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Thu May 17, 2018 04:39

She has to stay this way after midnight. Hope they cut her dress to bits but keep the pantyhose on.

  • New Year's Set Up 3Kelly, Wed May 16 22:16
    The ridicule died down a bit, but the stares continued. It was all I could do not to cover myself with my hands in total embarrassment and shame. Carl walked me to the bar while the others finished... more
    • New Year's Set Up 4Kelly, Fri May 18 22:09
      Standing there, covering my pussy with my hands, as my little tits and now erect nipples were on display, I felt so vulnerable. You can fantasize about this kind of scenario, but never really know... more
      • New Year's Set Up 5Kelly, Sun May 20 12:46
        As we were about to play a game of pool, Carl whispered in my ear, “I am so proud of the way you handled yourself. That was magnificent”. Knowing how he arrived just when I needed him, (even if I... more
        • This is a fun storyLisa Rogers, Mon May 21 16:49
          I love this. Next time don't wear panties. Lisa
          • CorrectionLisa Rogers, Mon May 21 16:51
            I should say, next time, don't wear pantyhose.
      • Nice work Kelly (nm)Togsfree, Sat May 19 06:18
    • Great story!Bikerfan, Fri May 18 10:26
      Please continue. This reminds me of the quote used by guys "Why would I try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other"
    • Great — Mercie, Thu May 17 04:39
      • GreatKelly, Thu May 17 20:20
        I appreciate the comments. Do you go without panties when you wear your pantyhose with a dress?
        • RarelyMercie, Sun May 20 07:58
          Only sometimes. Usually if I'm worried about panty lines showing thru I'll go without. Sometimes by request of my date.
        • Panyhose without PantiesPhilMarlowe, Fri May 18 08:38
          I never wear pantyhose but my ex-wife did almost all the time. When she went to work, she wore panties with her pantyhose. When we went out partying, she left the panties at home. Sometimes the... more
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