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A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 7
Fri Jun 15, 2018 01:24

Sean advanced as soon as Kayla forward, moving quickly back and forth, trying to keep her unsure of where he would take the shot from. Kayla rarely saw him play like this, taking a more strategic approach and really trying to keep her guessing. For all the nonsense of ‘strip basketball,’ she had to admit that Alisha might be on to something.

Sean really was playing harder than usual, and whether it was because he wanted to get more clothes off of her or because he didn’t want to lose his shorts in front of a bunch of girls, he was putting up much more of a fight than before. All the attempted feints and fast course changes reminded Kayla much more of how she played, which was a funny thought: Was he deliberately trying to play more like her?

Well it wasn’t working.

Sean didn’t have her speed, and he couldn’t match her traction. For all the good this kind of playing might normally have done, here and now it wasn’t giving him any edge. Not while she had her shoes on.

Sean, realizing that the feint game wasn’t doing enough, took the shot probably earlier than he should have. While Kayla still wasn’t able to solidly catch it, he had approached from too awkward an angle nonetheless. The ball bounced off the rim, spinning back down to bounce off the floor.

Kayla got to it quicker, made for the shot (faked it), and Sean fell for it. She did a quick torque, changing direction, and then took the shot for real. Sean didn’t even see it coming until it was already arcing through the air. The ball scraped the backboard and swished down the net.

Still with his back to the girls, Sean was facing the opposite wall of the gym when the basketball bounced against his bare ankle. Kayla got to enjoy the confusion on his face as he tried to figure out how what had even just happened.

“Ohhhh,” cooed the other girls, watching as their heartthrob came to realize he’d have to give them another stripper act. Kayla, for her part, was breathing heavy, but brimming with pride. Not only had she beaten him twice in a row, but today there was an audience to watch her do it - an audience of Sean's own fangirls holding witness to his blunders. He wasn’t turning out to be quite the man he claimed. To be proven right in her claims about him was delicious, and it made Kayla feel vindicated.

Sean was not looking so holier-than-thou anymore since realizing he was going to have to take off something a little more revealing. Kayla could see cracks beginning to show on his normally haughty, smug face. No self-deprecating chuckle this time, not his usual frat boy smile. Was it fear she was detecting? Embarrassment? Regret?

Sean tried not to look at anyone in particular as he performed the gesture the girls had waited for: He slipped his fingers inside the waistband of his gym shorts and, after a moment of apprehensive pause, reluctantly pushed them down.

Liz and Sara screamed as Sean’s white checker-patterned boxers came into view. Their shrill excitement and laughter were enough to make him freeze mid-act, still bent over. Liz was bouncing on her tiptoes with her arms stretched toward Sean’s crotch. Sean squeezed his eyes shut and pushed his shorts the rest of the way down with a grimace.

“Oh my godddd!” Liz laughed outright. Sara had her hands on her hips with an eyebrow raised as she looked down at Sean’s crotch. She had the look of someone appraising a piece of meat. Kayla turned to see Alisha with a finger in her mouth. Their eyes met for an instant and she flashed Kayla a secret smile. This was too good.

Sean still wasn’t as red-faced as Kayla had been moments ago, but he looked largely unhappy with the direction this contest had suddenly taken. Poor baby wasn't used to admitting when he lost. Kayla couldn't help but smirk, musing that Sean was looking pretty under-dressed compared to her. Kayla soaked in the glorious sight of her rival stripped down to his boxers.

She had seen boys in just swim trunks before, and this was mostly what the boxers looked like to Kayla – a pair of extra baggy shorts that didn’t really give any hint as to what was behind them. A little disappointing to her, but it was still a rush. The differences between his body and hers were so stark, yet everything still seemed logically proportioned. Kayla could tell with no subtleties that he had more muscle mass than she, and was a little taller, but somehow his body made that work. Nothing looked out of place or wrong. Then there were all the little things that she found so fascinating:

Unabashed hair on the legs, bigger feet, and hair blatantly under the arms. She noticed the odd mole here and there. Sean wasn’t a perfect specimen, but she didn’t want him to be.

She just wanted him to be real.

Not some male model, movie actor, or mannequin, but a boy on her own basketball team. Despite these small subtleties, Kayla didn't really see anything outlandishly different than what she’d expected, but of course the biggest mystery was bundled safely behind those boxers …

“Alright,” Sean said in a serious tone as he cracked his shoulders and loosened up, “you asked for it. Time to stop holdin’ back.”

“Yeah right,” Kayla scoffed. “Like any of us believe you’ve been holding anything back.”

“Dude, it’s like I said: I literally have not played this game in so long.” Sean kicked the basketball at his feet up into the air where he caught it with his right arm. He gave it a short spin. “This is bringing me back into it, though. Thanks, Kayla. You’ve been a decent refresher course.”

“Oh, shut up!” Kayla said angrily.

Belittling her victory. So cool.

He always got off on doing that, and she was damned fed up with it. Now he was just trying to cover up his mess-ups, trying to save face in front of the other girls. They didn’t know him like Kayla did. Sean was a pathological liar and loved nothing more than to build himself up just to bloat his ego.

Kayla was bewildered as to how any girl could be impressed with this asshole, much less her own friends. “Well I’m not holding back either,” she retaliated, “so get ready to lose!”

  • ^ This is part 6saucyknaves, Thu Jun 14 10:51
    So that's what happened. I just titled two parts "part 5." Whoops!
    • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 7 — saucyknaves, Fri Jun 15 01:24
      • Living this Dw, Sun Jun 17 09:25
        Can't wait for the finish. Got to know who wins.
      • Great story so farDolphinmaster, Fri Jun 15 18:02
        You have me in anticipation
        • thanks!saucyknaves, Sat Jun 16 01:43
          Glad to hear it! :)
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