New Year's Set Up - 20
Sun Jul 8, 2018 21:08

Looking at my naked body among all the clothed people was nothing short of hypnotic. I had always wondered how the women on the internet, that had lost their clothes in similar public settings, could have allowed themselves to get into such situations. They always seemed so foolish to me, yet there I was. Surprisingly, I do come off looking somewhat confident and relaxed in many of the photos. But not all of them, by any stretch of the imagination. There are many where the viewer can easily pick up on my apparent feelings of apprehension and total humiliation.

The most curious thing I noticed, was that the photos with Jen, Jill or the occasion shot with one of the other women in lingerie, in the background, were the ones that heightened my sense of impropriety. It was as if they all knew where that line of indecency was, and I was the only one to brazenly cross it. Especially the photos of my public pubic hair shaving. There was that one photo of me, leaning back against the bar and purposely exposing my freshly shaved pussy, in an attempt at taunting Carl, for allowing this public exposure to happen. Shots or no shots, I realized I must have some inner desire to display myself. Otherwise, how could I have surrendered my dignity, and all traces of any personal modesty like that? Yet, I couldn’t pull myself away from studying each, and every photo.

I had become so immersed in my naked catalog, that I failed to observe everyone else was doing the same thing. They were looking at naked photos of me on their phones. There was only ‘One Thing’ that could have broken my concentration at that moment. You see, I was still in a trance, wondering deep inside, how I ended being naked tonight. Was this my doing? Did I want this to happen, subconsciously? I felt a slight breeze on my bare skin and was reminded that the ‘One Thing’ was nature, and it was calling me. The alcohol was kicking in, and I really had to pee. I whispered to Carl, letting him know I was heading up to the house to use the bathroom.

Megan and Jill joined me, as though I was a flight risk or something. We had not taken the group photo yet. It was after 2:00 by now, so I figured they’d get everyone together soon. I felt like I was surrounded by the paparazzi, as the flashes went off continuously, while we made our way through the crowd, and up to the house. Once in the kitchen, I made my way around the corner and found a line had formed to the bathroom. I had to pee so bad but was fourth in line to the bathroom door. It was bad enough, I now had no choice but to engage in conversation, while the lights of the hallway were exposing my bare skin and erect nipples even more, but I had to squeeze my thighs together to keep from peeing myself.

I didn’t know anyone in line, but I knew one man was from Carl’s work, and the other two were ladies from the formal party that had started next door at Alfred and his wife’s house. After what seemed like an eternity of talking about the fireworks (making every attempt at drawing their attention from my nudity. Like that was going to work) with those in line, it was finally my turn. I went in, closed and locked the door behind me. This was when I got a good look at myself in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door. I thought I was going to be sick.

It wasn’t the alcohol that was making me nauseous, but my naked reflection in the mirror. Reality was setting, in and I was now seeing myself as everyone else was seeing me. What kind of person takes off her clothes at a party, attended by mostly strangers? What sort of woman allows someone to shave her pubic hair in public? What kind of person was I? I sat down to pee and my reflection was staring back at me. It was as if someone else was asking me these questions. It just so happens that the person asking me to evaluate my behavior, looked identical to me, and was naked too.

I finished my business and stood up to exit the bathroom. For some reason I was paying particularly close attention to my tiny little pubic patch. I must have absolutely lost my mind. With all this doubt going through my mind, I looked around for something to cover my shame with. There was nothing. Only a matching wash cloth and small matching hand towel. Any attempt to use them would only bring on further ridicule and humiliation. I took one last look at my tiny frame, took a deep breath and exited the bathroom.

Summoning what was left of my depleted reserves of ‘nerve’ and ‘self-respect’, I walk past those in line for the bathroom, and into the kitchen. Jill was making some snack trays with Megan, while others were coming in and out of the kitchen. I looked to the door leading downstairs, entertaining the thought of running down to get my dress. “Are you ready for the group photo Kelly?” Megan asked me, as they both continued to put together the cold cuts and rolls. Being distracted by the possibility of retrieving my dress, and finally having some cover for by overly exposed naked body, I was startled. I could not utter a syllable at first, but managed to squeak out the word “Yes” as I tried to appear casual.

    • New Year's Set Up - 21Kelly, Tue Jul 10 21:00
      The two women kept busy at preparing the food, while I tried to avoid eye contact with those still in the kitchen. I was thankful when they all made their way back outside. By now I was emotionally... more
      • New Year's Set Up - 22Kelly, Wed Jul 11 22:53
        Finally, Megan broke the awkward silence. “Hello young man. I know this seems weird, but my friend lost a bet, and has to hand you the package in the nude”. The kid struggled to clear his throat, and ... more
        • New Year's Set Up - 23Kelly, Sun Jul 15 12:17
          Megan continued to take a few more photos with Todd’s phone, then handed it back to him. With his phone in hand, he politely asked, “Just a couple more?”, with a big smile, as he held his phone up. I ... more
          • New Year's Set Up - 24Kelly, Sun Jul 15 21:18
            I figured at this point, what’s the difference? More naked photos added to their already vast collections. I had as many Ups as I had Downs on my emotional roller coaster tonight. I may as well try... more
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              I read all 24 chapters in one go.It is going into my favorites.
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                Thank you so much. Glad you like it.
            • Waiting next chapter...kalymero, Mon Jul 16 11:43
              And if before coming to Alfred's house, they have a little trip around town to celebrate the new year ?? I'm right ? Thanks for your story...I wait nex chapter....
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          Thanks again! No suggestions from me, none needed!
        • Re: New Year's Set-uporflash64, Thu Jul 12 03:17
          I can see where this is going before you even get there, Kelly's dress is in the package, isn't it? Why else send a package on a holiday after hours? Is the embarrassment going to continue even... more
      • Suspense BuildingMercie, Wed Jul 11 19:13
        The group photo seems to be the climactic moment. But what will happen during/after it? The world is waiting!
      • excellent storymemfic, Tue Jul 10 21:23
        I quite like this story. Mostly because it's based on some actual events. And I'm really hoping that the kid is a neighbor looking for his parents at the party. I'd like to see Jill have to fulfill... more
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      This entire chapter was, IMHO, absolutely brilliant. Kelly's actions and thoughts seem ever so realistic and were so well written. There were so many things that were appealing in chapter 20 but my... more
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