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New Year's Set Up 3
Wed May 16, 2018 22:16

The ridicule died down a bit, but the stares continued. It was all I could do not to cover myself with my hands in total embarrassment and shame. Carl walked me to the bar while the others finished their pool game. He must have noticed that I didn’t cover up now or when Jen dropped my dress to the floor earlier, because he muttered “You could be a little more modest”. OMG! (I thought) He was right! I didn’t even attempt to cover myself. Why? Why did I just stand there and let them all gawk at me? Was I enjoying it somewhere deep down below my total humiliation? At 105 pounds I do not have a voluptuous body, but my husband tells me my tiny, toned figure is hot. Was I out to prove it? Was I liking the attention?
Determined not to get our new year off to a rocky start, I whispered into his ear, “Honey. It’s me that should be mad at you. After all you knew about the card draw and let me come here knowing I could end up like this. You could have told me my panty lines were fine. At least then I would only be topless, not practically naked. If you told me about the card draw I would have picked out some sexy lingerie that would have made you proud. But none of this happened, and now your wife is almost on complete display in front of these people. What do you say we have some fun before we go home and satisfy each other?”
The grin on his face told me we were going to be fine. He leaned over and whispered back, “How about I get you a drink while you work your way around the room. I want to watch from a distance”. I glanced around the room and noticed several of the women displaying their scantly covered bodies while their husbands and boyfriends were elsewhere in the room. My situation was much different. I felt naked (and practically was) while the other women had their private parts covered. Still I was starting to feel frisky. I nodded in agreement as Carl whispered one last thing in my ear. “I’m so glad you didn’t shave your pubic hair. It’s like a magnet for the eyes, guiding them straight to your pussy”, as he started to giggle. I couldn’t help but look down and see how right he was. Even tough I was trimmed down there, my brunette pubic hair stood out like a sore thumb through my almost invisible pantyhose.
Just then, Jen called over, “Kelly. Come here for a minute. She was almost as far across this massive room as she could be, with a mixed group of men and women. Carl pointed his glass toward them in approval and turned to the bar. I started taking my little stroll past most of the guests. I was barely around the corner of the bar when I was stopped by a man and woman. They purposely scanned over my body before the woman (dressed in red lingerie, who I did not know) asked “So……Either you had no idea what went on at these new year’s parties or you’re just a slut. Which is it?”
For the first time all night, I covered my tiny tits and said (in a submissive whimper) “I had no idea I could end up like this. I had no idea”. The woman then replied, “Relax girl…I was just kidding” (as the man she was with never took his eyes off my pussy) She removed my hands from my tits, pull my pantyhose up even tighter and said “You have forty more minutes to display that adorable little beaver” as they laughed and let me pass. In that split second the night didn’t seem like fun anymore. It had become just total humiliation. as I frantically scanned the room for my dress.
Jen yelled out again “Kelly! Come on!” I reluctantly kept from covering my bare tits as I looked to Carl for some indication of moral support. He grinned again a pointed toward Jen with his drink glass in his hand. I took a deep breath and started walking toward her as I was stopped yet again. Somehow, I went from feeling frisky to just plain humiliated. This time there were two tall blonde women, wearing expensive lingerie and high heels, blocking my path. I would have given anything just to have a garter belt or colored stockings like they had.
I looked up the women, hoping for some mercy as one of them said to the other “I think we know who should answer the door at midnight”. They both laughed and allowed me to pass. “What did she mean by that? Midnight? What door?” I wondered. The pace of my walk became faster as I felt I could trust Jen and made my way to her and her friends. I smiled and tried to act natural as I finally made my way across the room. “Nice camel toe” one of the men she was with said. I immediately covered my pussy with my hands as I looked up to Jen for support. She just looked down at me and said “Your nipples are getting hard Kelly. Liking this? Are you?” I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.

  • New Year's Set Up 2Kelly, Sun May 13 22:17
    Before the humiliation escalated to more than I, or anyone, could bare, Jen (the woman who removed my dress) yelled out, “Alright! That’s enough!”, as she knelt down and removed my shoes and slipped... more
    • New Year's Set Up 3 — Kelly, Wed May 16 22:16
      • New Year's Set Up 4Kelly, Fri May 18 22:09
        Standing there, covering my pussy with my hands, as my little tits and now erect nipples were on display, I felt so vulnerable. You can fantasize about this kind of scenario, but never really know... more
        • New Year's Set Up 5Kelly, Sun May 20 12:46
          As we were about to play a game of pool, Carl whispered in my ear, “I am so proud of the way you handled yourself. That was magnificent”. Knowing how he arrived just when I needed him, (even if I... more
          • New Year's Set Up 6Kelly, Sun May 27 21:51
            I glanced over my shoulder looking for Carl. Our eyes met and his (once again) reassuring look let me feel secure. I took a deep breath and opened the door. My heart sank as my eyes fell on a large... more
            • Keep it up!Mercie, Thu May 31 16:18
              This is just incredible. I hope the party goes on all night and she doesn't bother getting dressed. So many of my fantasies coming to life, I just love it! I'm forgoing panties until this story is... more
              • Keep it up!Kelly, Sat Jun 2 20:48
                Thank you sooooo much! I don't know about all year, but believe it or not, this started out as a true story. There were only 13 people there but the card draw was real, but it was a man cave not a... more
                • Wow- you go to the best parties!Hooked6, Sun Jun 3 06:16
                  Knowing that at least a part of this was real is just icing on the cake. Your writing is so engaging and the way you build the tension of the event as it unfolds is really remarkable. You are such a... more
            • Agreed, please continueHooked6, Mon May 28 07:07
              I would love to read more of this marvelous tale. Very interesting idea and I am so glad you posted it here. If I might offer a very constructive suggestion without upsetting you, if you would skip... more
              • AgreedKelly, Mon May 28 20:01
                Thanks. I appreciate the comments and advise. No offence taken. Thanks again.
              • What he said. Bikerfan, Mon May 28 11:45
                Your story is great. Please continue. And Hooked would know about formatting. He is one of the best authors on the board.
            • Bravo!Mercie, Mon May 28 05:55
              Don't get dressed, Kelly!
          • Please continueMercie, Sat May 26 05:19
            Please continue this story has me so hot and is a personal fantasy of mine. I want to be like Kelly.
            • Please continueKelly, Sun May 27 13:04
              Thanks. The next chapter will be out soon.
          • This is a fun storyLisa Rogers, Mon May 21 16:49
            I love this. Next time don't wear panties. Lisa
            • CorrectionLisa Rogers, Mon May 21 16:51
              I should say, next time, don't wear pantyhose.
        • Nice work Kelly (nm)Togsfree, Sat May 19 06:18
      • Great story!Bikerfan, Fri May 18 10:26
        Please continue. This reminds me of the quote used by guys "Why would I try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other"
      • GreatMercie, Thu May 17 04:39
        She has to stay this way after midnight. Hope they cut her dress to bits but keep the pantyhose on.
        • GreatKelly, Thu May 17 20:20
          I appreciate the comments. Do you go without panties when you wear your pantyhose with a dress?
          • RarelyMercie, Sun May 20 07:58
            Only sometimes. Usually if I'm worried about panty lines showing thru I'll go without. Sometimes by request of my date.
          • Panyhose without PantiesPhilMarlowe, Fri May 18 08:38
            I never wear pantyhose but my ex-wife did almost all the time. When she went to work, she wore panties with her pantyhose. When we went out partying, she left the panties at home. Sometimes the... more
    • Very nice!diffAnon, Mon May 14 21:52
      Can't wait to hear the rest!!!
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