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Anon ENF Fan
The Library [Part 1]
Thu Jan 11, 2018 16:46

Every once in a while I like to have a story that has something resembling an actual plot, not just pure smut. This story is one such case, and it's a subject I've wanted to tackle for a long time, I just wasn't sure what was the right way to approach it. It's inspired by Jorge Luis Borges' story, The Library of Babel. In Babel, every book that could mathematically exist is within it. But that includes books that don't say anything. In the original story, Borges shows people going mad trying to find something readable.

But what if you could effectively search it?


Scarlet kept an eye out the window and glanced down at her phone. She tapped the screen and nodded to herself. The screen went black, and she placed it back in her bag. Then she stretched, looked to her left and smirked.

“How much further is this place?” Zoe asked, keeping her eyes on the road. “It seems kind of out the way from town.”

The redhead shrugged, “Shouldn’t be too much further. All the stories I’ve read just say follow this road.”

“Wait, what do you mean stories? I thought you mapped it,” Zoe suddenly shot Scarlet a confused look.

Scarlet gave a nervous laugh. “Well… this place is kind of a legend in its own right. It may or may not actually be at the end of this road.”

Zoe looked annoyed as she continued driving. “You mean we’re going somewhere that might not even exist?”

“Well, what you’re looking for might not exist either, so I figured, go somewhere legendary to find something legendary.” The redhead scratched the back of her head with a nervous laugh. “There’s definitely supposed to be something at the end of this road. I can promise that.”

Zoe rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Ugh… like… I get your logic, but those are details you really should give me before we start requesting days off work.”

“Sorry, thought you liked a little mystery!” Scarlet giggled. In the back of her mind, she knew Zoe had every right to be mad at her. She hadn’t really thought everything through, as much as she wanted to help her friend out. But if this place turned out to be real, they could both become famous.

The road narrowed down to a single lane. Grass began to invade the gravel. A fence began running alongside the path. Tree branches reached over it, but they didn’t obstruct.

As nature stated its ownership of the ground, the bespectacled driver was losing faith. Then Zoe suddenly perked her head up as she noticed something.

“Hey look!” Zoe pointed out. “Is that a sign?”

Scarlet squinted her eyes and looked closer. “...I think it is. Slow down.”

The car came to a halt near the sign. A window rolled down, and Scarlet leaned out to get a better look. The paint was faded and barely readable. “It’s kinda beat up looking, but it kind of says… Libr.” She sat back down in her seat and the two looked at each other. “That’s part of the word we want!”

Zoe shook her head and looked carefully at the old wooden sign. “I hope it’s real, I want this trip to be worth it.”

The car lurched on. Eventually, they saw a large opening at the end of the road. Cobblestone began to shake the car, forcing it to slow down. Both girls’ eyes widened when they finally saw it.

“I guess… this is the place. Wow.” Zoe said, parking the car.

“It looks bigger than what I’ve read…” Scarlet said in awe. “It’s almost more like an old college or something.”

The building stood at almost three stories. Grey paint was slowly rotting away, the panels true coloring scattered all over. Pieces of siding were off center, and some were missing. It had seen better days, but it still stood despite its lack of care.

“Well… I guess we should check it out… think it’s okay for us to just go in?” She glanced towards Scarlet and saw her friend pick up a certain bag. “Oh no, you didn’t really bring that, did you? Come on!”

Scarlet laughed. “Don’t act like you didn’t expect me to do this. You knew the risks when you brought me along.”

“You can’t be seriously thinking about doing that here! That place looks haunted!” Zoe waved her hand at the building.

The redhead bit her lip. “I’ll admit, I think it’s a little spooky, but that’s all the more reason for me to do it. Nobody else will have done what I’m gonna do!”

Zoe threw her hands in defeat. “There’s just no talking you out of it, is there?” She rested her head on her fist with a long sigh. “At least there’s nobody to kick us out this time. The only other car I see is the hand crank over there.” The black haired girl pointed to an old car, parked beside the building. Its thin, rusted frame appeared to be incapable of moving under its own power.

Scarlet hesitated and then smirked. “Oooh, you’re right. That means I can go for performance instead of speed for a change!” She began reaching into her bag, shuffling around and searching.

“Performance instead of speed? What do you mean?” Zoe looked towards her friend. She suddenly blushed and pulled her head back.

Scarlet had a wide grin on her face, as her fingers pinched a thin, silk string. The violet lingerie dangled out in the open. A giggle escaped her lips, watching her friend try to avoid making eye contact. She loved that reaction a little more every time she saw it.

“Don’t act like you’re so innocent. What you’re looking for sounds pretty steamy too!” Scarlet said as she lifted herself from the car seat to flip her skirt up.

“What you wanna do is totally different! What I’m looking for isn’t going to get us kicked out!” Zoe said. She shook her head, blushing through her frustration.

“Yeah but there’s nobody here to do that,” Scarlet said, as she slid a pair of red panties down her legs. “I bought a pair for you in case you wanted to do it with me.” The car door opened and shut. “Zoe? Aww, come on, at least try them on! They’re really comfy!”

Alone in the car, Scarlet giggled as she picked up the smooth garment. “You don’t know what you’re miss-ing,” she silently sang to herself in a taunting voice while lifting her hips from the car seat again, lingerie in hand.

A moment later, she got out of the car with her bag over her shoulder. “So, think this place will have it?”

Zoe glanced Scarlet and rolled her eyes upon seeing the bag. “I guess there’s only one way to find out. Do you have a flashlight?”

Scarlet raised an eyebrow and scratched her head. “Now why the heck would I have one of those?”

“So we can see? It’s probably dark in there, I can’t imagine it having electricity,” Zoe stated plainly.

Scarlet hesitated and then blushed. “Oh! A FLASH light. I thought you said… you know what, nevermind. I think I have a couple…” she said, reaching into the bag, as she fought off some giggles.

Zoe put the palm of her hand to her face.

“Found them!” Scarlet said as she drew a flashlight from her bag. “Here you go! Don’t worry, I’ve never done anything bad with them!”

The two made their way up a short set of stairs towards the double doors. Moss covered chipped paint, showing nature was slowly taking the structure.

Zoe slowed her walking pace, frowning and gripping her flashlight tighter. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea… should we really go in?”

“We’ve already come this far. I think the worst we have to worry about is some dust.” Scarlet shrugged and bit her lip, “maaaybe a spider or two.”

“Great, that makes me feel WAY more calm,” Zoe said. “If this place is a spider nest, we’re leaving.”

“What, are you gonna let some little spider stop you from finding the book?” Scarlet smirked and put her hand on the doorknob. “We have to at least look!”

“Scarlet, wait!” Zoe almost shrieked.

Scarlet pushed the door open, giving a long, slow creak. It echoed through the interior of the dark building. After the sound faded, there was nothing but absolute silence.

Scarlet clicked a button, and a beam of light began to cut through the darkness. Her friend followed although she was shivering. Zoe aimed her flashlight up, vigilantly searching for any eight-legged nightmares.

Immediately in front of them, were rows of bookshelves. “Looks like a library alright,” Scarlet said, shining her flashlight down to see how many shelves there were. “Um… Zoe, check this out… there’s so many of them…” Her beam of light slowly turned, revealing shelf after shelf. Scarlet pointed her light directly down an aisle, but the light did not reach a wall at the end.

“Wow… it’s like it’s bigger than it looked from the outside…” Zoe noted. “Looks like there’s a lot of books. I wish there was better lighting in here though. I’d hate to read by flashlight.”

“Hm... I didn’t think of that either… I won’t look good without more lighting,” Scarlet said.

“Won’t look good?” Zoe shook her head in disgust. “Are you still thinking about doing that? Doesn’t this place creep you out?” Zoe said.

“If I can get more light in here, I will,” Scarlet said, looking around more until her illuminating beam landed on some curtains. “Ah ha! A window! I can work with some natural light!” The redhead declared. “You can start looking, I’ll catch up with you.”

“I can’t believe you’re really going to do that,” Zoe shook her head.

“What? Who’s gonna kick us out?” Scarlet smirked.

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            • The Library [Part 2] -2Anon ENF Fan, Thu Jan 11 16:53
              Zoe took a deep breath. “I can’t believe that this, of all things, is the center of our attention right now. Where did this library come from? Who built it? How is it even what it is? And why is she... more
              • The Library [Part 2] -3Anon ENF Fan, Thu Jan 11 16:54
                Zoe’s face was almost as red as her friends. “Y-yes, that’s how you, um, masturbate. You can tell that, um, Scarlet really enjoyed that,” she said, pointing to the dreamy look on Scarlet’s face as... more
                • The Library [Part 2] -4Anon ENF Fan, Thu Jan 11 16:54
                  Her smooth thighs would wiggle on occasion as she went. The dreamy pleasure coursed through her body, as her nipples took in a pinkish shade and protruded outward. Her heart rate continued to climb,... more
                  • one thing to say...GroovyThing, Thu Mar 1 02:24
                  • Well done!datsun240z1971, Thu Jan 18 21:39
                    I really enjoyed your story. Very original. It is not every day I get to read a fun, lighthearted, library dare, ENF, ghost story!
                  • goodReaderMan, Mon Jan 15 12:05
                    Nice writing style. Interesting story. Good pace. Otherworldly events and actions handled very well.
                  • How originalDW, Sat Jan 13 15:34
                    I love this. It's something completely different.
                  • I like thisDormouse, Fri Jan 12 06:54
                    Must admit, I've never read the Borges story - I've tried to read his stuff, but i like the ideas better than the writing (but that may be the translation). And I love libraries and books. I also... more
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