A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 5
Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:47

Sean was shaking his head, a dumb smile on his face. Looking down at her panties, he laughed. “Man, if I’d known it was this easy to get your pants off, Kayla, I’d have just plain asked you.” Sara snorted a little chuckle of surprise.

“Ooh,” said Liz, weighing the palpable animosity between Kayla and Sean. “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

“We are fighting!” Kayla shouted at her, her temper flaring. This whole thing had been Liz's idea to begin with. If not for her, this would have been a *real* contest, not a stupid strip game. But no, Liz was a lousy player and a thirsty idiot. Kayla opened her mouth to tell her precisely that, when she caught herself.

Dammit, she had to keep her head on straight.

Liz may be an idiot, but that didn’t mean Kayla had to call her out on it and lose a friend. The bad guy here was Sean, not Liz. Liz was so horny she'd probably be cheering no matter *who* won this game. Maybe she was bi?

Eh. More likely she just wanted to see some excitement. Liz certainly wasn’t subtle about her obsession with Sean. Sean, who was looking at Kayla challengingly. He wanted a game?

She’d give him one.

Kayla resumed a harsh dribble. “Come on!” she cried to him.

Sean moved to meet her advance, still grinning. "Alright, Princess No-pants," he laughed. He spread out his arms in a wide guard, looking not at the ball but at her eyes. Kayla felt the heat from her cheeks, and tried to clear her mind of everything but the game. She tried to read her opponent.

Sean's mouth was pressed shut and she could tell he was gearing up for her usual strategy, preparing for any of her typical tricky moves and fast feints. Kayla realized she might not be able to fool him this time. If that was the case she had to outmaneuver him.

Deciding the traction from her shoes was her biggest advantage, she made a quick dash to the left. Sean leaped to meet her move, but by then she was already dashing right and forward. She could hear Sean’s heel squeak (probably painfully) against the gym floor as he tried to keep up with her.

Too little too late.

By the time he reached her new spot, she’d taken a quick step back and launched the ball. Still coming out of an awkward, hunched position, Sean could only watch as the ball soared through the hoop, an easy point.

The girls behind Kayla cheered in a mad frenzy. Liz was full-out screaming. Sean let out a breath as he looked over at the ball rolling away from the two of them. He looked slowly over to the girls. He couldn’t help but laugh a little, himself; he knew there was no getting out of that obvious a loss.

Kayla watched him with folded arms, an expectant eyebrow raised to accompany her glare. Sean hesitated for a couple moments, then tentatively grabbed the base of his basketball jersey.

His eyes darted between the cheering girls. Sara gleefully played with the hem of her own t-shirt. “F*ck,” Sean laughed, “fine.” Looking up at the ceiling, he began peeling off his jersey.

Kayla watched entranced as parts of Sean she’d only caught glimpses of were brought to center stage. She followed the bottom hem of his jersey as it traveled up, revealing his lean stomach to the crowd of girls. She could see the subtle definition of a faint six-pack surrounding his navel, along with a very enticing trail of hair pointing down from his navel to his shorts.

The jersey passed over Sean's head and, with one hand, he tossed it toward the base of the basketball hoop. Kayla instinctively looked up at his chest.

Sean had pecs to match, adorned with tiny little nipples, faintly pink. Sparse golden hairs smattered the center of his pecs, to match the light color of the hair on his head. His uncovered torso drew attention to his bare arms, fit and defined from exercise. Her eyes traveled up and down the newly exposed skin.

While Kayla would never in her life have brought it up in front of her friends, she couldn’t help but notice that sexy sheen of sweat starting at his neck, going down to his muscled shoulders and chest. He almost glistened under the fluorescent lights whenever he moved his body, the contours of his muscles ...

“Earth to Kayla,” Sean said, apparently repeating himself. Sara and Liz were giggling at her. Kayla hadn’t even realized her mouth was hanging open, so abruptly closed it, blinking and trying to quickly refocus.

She just … she hadn’t expected him to have that effect on her.

“We gonna play, or what?” Sean asked, catching the ball from Alisha with one hand. The catch made his forearm tense as he gripped the ball with just his fingers. Kayla hadn’t really noticed, or at least hadn't given much thought to how strong he was.

“Unless you’re ready to forfeit," he added.

“Oh you wish,” Kayla shot back, blinking away her distraction. Sean looked good without his shirt on.

She was ready to make him lose something now that was a little more taboo.

  • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 5saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:33
    Kayla aggressively dribbled the ball and quickly advanced towards Sean. She had done the same song and dance when she went against him earlier, and he’d fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. He made... more
    • IGNORE THIS ONE!saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:49
      Not sure why this copy happened! Some kind of login prompt came up and something must have gotten screwy. The actual part five is below. :)
    • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 5 — saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:47
      • ^ This is part 6saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:51
        So that's what happened. I just titled two parts "part 5." Whoops!
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          Sean advanced as soon as Kayla forward, moving quickly back and forth, trying to keep her unsure of where he would take the shot from. Kayla rarely saw him play like this, taking a more strategic... more
          • Living this Dw, Sun Jun 17 09:25
            Can't wait for the finish. Got to know who wins.
          • Great story so farDolphinmaster, Fri Jun 15 18:02
            You have me in anticipation
            • thanks!saucyknaves, Sat Jun 16 01:43
              Glad to hear it! :)
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