A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 8
Fri Jun 15, 2018 01:31

Kayla grabbed her water bottle and chugged back a long swallow, wiping her lip as she stepped back into the ring. She’d had it with Sean trying to puff up his self-image at her expense. “You go, girl!” Sara whooped as Kayla positioned herself for defense.

“Yeahhh!” Liz cheered. “Gimme a naked boy!” She laughed and high-fived Sara as Sean took his shot.

It was a wild one, with no chance of making it into the net. Even Kayla was pretty sure she couldn’t have made something that crazy. Sure enough, the ball sailed through the air, hitting the backboard to no effect.

He was getting desperate.

Kayla made her move, going after it on the rebound. Sean was already en route and made it first, grabbing the ball with a long muscled arm as it bounced a few feet away from Kayla. It seemed like he was starting to adjust to playing barefoot, beginning to take risks that he wasn’t before.

Kayla made it in front of him, preparing to block his next shot, but by that point he had leaped into the air. Kayla reached up to intercept, but Sean had the advantage of height on her and he’d angled himself close to the hoop. Kayla tried to guard but when the ball left his hands it was over a foot higher than she could reach. She watched as it bounced up the backboard and slipped down through the net.

Kayla cried out in frustration as Sean made one loud clap with his hands, taking a few steps back away from her. “What’d I tell you?” he boasted, “Don’t wake the beast!” Another clap, “Sean is on *point*, baby!” he smiled broadly.

Kayla could feel hot frustration bubbling up her body as she watched him gloat. Knowing how close this contest was was making it all the more annoying that Sean still thought himself so superior than her.

“This contest is not done!” she shouted in defiance.

“Oh, no,” Sean agreed, picking up the ball, “it’s definitely not.” He cocked his head back and grinned, pointing at her and spinning his finger, “but that shirt is.” Kayla’s mouth dropped open, her face flushed in outrage. She was so focused on beating Sean she had practically forgotten what was at stake in her corner. “Come on,” Sean grinned, “let’s get it off.”

Kayla grit her teeth. No. She didn’t want to take off her top. Not for him. She looked at the other girls for support. Surely they could see how incorrigible he was acting. He was being a total asshole!

Liz was looking anxiously between the two of them. Alisha shrugged her shoulders, her expression apologetic but firm. Sara, her last hope, said “sorry, querida, it’s gotta go!”

She felt a chill. They couldn’t mean that, could they? Kayla felt betrayed. The only reason it was her and not one of them in this position was because she’d played better! How did that mean she deserved this? It was completely unfair that she ended up taking the brunt of this stupid contest just because she was the best player.

“Come on, you guys!” she pleaded, trying not to sound like she was pleading.

“I mean …” Alisha started, but Sean cut her off.

“Nah, she doesn’t have to do it,” he interrupted, surprising the lot of them. Kayla felt her heart pounding, but she didn’t trust him for one second. Sean shrugged his shoulders and pulled his boxers up an inch. “But, I mean, that’s a forfeit. And I win.”

“No!” Kayla said instinctively, realizing the trap he’d put her in even as the word left her mouth. She grunted in aggravation. All eyes were on her, expecting her to decide her fate. She turned away from them, her shoulders slumping as she came to terms with what she had to do. “Fine,” she mumbled tersely, facing them. She began to pull off her jersey.

She heard Sean give a quick laugh and that made it even worse. The cold air of the room hit her flat stomach in a way that felt altogether wrong. This was a feeling reserved for the locker room, not for out here. Casting a venomous glare at Sean, she tugged the jersey up over her chest, thankful that at least her black sports bra didn’t show much cleavage.

Kayla couldn’t understand how some girls were confident enough to walk around or exercise in just a sports bra and no shirt. Going about in just a bra wasn’t something she ever did, not even in the house by herself. She wasn’t ashamed of her breasts or anything; they were a large b cup, big enough that she’d luckily avoided all the teenage girl drama that came from such insecurities. These days she didn’t give her boobs much thought beyond ‘keep them covered,’ which was the main reason her instincts were screaming at her to stop pulling her clothes off.

She was trying to speed up the undressing process when the damn jersey got stuck on her ponytail. She could feel her face heat up as she wriggled free, a movement which must have inadvertently caused some jiggling. She tried not to think about what she was showing, tried to pretend she was at the beach or something.

Yeah, except that this felt nothing like that ...

Kayla threw the jersey behind her, deliberately not meeting anyone’s eye.

"Let’s get on with this,” she muttered.

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    Sean advanced as soon as Kayla forward, moving quickly back and forth, trying to keep her unsure of where he would take the shot from. Kayla rarely saw him play like this, taking a more strategic... more
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      Can't wait for the finish. Got to know who wins.
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      You have me in anticipation
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        Glad to hear it! :)
    • A Strip Contest for Team Captain: Part 8 — saucyknaves, Fri Jun 15 01:31
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