online... more
            • No More Control - 5nudieman, Wed Jan 10 23:26
              CHAPTER 5 Sonya cleaned up and went to go put clothes on but her feet felt heavy. It was obvious to her at this point that the blackouts had awakened a nudity loving clothing hating diehard sex... more
              • No More Control - 6nudieman, Wed Jan 10 23:30
                CHAPTER 6 Sonya’s arousal and public exposure was distracting her driving. She was uncertain she could make it to the store in her very horny state. She needed relief right there and right now. She... more
                • Continuation nudieman, Mon Jan 15 00:11
                  Hello all. In my haste to share my first 6 chapters, it has been pointed out that I have had some blatant typos and it was also mentioned that my paragraphs were too long. I'm in no way a... more
                  • Re: Continuation Anonymous, Wed Jan 17 10:20
                    You are doing just great. We all take time to get used to writing for publication. Please carry on.
                  • No More Control - 7nudieman, Mon Jan 15 00:14
                    CHAPTER 7 After that orgasm, Sonya finally got hold of reality. She wiped a mild sheen of sweat from her body and reluctantly put her clothes on. The question she asked herself was why practically... more
                • A veru good first storyAnonymous, Thu Jan 11 07:24
                  I am really enjoying this story please continue. As a new writer you asked for feedback. I have two comments. Firstly some of your paragraphs are rather long and splitting them up would make them... more
                  • Re: A veru good first storynudieman, Thu Jan 11 16:57
                    Thank you for your input. Yes that is a very bad glaring typo but personally i'm just totally excited to just get my ideas out there with the limited time I have to write. To be honest I just started ... more
                  • Re: A veru good first storyAnonymous, Thu Jan 11 10:21
                    New chapters please
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