A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 5
Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:33

Kayla aggressively dribbled the ball and quickly advanced towards Sean. She had done the same song and dance when she went against him earlier, and he’d fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. He made for another close guard in front of her, and it looked like he was going to fall for it again. A split second later, however, he instead shifted his angle just as Kayla flipped the feint.

Sean easily gained control of the ball, and Kayla moved to anticipate his landing. To her surprise (and likely Sean's as well), things did not go as expected.

Sean, lacking the traction of his shoes, slid on his bare heel, making a painful-sounding skidding noise against the gym floor. He lost his balance and landed on his side much to the laughter of the girls spectating. Seeing her opportunity, Kayla attempted to swipe the ball out of his unsuspecting hand as he rose to a sitting position. Sean passed the ball behind his back and away from her reach, rolling back to his feet. Surprised at his speed, Kayla tried to guard him, but he swerved, shot … and downed the ball through the hoop.

Kayla felt her nails clenching against her forehead as she came to the realization of what just happened. The others in the room were making loud noises of impressed excitement, but it was all static to her. Sean held up his hands in victory, thumping his chest and nodding his head, grinning broadly. Liz was leaning towards him, making a show of clapping her hands in appreciation.

Kayla felt her head pounding: That wasn’t just a loss, it was an embarrassing one. He’d handed her that shot on a silver platter, and somehow she’d missed the window. She made a rookie mistake.

“Bam!” Sean shouted to her, “Skill: That’s what I’m talking about.” Kayla felt her head throb and her jaw tense as she watched him gloat. She opened her mouth to say something retaliatory, but nothing came. “That’s right,” Sean continued, “off with the booties and socks. Let’s see the toesss.”


Taking off her shoes and socks wasn’t even that bad a thing, but when he demanded it like that? She wanted to punch him in the face. She began to kneel down to pull at her shoelaces, but then she looked at Sean’s bare feet. The lack of traction had really impaired him just then. A realization came to her and it wasn’t one she liked. She stood up straight again, frowning.

“You gotta be a good sport, Kayla baby!” Sara called out. “Deal’s a deal.” Kayla shifted her weight and exhaled. Before she could change her mind, she pinched the bottoms of her black gym shorts and quickly tugged them down, where they fell to her ankles.

The others looked on, stunned. Kayla felt her cheeks burning. Her team seeing her literally with her pants down. Alisha snickered, then laughed outright, and the other girls quickly followed suit. Kayla fumed, her face hot with embarrassment.

Indignation coursed through her as her basketball team continued laughing at her, staring at her standing there in her black boyshort panties.

Sean’s mouth hung open before he burst into a triumphant cheer, throwing both arms into the air. She clenched her teeth. She *hated* that she’d had to make such a stupid, embarrassing decision.

No. Not a decision, she consoled herself. This was an investment.

Sean was a good player, and he probably made a game-changing decision when he took off his shoes. Good traction was paramount in this game. Kayla could scarcely remember a time when she didn’t have shoes on the court. Playing without them might feel wholly different, and that was a risk she didn’t want to take when the stakes were this high.

Dropping her gym shorts in front of Sean was not a moment she *ever* wanted to relive, but she tried to calm herself down. The black panties only showed a couple more inches of skin than the tiny gym shorts in any event. It was taking them off in public that had been the barrier, not the actual reveal of anything private. As far as underwear went, the pair was pretty modest.

“Oooh,” chuckled Liz, “someone’s getting excited.”

“Shut up,” Kayla snapped, hoping above hope that Liz wasn't referring to the slight dark spot towards the bottom of her panties. There was a growing wetness Kayla was feeling there, despite herself.

The pair was black, she reasoned to herself; there was no way she notice that. She hastily kicked the shorts off her ankles. “Are we playing or what?” she pressed impatiently, more than ready to get people's attention off her crotch.

Sean chuckled. “Oh hellll yes.”

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    • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 5 — saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:33
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        Not sure why this copy happened! Some kind of login prompt came up and something must have gotten screwy. The actual part five is below. :)
      • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 5saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:47
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        • ^ This is part 6saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:51
          So that's what happened. I just titled two parts "part 5." Whoops!
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            • Living this Dw, Sun Jun 17 09:25
              Can't wait for the finish. Got to know who wins.
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              You have me in anticipation
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                Glad to hear it! :)
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