Not As Expected : Part Six (Actual)
Thu Jun 14, 2018 09:57

Whoops! Here is the actual part Six.


Without giving it anymore thought I make a mad dash for open glass door to the house. Unfortunately, my mask isn’t very see through. And it turns out the glass door isn’t open. I smack myself against glass door and fall backwards onto the ground. I slow down for a second as I just hit a giant wall head first. But then I realize that I am lying on the ground face up with my legs spread wide. A frat looking dude comes up to me and says,

“Let me help you up!” Jokingly. He grabs a handful of my pussy and my shoulder and pulls me up off the ground. Normally I would figure out a way to strip him and ruin his reputation. But I don’t have time. If I stick around any longer, they will pull my beanie mask off. So a little dazed, I pull the door open and run inside.

As I enter the house, I face a whole new group of people who have yet to see my nude body. The reactions start back up again!

“Who’s that?” A girl asks.

“This is hilarious!” Another guy says.

“What’s up with her tiny nipples?” Another guy asks.

“I don’t know but that ass is bouncing like a damn beach ball!” Another guy says.

I run around the house trying to find the exit to the front door. I running past people, everyone is getting an eyeful of my body. But at least they weren’t seeing my legs spread wide like the crowd outside. I run around the house some more when I look forward and I can see myself running directly toward someone. And that person is Logan. Logan turns around and sees a masked nude girl running toward him and doesn’t know what to do. I see Logan, the only person I know personally. I get caught up in this and I stumble and trip over something on the ground.

At the speed I’m going I go flying forward and into the air. Logan’s eyes widen as I fly toward him. I try to catch myself and land on my feet, but in doing so I launch my hips forward and send my pussy directly into Logan’s face. Logan and I fall to the ground. Logan lying directly on the ground with me sitting on his face. I’m a little dazed by all of this, as everyone in the party surrounds us as I sit naked on Logan’s face. Logan grabs my ass and tries to get me off. He mumbles something but it gets lost and is registered in my brain as Logan eating me out. Two other guys grab my arms and lift me off of Logan. The two guys hold me up for everyone to see and Logan stands up.

“What is going on?” Logan shouts angrily.

“We don’t know!” One of the guys says.

“She was streaking in the backyard! We don’t know who she is.” The other guy explains.

“Do you think she’s a cat burglar?” Someone yells.

“I don’t know about a cat, but that pussy is tight!” Another yells in response.

“It might be tight, but she did a bad job of shaving!” Logan yells out. Everyone laughs. Everyone is laughing at me. They are laughing at my pussy. They are laughing at my naked body. Logan, of all people, just made a joke about my naked body. The only upside I could see is that they still didn’t know who I was. But before I thought it could get any worse, it did.

“Everyone calm down! The cops are driving up!”

  • Part 5 repeatedDormouse, Thu Jun 14 07:14
    Is there a missing section?
    • Not As Expected : Part Six (Actual) — Mandraek, Thu Jun 14 09:57
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