A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 4
Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:43

Kayla strode past Sean in a huff, swiping the basketball from his hand as she went. She dribbled it angrily against the gym floor, fuming.

How could a boy his age still be so immature? So sexist? So unconscionably egotistical? And – mystery of all mysteries – the girls were roped up in his chauvinist spell. She wasn’t going to let it get in the way of her sport, she wasn’t going to let it get in the way of her team. If they were going to sit blinded by Sean’s stupid … Seanness … then she would captain this team herself.

The instant Sean was in guard position, Kayla lined up and took the shot. It would have been the perfect arc if Sean hadn’t jumped a foot off the ground for it. He was quite tall, but even so it was too high up for him to catch it. The tips of his fingers brushed against it though, and that was enough to skew the trajectory. The ball wound up gracing the rim before tumbling back down between them.

Sean made a lunge for it as he steadied himself from the jump, but Kayla was faster. She darted forward and grabbed the ball, dribbled once, and flung it up in a neat left arc where it dodged Sean’s outstretched arms and swished through the net.

The girls shouted in triumph, Liz dancing up and down in tiny little hops that got her hair bob all frizzy. Sara was pumping her arms back and forth and singing. Heart still pounding, Kayla went for the ball as it rolled away from the net and was gearing up to take another shot when she saw Sean loosening up his arms before bending his knee up and reaching for the laces of his shoes.

A confused look adorned her face as she asked “what are you doing?” Before he even answered her, a feeling of terror churned in the pit of her stomach.

“Well it’s not like I’m gonna pull my dick out and wave it around the first time you score,” Sean mumbled. He slipped off his left shoe and began working on his right.

“Whoa, no, no, no,” Kayla interjected, “I never agreed to strip basketball! That was their stupid idea. Keep your –”

“Oh come onnn,” urged Sara, “you got this in the bag, Kayla.” She appreciated the support (would have been nice earlier too ...), but what if she started to lose??

“You're winning, Kayla,” pleaded Liz. “Don’t you want to be team captain? I know you do.” Kayla flustered. Sure she did, but this was absurd.

“You guys can’t seriously think this is a fair way to test who’s the better player!” Kayla argued.

“Maybe it’s not,” said Alisha, reconsidering. She was looking at Sean’s feet, now covered only in a pair of white socks. Kayla knew if she had to start taking clothes off in front of Sean, it would completely distract her! She would play worse, not better!

“What?” exclaimed Liz, sounding way more disappointed than she should have.

“Not if they ain’t wearing the same amount of clothing,” Alisha pointed out. Kayla’s heart sank. So much for Alisha changing her mind.

“What do you mean?” she implored. “Alisha, you can’t seriously be in favor of this.”

“Girl, I gave you my reasons,” Alisha stated impatiently. Looking over at Sean, who was peeling off his socks, she asked “how much you got on, stud? Three?” Sean threw his socks against the gym wall to join his shoes.

“Uh,” he started, looking down at his basketball jersey and gym shorts, “four?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Four?” Alisha, confused, looked him up and down. Then realization dawned. “Ohhh,” she mouthed. Kayla looked between the two of them, trying to get some clue as to what she seemed to realize. Before she could discover what it was, Alisha turned to her and asked “and you?”

“I,” Kayla, still frustrated and not at all on board with this, blinked and thought about what she was wearing: Shoes, socks, shorts, jersey, and her underwear. “Six,” she responded.

“Shoes and socks count as one,” Alisha shook her head, “as Sean seems to have decided.”

“I can put ‘em back on,” Sean said quickly.

“Uh-uh,” said Alisha, a sly smile barely perceptible.

“Well,” Kayla frowned, “then that’s five, but –”

“Perfect,” Alisha decided. “You started out even, Sean down one. That means one point for the ladies!” She put up her arm, grinning, and waved her finger. Sara cheered and Liz clapped. Sean exhaled, squeezing his bare toes before resuming guard stance.

As reluctant as she was, Kayla felt a little encouraged by the girls’ cheering. Maybe, just maybe, she really could do this. Hell, she was a good player, wasn’t she? She had the talent, she had the drive, the focus. Team captain was within her reach, and she was already a point ahead of Sean: Overconfident, arrogant, underestimating jerk that he was. Wouldn’t it feel good to rub victory in his smug face? How long had she wanted to see justice served on him? Oh yeah – her whole life.

She could win this. She could put her asshole tormenter in his place.

“Game on,” Kayla breathed.

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                Can't wait for the finish. Got to know who wins.
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                You have me in anticipation
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                  Glad to hear it! :)
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