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T. Effenhiemer
Ode to Miss Ann
Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:06

Ode to Miss Ann

by Tommy Effenhiemer

My name is Tommy Effenhiemer and I hate school. I hate everything about it except for one thing…my sixth-grade social studies teacher. She is the prettiest woman I have ever seen. Her name is Ann Berrybush, but she lets me call her Miss Ann. She always smells real nice and is always glad to see me. Most of the other teachers aren’t real happy to see me in their class. That’s because I am considered a troublemaker and I don’t get good grades. But Miss Ann always greets me with a warm smile and a friendly hello. She always asks me questions like "What do you want to be when you’re older" or she might ask me if I enjoyed yesterday’s history lesson. It is always the same…I am always eager to see her again.

I never will forget the day she lost her dress in our class. The day started out just like all the others. Miss Ann was in the front of the classroom writing on the blackboard. I was in the front row craning my neck to catch the best angle to take in her lovely legs. She was wearing stockings that gave her legs a light silver sheen. I was totally captivated by her shapely legs as she reached high to write something on the blackboard. I watched the hem of her dress rise above her lacy slip and reveal the back of her thighs. For a second, I was sure I could see the tops of her stockings. She continued writing; unaware of the show she was putting on for me. I fidgeted in my seat, trying to find a more comfortable position to watch my lovely teacher.

Without a warning, she spun around to face the class. I watched her blue dress rotate with her turn as I studied her nylon-encased knees. With the brightest of smiles, she addressed the class; " Today’s lesson is on Greek mythology". A groan went up from her students, but not from me. There was nothing this lady could say that would bore me! "The ancient Greeks believed they were ruled by a group of gods that lived on Mount Olympus," she began. I saw her ruby red lips moving but my eyes drifted down to the gap in her blue dress. There I spied her bosom as it heaved up and down to the rhythm of her breathing. I had to squint and focus my eyes real hard to pick up the little pink ribbon situated between her bra cups. I couldn’t help but wonder what lay behind that white lacy harness.

There were others in the class who did not share my admiration for my history teacher. Amber, Tiffany and Ashley found Miss Ann to be a major distraction to their social lives. You see, Miss Ann was the epitome of cheerfulness. She had a bright outlook on life and tried to encourage everyone to spend his or her free time studying or reading for leisure. This proved to be very annoying for the three young girls. They were sure the sixth grade was specifically created so they could show off their budding breasts and all of the regalia that goes with it. Even worse was the fact that none of the boys paid attention to any of them in Miss Ann’s class. As a matter of fact, every male set of eyes was intensely focused on the alluring Miss Ann. This ‘noise’ has to stop thought Amber, Tiffany and Ashley.

The animated teacher was using her hands in a grand fashion as she continued to explain, "Zeus was the King the gods and Hera was his Queen". The buttonholes on her dress strained against the pearly buttons as her bosom forcefully pressed against the fabric. I held my breath and silently wished for the button to break. The pretty teacher continued on, "Zeus was a bit of a rascal, as he fathered several children with mortal women". With her eyes all aglow, She clasped her hands behind her back and bent slightly at the waist. Her posture afforded me a glimpse at her substantial cleavage and I began noticing how lively her breasts were. They both seemed to shimmer and shake in her low cut dress as she spoke. "Today we are going to learn about Zeus’ most famous son, Hercules".

It was at that exact moment, Amber gave her cohorts the ‘high’ sign.

"Oh Miss Ann! My brassiere strap has become undone…may I be excused to go to the bathroom to fix it?" asked Ashley, the most developed of the three girls. Ashley made sure her back was arched while her hands cupped the underside of her pronounced breasts. She acted as though they would fall off her chest if she removed her hands. Everyone in the class turned their attention to Ashley and her ‘plight’. Miss Ann approached Ashley and whispered, "You mustn’t call so much attention to yourself" as she put her arm around the young miss. She did not notice the triple barbed fish hook Ashley planted on the back of her blue dress. "A young lady never calls attention to her undergarments" counseled Miss Ann as she escorted Ashley out the door.

"Oh Miss Ann…My hay fever is starting to act up again!" feigned Tiffany, holding a petite handkerchief to her upturned nose. "May I close the window?" she inquired. "Why of course child", returned a polite Miss Ann, showing genuine concern for Tiffany. Nobody saw the roll of fishing tackle Tiffany dropped out of the second story window to the grass below. She managed to hold on to one end of the next-to-invisible fishing line. Tiffany watched as Ashley appeared on the school lawn below and took the fishing tackle and wrapped it around the bumper of the school bus. Ashley and Tiffany shared the ‘thumbs-up’ sign. Without ever closing the window, Tiffany returned to her seat. She handed off the twenty-lbs. test line to Amber as she walked by and sat down. Amber sat across from me in the front row and waited until precisely 2:28 p.m.…. Two minutes before the bus left with the pre-schoolers.

Poor Miss Ann, she never saw it coming. She was standing between Amber and me when she turned and approached the blackboard. Amber deftly hooked the fishing line to the back of the teacher’s dress. The stage was now set for the pretty teacher’s unveiling. I watched with a strange curiosity as Amber did the dastardly deed. One part of me wanted to warn Miss Ann, but I guess a larger part of me wanted to see what would happen next.

At precisely 2:30 the school bus revved its engine and headed out of the parking lot with its precious cargo. Within moments, the fishing line went taut.

I’ll never forget the expression on Miss Ann’s face as the buttons began popping off the front of her dress. At first she seemed perplexed and then she began to panic as her dress split apart and flew towards the open window. She tried to prevent its leaving, but it was no use. The pretty blue dress was gone forever. In less than five seconds, her disrobing was complete. There the once-proud teacher stood in front of her class in her white lacy bra and robin-egg blue half-slip with a trim of white lace for a hem.

Everybody in the classroom began laughing and jeering at Miss Ann. Everybody except me. The teacher’s eyes met mine and pleaded, "Help me, Tommy, Help me"! I sprang from my desk and asked the half-naked teacher, "What can I do"?

The red-faced teacher took me in her arms and began using my body as a shield. First she pulled my face into her bra. (My nose was actually inside of her bra). With her hand behind my head she said, " Put your arms around me and walk with me to the hallway". I willingly obliged. Together we sidestepped our way to the door. Once we entered the hallway, Miss Ann looked around desperately. Without saying a word, she took off in a dead run for the teachers’ lounge. It was the last I saw of her that afternoon. But I never will forget how she looked as she ran away from me. Her bottom shook through the light blue silk slip and her hair jostled madly about. I can’t explain it, but I was so happy for her and yet I was sad to see her go.

The next day, an unusually cheerful Miss Ann searched me out in the hallways. She ignored all of the snide remarks and walked past all of the giggles and stares until she found me at my locker. "Come with me, Tommy, there’s something I want to say to you", she said with a most endearing smile. She laid her sleeveless arm across my shoulders and steered me to her empty classroom. Miss Ann placed her hands upon my shoulders and with a warm smile said, "You are a brave and kind gentleman. I am very happy we are friends and I will always think of you as my dear friend". She took me in her arms and buried my face deep within her bosom. After a long hug, she lifted my chin and made me look into her mysterious eyes and said, "Thank you for being such a gallant knight and coming to my rescue". She pulled me close again and planted a long kiss on my cheek. Right then and there, I spontaneously came in my lovely teacher’s arms and I swear I laid down more semen than the Bismarck. Yep! My name is Tommy Effenhiemer and I hate school. With one exception…My sixth grade teacher…Miss Ann.

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