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T. Effenhiemer
Last Dance
Thu Apr 12, 2018 13:09

Last Dance

By Tommy Effenhiemer

It was my first Aurora Borealis. I had never seen anything so spectacular. The entire sky was lit up in a magnificent array of shapes and colors. Each color seemed to pulsate with intensity and wonder. The northern lights were so bright it seemed almost as light as day. My friends and I were astonished when we looked at the surrealistic auras surrounding our own hands and each other's faces.

" It’s caused by the solar winds refracting through ionized particles trapped in the earth’s magnetic field, you know?" Pointedexter said.

I had no idea what my best friend had just said and neither did Martin or Lefty. We just stared blankly at him and then returned our enraptured gazes to the supernatural sight above us. You see we were all friends…best friends…well as good as friends as twelve-year-old boys can be. Tonight was the end of the year school dance. It was the last night of our elementary school careers. It was also the last night of our boyhood. On our horizons loomed the seventh grade and middle school. As friends, we agreed, for old time sake, to meet behind the school before the dance started. The spectacular treat in the sky only foretold of the magical night ahead of us.

"Are you gonna dance with the Seven Sisters?" inquired Martin, looking directly at me.

"Not if I can help it, I replied. They scared me. The way that Brandi can look at a guy. It’s downright frightening!" I said with a shiver. We immediately made a pact amongst ourselves; we would come to each other’s aid if one of us was being ‘collared’ by one of the Seven Sisters.

"Hey, if we ain’t gonna dance with any of the girls in our class, then why are we going to the dance?" asked Lefty.

We all remained silent for a long moment and then I piped up with "If I get the chance, I gonna ask our teacher, Miss Berrybush, to dance."

Martin and Lefty began to snicker but Pointedexter stopped them with "How do you know you will have the courage when the time comes?" I could not answer my friend’s question for I did not know the answer myself. "Good Luck Tommy, I hope you do find the courage to ask Miss Ann to dance and perhaps, it will help you to know that I come to the dance with the very same intention" Pointedexter explained.

"Me, too" sounded Martin.

"Me, three" echoed Lefty.

Embolden by my friends' declarations, my newfound confidence soared.

"Well, perhaps we should go in and check things out" offered Pointedexter, his face glowing in the eerie light. With a hearty laugh and a slap on my back he added, "We mustn’t keep our pretty teacher waiting".

Suddenly a wave of anxiety came over me and I said, "Maybe we should stay here and look at the northern lights for just a little longer."

"What are you…chicken?" mocked Martin as Lefty began to toe the dirt like the barnyard animal.

"Of course not," I retorted defensively.

"The Aurora will still be here after the dance and we will have another opportunity to study it later" assured Pointedexter "Let’s go inside and have some punch."

My friends and I were trapped in that difficult age. Our minds often raced ahead of our pubescent bodies. Many of our counterparts, the girls, had already begun the transition of becoming young adults. We, by comparison, were still stuck in the bodies of boys. This whole transition of growing up was reflected even in our dress. Whereas, my amigos and I were casually dressed in tee shirts and jeans, the Seven Sisters were decked out in formal gowns and expensive hair-dos. Whereas, we were nondescript actors in a boring play, the Seven Sisters vied to be the center of attention. Each wore clothes that accented their budding bodies and subliminally shouted LOOK AT ME!!!. This one wore an empire-waist dress with her hair all piled up on her head and this one wore a low-cut gown that shimmered when she walked and this one wore an off-the-shoulder cocktail party dress. All seven were dressed to the nines. All seven wore nylon stockings and each Sister's face was adorned with a copious amount of make-up. With their hair and faces 'all done up', the young girls looked the part of young women. We, in contrast, could not be mistaken for anything but 'little' boys.

Amber, Heather, Brandi, Ashley, Tiffany One and Tiffany Two all waited at the table serving refreshments for Tiffany Three. "Here she comes" announced Amber as each girl gave a sophisticated glance in Tiffany Three’s direction.

" I just love your dress. It makes You look so old…Just like Uma Thurman" commented Heather as Tiffany Three arrived.

For the last half-hour, the girls had been going on and on, obsessing about each other’s clothes and especially their undergarments.

"Did your mother let you wear garters?" inquired Ashley.

Tiffany Three smiled and demurely nodded her head to the side. "You must show us...What color are they…How do they feel? The girls had many questions for 'Tiffer'. Eager to answer all of their questions, she grabbed the sides of her silk dress and began lifting. Slowly the hem of her red dress rose past her thighs, then past the tops of her lace stockings and then finally past the garter belts themselves. Her friends pointed, tittered, and generally obsessed looking at her lady-like underwear. It was at this precise moment my friends and I entered the gym.

My mouth fell open as my eyes picked up Tiffany Three’s delicate display of lingerie. I am no fashion expert but even I could see the dainty lace garter belts and her white lace panties were a matching ensemble. I popped a boner at the lovely sight. I couldn't help but wonder if her bra also matched her underwear. Like her milky white stockings, Tiffany’s garter belts held my attention until she looked up and noticed us gawking at her and her pretty underwear.

"Eeeekkk! It’s the perverts!" she shrieked, as she dropped her dress and pointed in our direction.

The Seven Sisters, as well as everybody else in the gym, looked upon my friends and I with contempt and scorn. So great their umbrage at 'our offence' the music stopped and the lights in the gym came on. My friends and I stood in the naked light with our fledgling boners quickly melting away. We were embarrassed to have been caught staring at her legs and other unmentionables. Red faced and speechless, we had to endure our humiliation in silence. The crowd began to taunt and mock us.

"You’re just sick little boys…Why don’t you grow up!" called Tiffany One, all decked out in a skin-tight sleeveless cocktail dress.

"You wouldn’t know what to do with a real woman…come on back when the other one drops" chided Amber, her crude behavior belying her elegant low-cut satin gown. All seven of them began wiggling their little fingers and laughing at us. Paralyzed by our embarrassment, we stood there. We might have died from embarrassment if it had not been for the second miracle that most wondrous night.

Suddenly the lights went out. This hushed the crowd and gave my friends and I a respite from our shame. Then, the first four notes of the song rang out from the old hi-fi set that doubled as the band. The small crowd immediately recognized the song. It was the theme song to the motion picture show ‘To Sir with Love’. The lights came up slowly and there in the middle of the dance floor stood my vision of beauty, Miss Ann. As the lights behind her came up, they created an aura around her while refracting through her jewel earrings. Her earrings twinkled like the Pleiades star cluster as she looked in my direction. Around her neck hung a radiant blue sapphire that perfectly matched her dress. Her breath-taking beauty held me captive. She smiled openly as she extended her arms towards me.

"Here goes nothing, " I said to Pointedexter as I hastily slipped off my light cotton jacket and handed it to him.

My lovely teacher looked ravishing standing in her high heels and nylon stockings. She wore a beautiful blue dress that fit her perfectly. The dress was strapless and it afforded everyone a good look at her beautiful shoulders. She had thrown a petite white sweater over her ivory shoulders. She also wore her hair up so everyone could see her graceful neck and delicate chin. Her eyes sparkled as brightly as her jewelry as she let go a gay laugh.

"Why yes! I’d love to!" she said before I uttered a word.

'The Jupiter Effect' of this heavenly body was too much for me to resist; I immediately fell under this beautiful woman’s gravitational control and deeply into the black hole of her spell binding beauty.

Not everybody at the dance was so enamored with my lovely teacher.

"Holy Shit!" cried Amber, "Just look at her!" gesturing at the teacher in the blue dress.

The Seven Sisters began looking at their own ensembles and then at Miss Ann’s. Their hearts filled with envy. They did not fill their dresses out the same way Miss Ann filled her dress. Their stocking legs were not as shapely as Miss Ann's legs. Miss Ann had hips and other well defined curves whereas, their young bodies were still flat and mostly straight. In addition, what the Seven Sisters envied most were her ripe succulent breasts. Miss Ann's full breasts rose above her low cut dress and invited the eye to ponder her cleavage. Theirs own breasts, while showing great promise, were simply no match for their teacher’s mature ‘melons’. All seven of them secretly wanted to fill a bra the way Miss Berrybush did.

"Hey everyone…look at me…I think my bra is showing" shouted Ashley, the most developed of the ‘Sisters' as she brazenly shook the front of her low-cut dress.

Nobody took the bait. Nobody cared about her bra or its contents. Instead, every eye in the house was on my alluring dance partner and her blue dress.

"I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let that bitch steal my thunder!" muttered Brandi.

"Sisters, we need a plan!" announced Amber, noticing her friend’s fist pounding gesture.

I had never danced with a woman before but somehow she made me feel like I was Fred Astaire. She pulled my face close to her warm bosom and pressed my cheek against her skin. My head was under her petite sweater and sheltered from the eyes of the crowd. I could feel her arms on my shoulders as her hand playfully toyed with the hair at the base of my neck. Her perfume was over powering and I felt myself swept away in her magic and control. My own arms tightly encircled her petite waist. For a while I rested my hands on her hips as they gently swayed to the music. She held me closely and softly hummed the music in my ear. In my other ear, her heart beat smoothly and produced a feeling of euphoria that I had not experienced since my own mother held me as a child. However, this feeling of euphoria, while quite similar to the one I received from my mother’s caress, was also quite different. Oh My! Yes! Quite different indeed! Miss Ann's sweet breath and her humming tickled my ear while the base of my neck tingled with excitement at her touch. Her womanly fragrances filled my nostrils as I rooted my face in her bosom. I inadvertently flicked my eyelashes on her skin as I peeked down the front of her dress.

"Ooh that tickles" she said softly, "please don’t stop."

I would have been happy to oblige my pretty teacher but her intoxicating charm proved to be too much for this schoolboy and I lost my load before the 'band' had finished playing the first verse of the song. She held my head closely against her heart as I spasmodically shuddered in her sleeveless arms. I could have stayed in her arms forever, but alas, it was not to be.

Without warning, Amber spilled a cup of punch down the back of Miss Berrybush’s dress. The icy liquids caused Miss Ann to jump out of my arms. Still lost in the afterglow, I crumpled to the ground like an old paper sack.

"What a clumsy oaf I am!" feigned Amber "Please let me help you with the clean up."

Amber produced the smallest hanky you have ever seen and then made an ineffective attempt at mopping up the sticky liquid. Speaking of sticky liquids, I was slowly coming around and suddenly realized the Jackson Pollack masterpiece I had ‘painted’ on the inside of my trousers was seeping through. Without bringing any attention to myself, I slinked away to the boys' lavatory, but not before I witnessed a most peculiar sight. With my own two eyes, I saw Miss Berrybush and Amber rush into the adjacent lavatory. Moments later, the other six Sisters assembled in the doorway of the girls’ lavatory. They shared a moment of silence and then with a collective nod they followed Brandi in. The last one turned the bathroom lights off.

I heard several voices, then a muffled scream. The scream was followed by the sound of fabric ripping. Suddenly Miss Berrybush was launched from the dark mouth of the lavatory. Shocked and bewildered, my pretty teacher stood there and tried to collect her thoughts. She no longer wore the blue dress or the petite white sweater. She no longer wore the blue pendant or sparkling earrings. Her beautifully coifed hair was no longer immaculately heaped on her delicate head. Instead, she was clad in a strapless lacey white bra and the most feminine pair of panties I have ever seen. In addition to her pretty underwear, she wore a delicate garter belt garnished with pink ribbons all tied up in bows. Her bountiful breasts were brimming over the lace in her bra and the tops of her richly colored areolas peeked over. My eyes traveled up her shapely legs… past the tops of her stockings… past her velvety alabaster skin… past the little pink bows that held her stockings in place…until they came to rest on the spot where her legs converged. My eyes pierced her sheer panties as best as the bright hallway lights allowed. I could see something, dark and mysterious, shifting around behind the next-to-invisible fabric. Suddenly a hand with a corsage still attached to the wrist sprang from the mouth of darkness and latched onto the back of Miss Ann’s bra. The hand pulled the Lycra material away from Miss Ann’s back while a second hand emerged from the darkness holding a pair of tailor’s scissors and in a single stroke sliced through the material.

The move caught Miss Berrybush off guard as her bra flew off and hit me in the face. Her two-toned breasts wobbled in a lively manner, as she became aware of her predicament. Then without saying a word, she took off in a dead run down the hallway…but not back toward the gym and the dance…not toward the teachers’ lounge either…but instead, toward the school courtyard. I watched with great interest as her pale bottom, clearly visible through the sheer fabric, shook all around as she made a mad dash for the door. Her small hands tried in vain to cover her full breasts but were simply inadequate to perform the task. Down the hallway and out the door leading to the courtyard she went. I could only imagine her thoughts as she disappeared from view. It only took me a moment to retrieve my jacket from the gym and then I was in hot pursuit of my lovely half naked teacher.

"Miss Ann? It’s me, Tommy. I’ve brought my jacket for you to wear," I said as my eyes scanned the bushes in the courtyard. The northern lights aided my search by illuminating the courtyard and showing my eyes a small rose bush rustling to my left. "Miss Ann?" I repeated. There was a long silence and then all of a sudden Miss Ann came flying out of the rose bush. Her full breasts, with their 'angry-looking' areolas, angled toward me in a menacing way.

"Yeow!" She cried as she rubbed her bare bottom with both of her hands.

She stood before me in just her garter belt, torn stockings and broken high heels. She was visibly shaken and appeared to be on the verge of crying. She had just lost her pretty underwear on the thorny branch of a rose bush. The thorny bush had also snagged her nylon stockings. They now had large runs and drooped unevenly on her legs. With one hand draped across her breasts and the other hand placed between her legs, she began to compose herself. "Tommy? Is that you? You are an angel for bringing me that jacket. Please give it to me so that I can put it on. I’m starting to catch cold," she s

    • Last Dance -Part IIT.Effenhiemer, Wed Apr 18 13:03
      With one hand draped across her breasts and the other hand placed between her legs, she began to compose herself. "Tommy? Is that you? You are an angel for bringing me that jacket. Please give it to... more
    • It is finished? skullking2 , Wed Apr 18 11:21
      would there be a sequel?
      • My apologiesT Effenhiemer, Wed Apr 18 13:08
        I apologize for the inadvertent cut off. I have added the final segment of the story. It was the last time I saw Miss Ann.
    • Cut off (nm)Dormouse, Wed Apr 18 06:40
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