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Excellent chapter!
Thu Jun 14, 2018 08:09

Can't wait to see what happens next, with Ahab in the clutches of these lascivious ladies! Please keep writing!

  • ENM at Work: Ahab the Bellhop Part 16Anonymous, Tue Jun 12 00:30
    Sorry about the delay between chapters, please enjoy! ----------------------------------------- Pacing around the doors of high-end suites, growing evermore worried, are a guilt-ridden Ahab, and his... more
    • ENM at Work: Ahab the Bellhop Part 17Anonymous, Sat Jun 23 02:06
      I've apologized for hiatuses in the past, please let me apologize again. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------- "Whyy should we?" Taunts the most voluptuous woman present. She's barely... more
      • ENM at Work: Ahab the Bellhop Part 18Onlysorta, Thu Jul 12 07:00
        "Oh? Ahab's here? Awesome!" Raquel enthuses, an agreeable smile spreading across her face. I suppose Ahab is one of her best friends, but what I meant wasn't 'hey, you guys should catch up'. So,... more
      • Loving the Story...bongobear, Wed Jul 4 00:59
        ...but when's the next chapter!? You're killing me with these cliffhangers. Lot of fun to read!
    • Excellent chapter! — Conor, Thu Jun 14 08:09
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