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T Effenhiemer
The Gift
Thu Apr 12, 2018 13:13

The Gift

By Tommy Effenhiemer

I came real close to ‘winking out’ of the educational system. If it hadn’t been for my sixth grade teacher, Ann Berrybush, I just might have. You see I never really knew my mother. She had been remarried and was living in another state ever since I was a small boy. My father was what you might call a solitary man. I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but I desperately hungered for a woman’s affection. Everything changed for me one winter’s day.

It was Valentine’s Day and I was in love. Miss Ann, my teacher, didn’t know about my feelings for her. To demonstrate my love, I bought her a special present. It was a crystal locket shaped like a heart. I waited until the school day had ended and almost everyone had gone home. There she was, sitting at her desk, correcting papers. I studied her face as she went about her work. She was the prettiest woman I had ever laid eyes upon. She, sensing my presence, stopped momentarily and looked my way.

"Tommy, how are you?" She said with an engaging smile. "What are you doing here so late?"

"Ur..ah…I just wanted to give you something," I stammered. I held out her present and started to walk towards my lovely teacher. However, in my nervousness, I lost control of the small box and dropped it just as I arrived at her desk. There was a terrible sound of breaking glass as the gift came into contact with the floor. I felt a horrible pain in the pit of my stomach as the sound of the broken glass reached my ears.

"My word, Tommy!" Miss Ann exclaimed. "What do you have there?" she asked as she stooped over and picked up the small box. Her dark eyes lit up as she opened and then surveyed the contents of the box. I became embarrassed and my face turned red, partly because of my clumsiness and partly due to the fact that my pretty teacher became aware of my affection for her.

" I was gonna give it to ya…but now it’s all broken and worthless. I guess I’m as worthless as a piece of broken glass," I said dejectedly.

"You mustn’t say such things, Tommy," she replied as she selected the largest particle of glass out of the small box. She turned her body away from me as she lifted the hem of her dark blue wool skirt. My pretty teacher lifted her skirt until I could see her lower torso in the full-length mirror attached to the wall behind her desk. She began polishing the glass particle with her wool skirt.

No longer preoccupied with my own embarrassment, my eyes traveled up the front of her shapely legs. She wore black leather shoes with milky white thigh high stockings. The tops of her stockings were trimmed in white lace. Her smooth alabaster skin bridged the space between her stockings and her underwear. She wore full-cut satin blue panties bordered with white ruffles. They were the most feminine pair of panties I had ever seen. I had never seen a grown woman this way and although I knew it was wrong to stare at her undergarments I could not turn my eyes away. My woody went south when her eyes met mine in the mirror. I was ashamed and embarrassed to have her catch me staring so hungrily. She, on the other hand, acted as though nothing was amiss. She casually dropped the front of her skirt as she tilted her head and flashed a smile.

"For one thing, it isn’t so," she continued on. She maneuvered the jagged-edged glass until it intersected with a shaft of light from the late afternoon sun. Suddenly the room was filled with a thousand multi-colored prisms as the sunlight refracted through the crystal. "For another reason Tommy, even a broken chard of glass, when polished and held in a pair of caring hands, can emit truly beautiful things," she said as she rotated the crystal in her hands, causing the prisms to dance on the walls and the ceiling of her classroom.

I could have come in her hand right then and there. But somehow I managed to save my squirt.

"Come here Tommy," Miss Ann said as she slipped her sleeveless arm over my shoulder. She slowly tightened her grip on me until she held my head in a playful headlock. My cheek and the side of my nose mashed into the side of her womanly bosom as I nuzzled my face against her body. I, in order to steady myself, slipped my hands around her petite waist and held on for dear life. She had the sweet fragrance of a woman. I could feel her warmth and softness and just for a moment, all of the coldness and pain from being so alone left me. I was in seventh heaven! Her eyes sparkled as she smiled and said, "Thank you, Tommy for the exquisite gift! I will always think of you whenever I see a light pass through a prism".

"Say, you could use a little polishing as well," Miss Ann said as she began to playfully give me a ‘Dutch rub’. This time I could not control my release. She lovingly held my shuddering head against her bosom as I discharged my spunk into my drawers.

Although it was my lovely teacher, Miss Ann, who thanked me so eloquently, it was really I who had received the gift. I cannot say which shined more brightly that wintry day…the broken crystal or me.

The End

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