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No More Control 10c
Wed Feb 14, 2018 00:28

This is the final installment of the 10th chapter. I would like feedback on how the story is going so far. -- Thanks.

Sonya woke up on the floor in the darkness. Her hands roamed her body in a complete total panic. Sonya felt a sharp pain on her forehead where she fell but her mind was still in the dream world. Sweat covered her body. She hyperventilated. As her eyes roamed the darkness, she looked for any sign of movement in her apartment. She had to make sure that she was still alone. The apartment was still. She could hear soft music playing in the background from one of her neighbors and the soft hum of her computer nearby as the hard drive clicked installing updates.

In a daze, Sonya slowly got up to go to the bathroom. Her bladder was full and she needed a shower too. Naked Sonya padded to her bathroom in a daze. She had no idea what had just happened. She stopped and looked at her closet door full of clothes. Her heart began to race looking at the all too familiar shapes. The door was slightly cracked open. She could see the silhouette of the red suit from her dreams hanging. In fact she could see all the clothes in her dream were hanging in her closet lifeless, limp and unassuming. At any moment she was sure they would come to life and rid her of her happiness. Her blissful naked happiness was threatened.

Sonya will never forget what they did to her dream world. She began to get angry. She swung open the door and violently lashed at the clothing daring it to move towards her body. The wild animalistic look in Sonya’s eyes was apparent. All reasoning had gone. Sonya’s intense visions had blurred the line of fantasy and reality so completely that she was certain she could hear whispered screams from her closet as she beat her clothes with her bare hands.

She was convinced her blackouts were symbolic windows to the truth. Clothing was the true enemy. Clothes made her bland and boring and unassuming. The trapped her. They stifled her true being. They were wrong, indecent and invited feelings of insecurity and shame to others! Nudity liberated her from that prison of shame and meekness. Living live naked was better. Clothing will never touch her beautiful brown body.

Sonya slowly examined every bit of fabric in her closet. Every bit was what she saw in her vision. Every piece of clothing was hiding in plain sight pretending like they did not go after her in her blackout. Sonya made up her mind at that very moment that everything that was clothing had to go. All clothing in her possession should be destroyed. From now on, she would be naked no matter what the cost. She was certain all her clothes would come to life and crush her in her sleep. Sonya trembled at the thought.

Her phone chipped a loud notification from the other room. Instantly her concentration was broken. She knew that in this realm she had the power. The clothing can’t move as long as she’s awake. She failed to notice that 2 hours had passed and her best friend had been trying to call an text her all this time.

All Sonya could think of what she had transformed into. Her life had been so bland and boring up until this point that her own subconsciousness had hijacked her body to turn her into one of the most extreme examples of perverted nudism one could imagine. She had only begun to live this lifestyle and her options and opportunities were wide open.

Old Sonya struggled to find her place under the control of Naked Sonya. Any rational thought involving clothes was instantly forced out with visions of asses genitals, skin and nipples. Her mind overloaded with thoughts of orgies outside in the street and naked people walking around everywhere. Nudity was punishing her far from thinking of clothing. Old Sonya was being smothered with the new thoughts of Naked Sonya controlling everything. Sonya allowed her alter-ego to surface and this new identity was not letting go.

Sonya nervously picked up her phone to respond to the notification. Her best friend Marietta had texted her multiple times during her blackout and even called her. A new notification came up saying she was coming over to check on her. Sonya said, “Ok, but I am going out to run a few errands. I have to throw away all my clothes. I’ll tell you about it when I get back.” Sonya set in motion the beginnings of losing total control. Naked Sonya was in control. She put her phone on silent.

    • FeedbackTooManyXs, Wed Feb 21 03:42
      I love the premise of the story so far, and I quite enjoyed this nightmare sequence, which was equal parts horrifying and absurd, and wonderfully displays Sonya's growing hostility towards clothes. I ... more
    • Love it so farKeith, Fri Feb 16 10:36
      Love what you've written so far. Are you planning on making her condition contagious, something like a Nude Plague? I'm really looking forward to how she overcomes the legal hurdles against her... more
      • FurtherNot A ID, Fri Feb 16 15:54
        The recent content, while enjoyable, doesn't elicit much comment from many of us because while we may enjoy the "internal struggle" to some degree and will enjoy that. The main interest is more... more
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