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^ This is part 6
Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:51

So that's what happened. I just titled two parts "part 5." Whoops!

  • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 5saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:47
    Sean was shaking his head, a dumb smile on his face. Looking down at her panties, he laughed. “Man, if I’d known it was this easy to get your pants off, Kayla, I’d have just plain asked you.” Sara... more
    • ^ This is part 6 — saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:51
      • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 7saucyknaves, Fri Jun 15 01:24
        Sean advanced as soon as Kayla forward, moving quickly back and forth, trying to keep her unsure of where he would take the shot from. Kayla rarely saw him play like this, taking a more strategic... more
        • Living this Dw, Sun Jun 17 09:25
          Can't wait for the finish. Got to know who wins.
        • Great story so farDolphinmaster, Fri Jun 15 18:02
          You have me in anticipation
          • thanks!saucyknaves, Sat Jun 16 01:43
            Glad to hear it! :)
        • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 8saucyknaves, Fri Jun 15 01:31
          Kayla grabbed her water bottle and chugged back a long swallow, wiping her lip as she stepped back into the ring. She’d had it with Sean trying to puff up his self-image at her expense. “You go,... more
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